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5 Best Apps to Learn Coding

Information Technology
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October 11,

If you are currently pursuing an online MCA course, it may be a great time to start coding. Whether you already have some experience of coding or trying to learn something new, it’s never too late. And the best part is that students can easily opt for coding classes without having to devote fixed hours to a course.

Technology has made our lives easier. Just like it has enabled access to online MCA courses, you can also choose to learn coding through certain apps. The apps can be downloaded on iOS as well as Android devices and used conveniently. For MCA students, it offers a great opportunity to enhance their skillset. Let’s now take a look at the 5 best coding apps that can make your task easier.


Encode is available only on the Android platform. The app provides bite-sized programming lessons that help students to easily learn. It gives programming lessons for CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Python and others. Along with practical examples, its easy-to-understand modules are ideal for learning to code. And if you want to learn even when you are not connected to the internet, try the offline mode of Encode.

All the course material offered by Encode is made available offline. This allows students to continue learning even when they run out of data or face network connection issues. From mastering the basics of coding to picking up advanced topics, you can learn a lot from the Encode app. The user-friendly platform allows students to learn at their pace. Besides, students are encouraged to participate in interactive coding challenges that help them to learn the tricks of coding.


After enrolling yourself in the best MCA college, if you are willing to experiment with coding, Mimo is a great choice. It helps students to develop skills for computer programming. After completing the course, you can develop your own app, create games, make websites or even become a hacker. Mimo is available on iOS and Android platforms, making it an accessible medium for all students.

Coding is a fun exercise and Mimo takes every step to make it simple, interactive and easy-to-learn. They provide bite-size exercises that can be easily completed by students. Prompt feedback is also offered to rectify mistakes and enable faster learning. Moreover, Mimo teaches students to engage in real-life projects which allow them to create exciting projects without any difficulty. It is a great place to build tech-skills and can prove to be extremely useful for students who have completed a regular or online MCA course. With Mimo, you learn the best way to code without compromising your time or effort.


Students pursuing MCA distance education have the flexibility to attend classes from anywhere in the world without having to sit in a classroom. This provides them ample time to improve their expertise and many of them are using platforms such as SoloLearn to learn to code. Available as a web app as well as on Android and iOS devices, it provides students with ample scope to learn something new.

It offers courses in languages like Java, JavaScript, Python and others. Students enrolling in these courses can enjoy a free trial period before enrolling for a paid course. Monthly as well as yearly plans are offered by the company and you can learn to code simply with SoloLearn. The interactive classes can be taken from anywhere and at a time that is most convenient for the student. Besides, it provides tools to independently learn to code.


Another coding app that is very popular among beginners is Grasshopper. It is a free app available for download on Android and iOS devices. Grasshopper has developed a simple module to teach coding. It can be seamlessly adapted from the web to mobile devices, making it easier for students to learn at their convenience. Students are asked to solve JavaScript puzzles to progress further in the course.

Keeping in mind the unique requirements of beginners, the app has developed an easy-to-use interface that makes use of blocks that can be arranged logically to create working codes. It improves your problem-solving abilities and makes you more adept at coding. As you become proficient, new levels are unlocked and students can aim for new achievements. After completing this course, your programming skills will be commendable and will help you to take the next step as a professional coder.


To improve your programming skills, the EnkiApp can be an extremely effective tool. As you learn programming languages such as Linux, HTML, Java, JavaScript or Git, you can track progress without any difficulty. It also allows users to set daily goals. Moreover, students are offered in-depth knowledge about the lessons learned in a day through the attached articles. It also summarises the concepts learned during the day, enabling students to self-evaluate and move ahead.

The EnkiApp is preferred by coders as well as non-coders. The use of sophisticated technology allows this app to continuously provide assignments, generate progress analysis reports and take real-time assessments. This makes it easier for instructors to directly engage with students and have personalized discussions. Besides, the instructors have access to tools that enable them to gather insights and trends about the learning pattern of each student. So, if you are willing to learn to code while pursuing an online MCA course, this can be a great platform.

After completing an online MCA course, candidates become adept at utilizing modern programming languages. This opens up multiple avenues of growth and allows students to pursue an established career as a thorough professional. To add to your skillset, knowledge about coding can be quite handy. Contemporary businesses are looking for professionals who can make the most of their educational and vocational skills.

As a result, candidates nowadays tend to keep their options open. Apart from completing their degrees, they also tend to hone skills for other areas of expertise. So, if you are looking forward to achieving phenomenal success in the years ahead, learning to code can be extremely useful. Without any further delay, start learning to code with the help of apps.


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