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Career opportunities with Human Resource Management

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December 14,

HRM – Human Resource Management, as the name suggests, HRM is the department of business that deals with sourcing, interviewing, recruiting, training and ensuring the well-being of the human resource (employees). Employees are the backbone of a business. Human Resource Management focuses on creating a palpable atmosphere for the employees, ensuring a steady increase in their productivity, solving their issues and grievances and building a bridge between the management and the employees.

Why is HR required?

A business runs on the strength of the employees. A HR personnel/department dedicatedly ensures on-time sourcing, hiring, screening and recruiting the right person for the company culture and the atmosphere. The vision and mission of the company will be conveyed to the employees and the HR will ensure that all the employees are working in harmony to that one mission. 

HR manager/department ensures hiring of the right employee for the job role, scrutinizing through thousands of applications received. They are in charge of screening and recruiting the right person for the company’s growth. They ensure smooth running of the operations and save the company from legal/lawsuit. Periodically, they engage the employees, building a friendly atmosphere at the workplace that helps in future collaborations. 

They are responsible for understanding the core values of the organisation to implement programs that emphasize the same. It is a basic human tendency to lose interest after a few years. The HR personnel are responsible for constant collection of feedback from the employees and ensuring that their needs are met. 

Different departments of HR:

The HR department consists of the following branches:

  1. HR talent acquisition and management
  2. HR training and development
  3. HR payroll and benefits
  4. HR employee relations
  5. HR data and analytics
  6. HR transition
  7. Human resources information systems

These are the basic departments of HR. Depending upon the organisation size and responsibilities the duties might vary. 

Career opportunities with HRM

The career opportunities with HRM are vast and differ from organisation size and responsibilities. They are categorized into several sub-divisions; the job description and roles of each division differs. It is vital to understand the roles and responsibilities of the job and pick according to your interest. Following are some of the careers that HR provides – 

HR generalist:

They are responsible for the overall functions of an HR from talent sourcing, payroll management, benefits, employee retention and attrition, training and development.

HR recruitment manager:

The HR manager is in charge of all technical and non-technical recruitments throughout the year. The manager scrutinizes carefully from the hundreds of talents and finds the right person for the job and the company’s culture.

HR training development:

The training and development HR is responsible for explaining the mission and vision of the company to the new employees, find the skill gaps among the organisation and ensure that all the employees are given appropriate training according to their skill set. They are responsible for the professional upgradation of employees.

Start a career in HRM

Students interested in HR as their main career can start with a bachelors in any HR related field like computer applications or psychology and go for a postgraduate in business administration. There are colleges and universities that provide MBA online programs that help the current employees to upskill themselves and be ready for the job market. Owing to the pandemic, the MBA online courses are the best to start with. The students can finish the course at their pace and at their convenience. 

MUJ provides the best online MBA degree courses with its well-experienced professors, highly efficient industrial experts have designed the robust course material to prepare the students for the future.


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