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Benefits of learning cloud computing courses online

Cloud Computing

In recent years, cloud computing has become a popular topic among IT aficionados. The technology is considered a practical answer to developing connection and storage constraints in small, medium, and big businesses. Cloud computing has achieved widespread popularity among organisations due to its capacity to help consumers and businesses save money by storing data in the cloud. Companies are now hunting for employees that are well-versed in cloud computing technologies as a result of this. Cloud computing courses and areas of expertise offered online cover topics like cloud architecture, services and hosting.

The traditional method of establishing an IT infrastructure by acquiring hardware, obtaining a license, and installing valuable software to activate its services is no longer viable. These procedures are seen to be overly time-consuming and costly. Cloud computing technology is used to replace the IT infrastructure. Pay Per Use (PPU) arrangements, which allow businesses to pay only for what they use, are becoming increasingly popular. Cloud computing is the transmission of computing services such as servers, storage, networking,  databases, software, analytics, and intelligence over the internet to allow faster innovation, more flexible resources, and cost savings.

We can see a shift in global technology trends. A growing number of businesses from different sectors are turning to the cloud to help them perform and develop on a huge scale. As the popularity of cloud computing grows, so does the demand for workers who have undergone cloud computing training and perform effectively in the system. Advanced online cloud computing courses are also available to give industry-based learning to the students. Choosing the right course will assist the individual on a professional level. Read this article to know what benefits an online cloud computing course can provide that exceed other learning approaches.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a set of services offered through the internet or the cloud. It entails storing and accessing data on remote servers rather than depending on local hard drives and private data centres.

Before the advent of cloud computing, firms had to acquire and maintain their servers to satisfy business demands. This necessitated the purchase of sufficient server capacity to prevent the problem of failures and disruptions while also accommodating peak traffic demand. As a result, vast quantities of server space sat idle for the majority of the time. Cloud service providers now enable businesses to eliminate the need for local servers, maintenance workers, and other expensive IT resources.

Benefits of learning from cloud computing online

In today’s working environment, cloud computing has progressed from nothing to everything. It has become an essential component of the organisation’s infrastructure. Cloud computing is expected to grow dramatically in the next few years. With the advancement of cloud technology, the issue becomes, who will become the centre of attraction? Individuals who have mastered skills from cloud computing courses. The need for cloud computing experts with the necessary expertise is growing rapidly. As a result, there has been a surge in the number of online courses around cloud computing that are gaining popularity.

Increased demand for cloud: Cloud computing has become the technology that every organisation desires in recent years as it is simple, fast, and cost-effective. The traditional approach is time-consuming, demanding, and less cost-effective. Cloud computing assists organisations in expanding their operations and increasing their profits. It will be one of the most difficult technologies to master in the future. That is why every organisation is attempting to migrate its operations to the cloud. They can access any information from anywhere across the globe with the highest security in less money and time because of the tremendous digital change.

Because everyone wants to use this technology, there are a rising number of employment vacancies every day. This is only the beginning. This significant demand for cloud computing expertise will only grow in the future. Even today, if you look at job boards, you will discover multiple jobs for cloud computing workers.

Cloud computing systems such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure have become integrated into several enterprises. Their clients are having difficulty locating qualified cloud computing specialists. As a result, they made a cloud computing online training certification a prerequisite for the role. So, to attend the interview, you must first obtain the cloud computing online training certification.

There has been a huge investment and passion for the subject of cloud computing during the previous decade. It has become a crucial component of many firms’ IT infrastructures across the world. Cloud computing has drastically revolutionised the way businesses conduct their operations. Large and small businesses depend on public cloud platforms to deploy and execute key applications.

Obtain a cloud computing certification to unlock the door to a higher-paying career: This title is an obvious statement, but here are some additional numbers to back it up: According to various reports, the average salary for cloud administrators is less than USD 78,000, whereas cloud engineers make an average of USD 118,758 per year. Cloud architects may make up to six figures, with a typical salary of USD 124,406 and some earning up to USD 173,719. According to Forbes, an IT worker with cloud computing certification make an annual income of approx. USD 125,971. Having cloud computing online training certification will not only look nice but will also significantly boost your chances of getting a higher paid job.

Set yourself different by obtaining a recession-proof career: When the global crisis struck the employment market, Many skilled engineers had an awful experience when it came to job seeking and finding a meaningful career. This will not be the case for you if you take a cloud computing course and get certified. The IT business is always in need of cloud workers, and the market is expanding by the hour.

If you’re looking for a new job or want to specialise in cloud computing, check out the best online cloud computing courses , this is the terrific way to start and advance your career.

Increase your employer’s trust and gain recognition from your colleagues: Holding a cloud computing online training certification, having highly relevant training, and having experience are the essential criteria that a firm looks for in a candidate when seeking to fill a cloud-related role. Taking a cloud computing course can be your route to a higher-paying career and an above-average position among IT engineers. For a cloud computing firm, your certification is a confirmation that you will assist your organisation in minimising risk and cutting costs when implementing workloads and initiatives on various cloud platforms.

You will be ready to access superior cloud-related projects because of your PGCP in cloud computing , and you will ascend to the prestige of cloud computing expert in the eyes of your clients. It will be real proof that you can be trusted with complex procedures and cloud implementation in a company. You should have a proper insight into how an online PGCP in cloud computing may benefit you by now. You may either specialise in one field or find a new job role. Cloud computing courses online certifications are a terrific way to advance your profession.

At your next job interview, outperform the competition: In any job-search circumstance, the job interview phase is tense. You may have sweaty hands, increasing heartbeat, and you gaze at the next candidate who rises and approaches the interview process. Nonetheless, you are the one who aced the interview and landed the job. And it’s all because of the cloud computing courses online certification you had. Hiring managers will recognise and inform you that you have the necessary cloud computing capabilities, knowledge, and competence for the position. Cloud computing is a field that will develop at an enormous speed in the coming years. Pursuing cloud computing online training today will be a sensible decision in terms of career chances and higher pay.

Learn from an expert: Learning from an expert makes a significant difference in the quality of instruction that individuals get. Many students choose the cloud computing courses online learning method to improve their knowledge because of the Combine digital courses with virtual classroom training and learn from home flexibility and professionalism it conveys.

Learning is an ongoing process: If you take cloud computing courses online certification, you will be required to master all of the subjects and services to pass the exam. This keeps you engaged and concentrating on them for an extended time. As a result, you will have a complete understanding of the topics. Furthermore, passing the cloud computing courses online certification is not simple. You will have to study hard or enrol in professional best cloud computing courses online training that will teach you everything in a short time. Furthermore, cloud computing online training will provide you with several projects to work on, which you can put in your CV to strengthen your job profile.

Uses of cloud in different industries

As more businesses integrate the cloud into their infrastructure, providers have created tools and solutions expressly for those sectors to use. These sectors can also benefit from cloud solutions designed to serve different industries. We’ve highlighted five sectors that have incorporated the cloud into their verticals and how they use the cloud to their benefit.

Healthcare industry

For obvious reasons, the healthcare business prioritises customer safety, security, and privacy. To guarantee the correct handling of customer information, most cloud storage providers provide HIPAA compliance. Healthcare practitioners are gradually starting to use the cloud to store client data. Cloud-based diagnostic systems are another cloud healthcare development. These are medical diagnostic and therapy technologies that use machine learning and predictive analytics to make medical diagnosis and offer treatment alternatives.

Finance industry

Companies in any industry benefit financially from the cloud by removing or decreasing the expense of server upkeep. The cloud offers a plethora of services to offer the financial industry. Many banks and insurance companies have used SaaS packages to assist them in keeping track of data and handling other back-office duties. Capital markets use cloud-based AI and machine learning technology to help them build investment strategies and handle financial data.

Education industry

Cloud-based solutions are used by educational institutions to benefit both their personnel and their students. Academic and IT departments can keep student information safe and confidential by utilising cloud solutions that comply with a variety of standards. The cloud also promotes collaborative settings for students by giving the necessary application or service and engaging with one another. Many of these collaborative programs are expandable, allowing them to use a complete educational infrastructure.

Automotive industry

The most appealing aspect of technological solutions for the automobile business is staying current on their supply. This enables them to communicate with consumers more effectively and give exactly what they want. Having a standardised cloud platform for both automotive suppliers and manufacturers to communicate data guarantees that both parties are aware of the components that are accessible. Furthermore, as automatic cars become more widespread, cloud-based data analytics systems can assist automakers in interpreting the massive amounts of data generated by vehicles on the road.

Manufacturing industry

A manufacturing business can implement cloud solutions for every part of the manufacturing process. Most notably, there are several cloud-based enterprise resource planning solutions to migrate your business management practices to the cloud. It’s also quicker to funnel orders of any size through the same channels and deploy products to meet them.

Be a future-ready cloud professional with a certificate from Online Manipal

Online Manipal is offering Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Cloud Computing from the prestigious Manipal Academy of Higher Education. The six-month certificate course enables learners to be successful cloud professionals with the most coveted industry certificates. You will learn applications of various cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, and its effective implementation in big and small organisations. The course includes case studies, two mini-projects, and a capstone project. Upon completion of the PGCP in Cloud Computing, you will be prepared to clear AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Developer, AWS DevOps Engineer, and Azure Fundamentals certificates.


The world of technology is always changing. To meet the expectations of the contemporary man, new software and products are developed daily. Cloud technology has the potential to be the decisive factor, particularly when it comes to being a forerunner of change.

It is the best time to work as a cloud computing professional. The market is seeing increased demand, and businesses are actively seeking professionals in cloud computing solutions.

Check out the PGCP cloud computing course on Online Manipal to learn fundamentals such as the basics of cloud computing. With all this theory learning, you will also get the chance to work on projects and case studies with a hands-on approach and help from industry experts.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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