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Five reasons why a B.Com degree is beneficial to a corporate career

An online B.Com degree is offered only in online mode. Students are not required to come to a physical location such as a college or university. B.Com online classes or virtual classes are conducted by teachers and faculty members. Lecture sessions are recorded – students may refer back to these recordings whenever needed. Examinations for an online B.Com degree in India from Manipal are conducted online. Convocation is held online, and an online digitally signed B.Com certificate is issued. 

Five reasons how an online B.Com degree can increase your career prospects

Get trained on a wide range of subject areas

Students are trained on subject areas that are not part of traditional B.Com courses. That is why many students who take up the online B.Com degree from a university such as Manipal are job ready. Such students are well-versed in computational sciences for commerce, investment banking, financial engineering, cost accounting, and international business. They are able to fit into any industry as commercial taxation experts, company secretaries, management accountants etc. 

Good employment prospects

Financial management, accounting, investment banking, chartered financial analyst – these are some of the many careers available for students. After successfully completing B.Com online classes from Manipal University Jaipur, a majority of graduates are employed in various sectors. They have been absorbed into top-tier banking, financial services, and consulting firms. Many of them have started their own companies too. 

Possibilities for further study and professional growth

  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)

CA can be taken whilst doing online B.Com degree in India from Manipal or after the course. The course duration is three years. The course is divided into multiple stages. They are Common Proficiency Test, Intermediate Integrated Professional Competence, and CA finals. Using the knowledge, skills, and practical experience gained from the online B.Com course, preparing for CA finals will have higher chances for success.

  • MBA

After an online B.Com degree, taking up an MBA is a logical progression. Many online B.Com graduates from Manipal University Jaipur take up the online MBA programs from Manipal. This is because of the quality of education provided by Manipal. Many have taken up the online MBA course from Manipal after getting plum jobs in reputed companies. 

  • M.Com

B.Com online classes from Manipal prepare students as worthy, capable, and skillful financial services professionals. Many students opt for M.Com courses and specializations after successfully competing B.Com online. After M.Com they are able to specialize into specific areas in financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, corporate affairs, and such related careers. Students also learn taxation and accounting courses of other countries. They then become financial controllers of large multi-national organizations. 

  • LLB

An online B.Com degree in India from Manipal University Jaipur is a stepping stone for students into diverse professions. Being a corporate lawyer is a dream of many. But not many people understand the path to take. Taking up an online B.Com followed by LLB is the best way to do this. 

Varied areas of employment

Online B.Com degree from Manipal University Jaipur provides opportunities for students for gaining employment or further study. Prospective areas of employment after completing B.Com online classes are company secretary, financial controller, taxation expert, insurance planner, investment and wealth planner, pension and retirement fund manager, credit manager, loan manager, bank manager, and financial analyst.

High remuneration and professional growth

After completing an online B.Com degree in India from Manipal University Jaipur, students can start working in their area of choice. With experience, and by good performance in organizations, high remunerations and professional growth are inevitable. B.Com graduates are well-positioned to become future leaders of organisations. 


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