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A Glimpse of the Online Business Degrees at MUJ


A Glimpse of the Online Business Degrees at MUJ

It has been rightly said that digital learning is the future of the education sector. With the advent of advanced digital learning tools and online degrees, the brick and mortar classrooms of the yesteryears are getting pushed to the background. The reason for this is simple – online education is both more accessible and personalized.

In fact, even if you are attending an offline class today, your instructor will inevitably use some digital tool such as smart classroom and the like to make the class more interactive.

Among the online degree programmes today, one that is heavily in demand both in India as well as abroad is the business programmes. The best online MBA programmes have been designed in such a way that can give an instant boost to your entire career trajectory.

Both working professionals, as well as students willing to pursue higher education, can enrol for the online business programmes and get themselves ready to face all the challenges of today.

Benefits of earning a business degree online

The business world has the potential for unlimited growth. This is quite clear from the way businesses are expanding at the present times. Your online MBA programme will equip you with all the necessary skills that are required to manoeuvre through the business world. Several subjects such as finance, management and entrepreneurship are taught through the programmes that have been prepared in keeping with the latest developments of the business world.

Since business is a multidisciplinary subject, all the knowledge cannot be gained through theory alone. That is why the top online MBA programmes balance theory with practice so that students find themselves industry-ready by the end of the term.

Opting for your business degree online offers you innumerable benefits over the traditional offline classes. Let’s glance through some of the top advantages below:

Truly flexible

The primary advantage of online programmes over offline ones is that they offer the students complete flexibility. You can attend the classes from anywhere without having to feel constrained by your geographical location. If you are a working professional, you do not need to take a break to earn your degree. Further, with the availability of recorded classes, you can now attend your classes as per your schedule.


Most people shy away from opting for higher education simply because they feel they will have to shell out a huge amount to attend the best MBA colleges in India. That notion has been totally changed by the online MBA programmes offered by the Manipal University. The online MBA degree is much more pocket-friendly compared to offline counterparts. Now you can earn your degree without taking the additional pressure of large student debt. 

Get access to the best 

Just as geographical locations can no longer bind you, it can no longer bind your access to some of the best faculties in the world. Online classes have now made it possible for the best faculties to teach students even in the remotest areas. Further, you will also get to network with peers from all over the globe.

This enriching experience will help you adjust better with a culturally diverse work environment.

Types of business degrees

Several levels of business degrees are available to the students. Students can choose among them depending on their educational background, level of proficiency they want to attain and the like. Here is a list of popular programmes in India.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business (BBA) – Meant for students who are taking their first step towards the business world, the BBA is a three years undergraduate programme. Through this programme, students learn to relate abstract business concepts to actual-world situations. The special focus of the programme remains functional areas of business such as leadership, management and negotiation.

Master’s Degree in Business (MBA) – Being a master’s level programme, the online MBA programme has been designed to give the students a thorough in-hand experience of the business world. A wide range of topics including general management, strategic management, finance, marketing and entrepreneurship are taught over the course of two years. In the end, students are ready to take on responsible positions in corporate organisations or start and manage their own business.

Students can enrol for the bachelor’s programme after completing their higher secondary level education. The master’s programme is meant for candidates who have completed their graduation from any discipline and are looking for avenues of higher education. Even working professionals can opt for online MBA degree and bring an improvement in their career diverse work environment.

Business degree specializations

Depending on your interests and the area where you want to work, you can take up one or more subjects which will become the focal point of your study. Apart from the general overview of the course, the academic programme will equip you to become an expert in the chosen subject area. On the completion of your programme, the specialization will be mentioned in your degree.

Some of the areas of specialization available for the business degree include:

• Finance and Banking

• People management or HR

• Sales and Marketing

• Accounting and Taxation

• IT and E-Business

We understand how tiresome it is to find the ideal college for online MBA. That is why we have come up with a solution that can make the student’s journey easier.

Enrol for Online Business Programme at Manipal University Jaipur today and enjoy world-class education with the top faculties of the country. With A+ accreditation from NAAC, the university offers a friendly and approachable team of mentors who are dedicated to helping the students.

With a focus to make the students ready for their future path, the BBA and MBA programmes ensure that students exposed to theoretical knowledge along with practical situations. On the completion of the programme, the college also offers you top-class career support and helps you get placed with some of the top corporates of the country.

Take up the online business degree from Manipal University Jaipur and change your career path.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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