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Another successful Convocation of online graduates of Manipal University Jaipur! 


It was a hot summer morning in Jaipur on 25th May 2024, when the online graduates of Manipal University Jaipur, who travelled from different corners of the country gathered in the sprawling MUJ campus to attend their Convocation ceremony. In the life of an online learner, Convocation marks a significant milestone. After days of pure dedication and staying motivated in a virtual classroom, an online learner sets foot to experience the real world. A Convocation in the college campus makes it even more special. 

This was the second successful in-person Convocation held by Manipal University Jaipur for its online graduates. A total of 1,308 students of MBA (Master of Business Administration), MCA (Master of Computer Applications), MCom (Master of Commerce), and MA JMC (Master of Journalism and Mass Communication) marked this milestone in their academic journey. The rest of the achievers, who couldn’t make it in person, will receive their well-deserved certificates both digitally and in hard copy.     

Inspired by the success of the first Convocation, online learners, dressed in their best attires, brimming with excitement reached the campus on the morning of May 25th, Saturday. They took their time to look around the picturesque campus, met up with their friends, interacted with faculty and waited with excitement to receive their certificates.  

Soon after they were served a lavish buffet lunch, students headed to a state-of-the art auditorium, all set to receive their degree certificates. The convocation kicked off with a procession by the dignitaries- Dr G K Prabhu, President, Manipal University Jaipur, Cmde (Dr) Jawahar M Jangir, Pro President, MUJ, Dr Mallikarjuna Gadapa, Director, Center for Distance and Online Education, MUJ, and Mr Ambrish Sinha, CEO, UNext Learning. The chief guest of the event was Gautam Khanna, Senior Vice President, M&A, Wipro Digital & Cloud.  

Dr G K Prabhu, President, Manipal University Jaipur, addressed the first batch of online graduates and said, “In a world where technology continues to revolutionize every aspect of our lives, online education stands at the forefront of innovation. Our online degree programs have empowered individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue higher education without the constraint of time and space. Hope you continue to strive for excellence, uphold the values instilled in you and make a positive impact on society.” 

Speaking about the grand success of the convocation, Dr Mallikarjuna Gadapa, Director, Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE), Manipal University Jaipur, said, “In today’s digital age, online degrees from Manipal University Jaipur enable students to realize their full potential without sacrificing their current responsibilities and jobs. By providing high-quality education online, we are transforming the lives of students by helping them become future-ready professionals who can compete in the evolving job market. We are happy and proud to see our students performing well in their respective fields and we wish the graduating batch all success in their future endeavors.” 

Congratulating the online graduates, the Chief Guest, Gautam Khanna, Senior Vice President, M&A, Wipro Digital & Cloud, said, “Grit & resilience, curiosity & adaptiveness, and having a strong moral compass are the key attributes to one’s success. We live in an extremely fast paced and evolving world and online education is the best tool in the hands of learners. As online learners, you have been spending your weekends in learning and I would encourage you all to continue doing that to be lifelong learners.” 

For graduates who were present on campus, the day was filled with excitement of walking across the stage, shaking hands with faculty, and receiving their well-deserved degrees. Not only that, students from various walks of life came together, creating lifelong bonds and memories.  


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