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7 Interesting Aspects of an online MBA course


An online MBA is currently the most favored way to get a management degree online. But there are not many online MBA courses in India that provide quality education. But that is changing, thanks to our online MBA course from Manipal. Widely regarded as the foremost of all the best online MBA programs in India, the online MBA from Manipal equips students for bright and rewarding careers. 

What to expect in an online MBA course?

  • Quality education

An online MBA from Manipal is a great opportunity for students to gain a quality education. They can get educated at the most prestigious of universities without traveling thousands of miles. They have access to the most current, trending, and job-oriented course material. 

They are educated by experienced and renowned faculty, industry experts, and researchers. Students also gain experiential learning by doing projects that simulate real-life projects. 

  • Affordable education

Compared to other online MBA courses in India, an online MBA from Manipal is affordable. It is a fabulous opportunity for those wishing to gain international standard MBA education at a reasonable price. 

The cost is only a fraction of what it costs at other so-called top-tier B schools. Also, the fact that this online MBA is one of the best online MBA programs in India for MBA curriculum gives it that added advantage. 

  • Flexible schedules

The most distinguishing aspect of the online MBA from Manipal is that it is very flexible and student-friendly. That’s the reason why so many working professionals prefer this MBA. 

Unlike other online MBA courses in India, where students may not have that level of flexibility, the online Manipal MBA is very flexible. Schedules, proctored exams, assignments, classroom session recordings – all of this and more make learning from this university enjoyable. 

  • Faculty support and guidance

One of the distinguishing features of the best online MBA programs in India is the faculty support. A supportive teacher-student ecosystem facilitates learning. 

Structured feedback mechanisms, assessment methodologies, improvement checklists, and open dialogue create a harmonious environment. Students are able to progress and measurably so. Teachers are able to modify their teaching methodologies to suit students’ adaptive learning needs. 

  • Classroom interaction

An online MBA from Manipal University Jaipur is highly respected on account of the level of engagement that students and teachers have. Live online classroom sessions, either group-based or individual-based, build competence. 

Quality classroom interactions, between students, and between students and teachers bridge the gap between an online world and the real world. Online MBA courses in India such as these have the technology to achieve this. 

  • Study materials – internal and external

Manipal is largely considered as one of the best online MBA programs in India to have well-researched study materials. The curriculum has been designed thoughtfully. 

Many hands are behind the creation of the course materials. It includes industry researchers, academicians, subject matter experts, experienced faculty, and past students. 

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  • Specialization studies

An online MBA program provides several electives. Students can specialize in a particular area. Examples of electives are finance, marketing, analytics, data science, HRM, operations management, retail management, BFSI, IT, and fintech. 

Manipal University Jaipur is one of the best online MBA courses in India to offer cutting-edge curriculum one specializations. 

Why MUJ (Online Manipal) for an online MBA program?

Online MBA from Manipal University Jaipur leads the best online MBA programs in India. This online MBA program has been ranked #1 in all aspects. They are namely, curriculum, job prospects, affordability, online infrastructure, quality of faculty, student experience, alumni network quality, placement assistance effectiveness, career counseling effectiveness, etc. 

Doing an online MBA degree from Manipal is surely a bright decision for any management aspirant or someone looking to upgrade their career to the next stage.


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