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How Artificial Intelligence re-invents IT Sector

Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence is not something that is re-inventing the IT Industry, but it builds our IT industry. But did you know that AI as a technology is not something that we stumbled upon? Yes, you heard it right, AI as technology was being developed right from the first Industrial Revolution. The idea of an AI lies in the understanding of how things can work on their own.

This idea was propelled more with the advent of robotics, even before computers were developed. The term AI was coined by an American Computer Scientist named “John McCarthy” in 1956 during a conference at Dartmouth College.   

Artificial Intelligence in the IT sector has been there for decades though we didn’t call it “Intelligence” per se; neither do we still call them so. We call them testing the programs or test cases. A huge number of Manual and Automatic Testing Software were built, and “testers” were trained to do one job – test the code written by developers of software of all the use cases of the software built.

Well, that is a version of the software with its own “intelligence” to test software. Today, when we try to implement these test cases with complex algorithms it becomes “Artificial Intelligence”.  

Role of AI in the IT sector 

The role of AI in the IT sector has been and is being changed as per industry requirements. With the advent of Industry Revolution 5.0, the requirements have changed from using AI to test or perform steps repetitively to analyzing the tonnes and tonnes of data collected over the years to suggest business model changes and make data-driven decisions by the C-level officer. The benefit of using AI is that the more data we collect, the more we understand what needs to be changed.   

Let’s take an example of a refrigerator integrated with sensors and a data collection node which sends data continuously to the manufacturer to understand the working of their product.  

Based on the data collected, the manufacturer can monitor and make decisions on improving the build quality in their next iteration. This is done using AI algorithms to analyze data collected and help the manufacturer officials to take data-driven informed decisions for their business. This is just an example of how AI drives a company’s decision for its business and new product launches.  

Artificial Intelligence in the IT sector is not only limited to analyzing textual data but machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, image processing, and speech recognition. These terms have been researched and implemented over and over again to improve their efficiency to get 100% accuracy so that one day these algorithms will be self-sustained and will require little to no human intervention.   

AI in the IT sector has not only reformed the way businesses make decisions but re-invented the way we think. From designing an iPhone to give the general population the feel of owning luxury to letting the data-driven algorithms i.e., AI make decisions in what changes to be made in the next iPhone, it’s not only Apple working towards it but every industry which has data from the last 262 years.  

There will be a turning point in the next 5-10 years, where the AI that we have been building will come together and drive the decision of how the earth needs to be protected (unless we accidentally create “Terminator” level AI “Skynet” which is hell-bent on destroying us) and advanced at the same time making us the most intelligent living organism in the whole world. I look at the world being transformed with the help of AI, and the whole earth looks like one cybernetic organism.


The IT industry has already been re-invented while spreading its legs in healthcare, the automotive industry, agriculture, government decisions and more. The millennial, Gen-Z population is not only going to reap the benefits of AI but be part of AI, which re-invents the IT sector. 

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