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What can you do with PGCP in Management?

Admin | August 31, 2022

Key takeaways:

  • PGCP in business Management is a course that will help you gain a deeper understanding of management. You’ll learn how to apply the principles of management in your own life and work.
  • In this course, you will understand what it means to be a manager and what it takes to manage others successfully. You’ll also learn how to create a vision for your organisation and turn your ideas into actionable plans. This makes you a leader—someone who can make things happen!
  • In addition, you will learn how to manage change effectively by developing a plan for dealing with unexpected events and motivating people toward achieving goals. The course will also cover ethics in management, including conflict resolution and how to evaluate yourself as a manager.

The PGCP in business management program has a lot to offer students interested in pursuing a career in business. The program covers everything from accounting and finance to statistics and marketing, allowing you to pursue your interests through electives. 

With this degree, you’ll be prepared to take on any role in the field—from junior accountant to senior financial analyst to CEO. You’ll also have an edge regarding promotions or job applications because you’ll know what’s expected of you in any position.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in management but don’t have time for an MBA or other postgraduate degree programme, PGCP in management may be a great option. It provides the same education as an MBA but takes less time.

What is PGCP in management?

A postgraduate certificate course in business management can significantly increase your chances of landing an entry-level business management job. The course will prepare you for a career as a business manager or executive, and it can also help you move up the ladder if you’re already working in the field.

What makes a PGCP in management so valuable? It’s a unique form of education that allows you to learn at your own pace while still receiving the guidance and support of an instructor. You’ll have access to course materials and can connect with other students through various social media platforms. The certificate course in business management will also provide you with hands-on experience by giving you real-world situations that require problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The duration of these programmes varies, but most take about two years to complete. 

This programme is online to give you all the benefits of attending class in person without requiring you to do so full-time. Many choose this option because it allows them to continue working while studying at night or on weekends.

Careers with a certificate in business management

Career PositionsStarting salary 
Business ConsultantINR 2.6 LPA
Business AnalystINR 3 LPA
Data AnalystINR 1.9 LPA
Project ManagerINR 5 LPA
Operations ManagerINR 9 LPA
Risk ManagerINR 13 LPA
Operations Research AnalystINR 5,9 LPA 
Management AnalystINR 10.5 LPA
Product ManagerINR 5 LPA

Source: AmbitionBox & Glassdoor

PGCP in Management scope: What jobs you can get with a business management certificate

  • Business Consultant

A business consultant helps businesses identify and solve problems and improve their performance. They work with small and large companies alike.

Business consultants don’t have to be experts on a given topic; they’re trained to identify problems in business operations, analyse them, and create solutions. This can mean working in finance, marketing, information technology (IT), human resources (HR), sales, operations, or strategy. The starting salary of a business consultant is INR 2.6 LPA.

  • Business Analyst

Business analysts use their knowledge of business processes to help companies make decisions about how they operate and improve their efficiency. They may also help companies develop software applications used by employees or customers. The starting salary of a business analyst is INR 3 LPA LPA.

  • Data Analyst

Data analysts are responsible for analysing large amounts of data and turning it into helpful information for their organisations. They usually work with specific data types like customer information or product sales figures to help businesses make better decisions about operating and growing their bottom line. The starting salary for a data analyst is INR 1.9 LPA.

  • Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for planning and organising the resources necessary to complete a specific project. This can include managing teams, planning timelines and budgets, and ensuring that all tasks are completed within the allotted time frame. Project managers generally work in an office but may need to travel for large projects. The starting salary of a project manager is INR 5 LPA.

  • Operations Manager

An operations manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a company or department. They are responsible for supervising employees and ensuring that they are working efficiently. Operations managers also monitor budgets, make sure that products are being made correctly, and effectively manage supply chains. The average salary for an operations manager is INR 9 LPA.

  • Risk Manager

A risk manager identifies potential risks to an organisation’s mission or operations and develops plans to minimise these risks. Risk managers work with executives at companies to identify potential dangers that could impact the company negatively and make recommendations about how these threats can be avoided or mitigated by taking action such as appointing a security team or moving certain assets out of harm’s way. The average salary of a risk manager is Rs. 13,17,738 yearly.

  • Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts apply mathematical models and statistical techniques to analyse business processes. They use their analysis to suggest ways to improve efficiency, quality, or customer service.

Operations research analysts may work in many industries and for various companies, including manufacturing companies, food service providers, and logistics companies. Most operations research analysts have advanced degrees in mathematics or engineering, although some may be self-taught or have earned an undergraduate degree in business administration. The average salary for an operations analyst is INR 5,93,577 annually.

  • Management Analyst

Management analysts are often referred to as consultants because they advise businesses on how best to operate or manage their activities. Management analysts typically work for consulting firms that specialise in helping companies improve their performance through strategy development and implementation of new initiatives. 

Management analysts work with businesses across many different industries and help them develop organisational strategies that are more effective and efficient than what they currently have in place. The average salary for a management analyst is INR 10.5 LPA.

  • Product Manager

Product managers oversee all aspects of developing a product from concept through final production stages before it goes into the marketplace for sale by its manufacturer or distributor. Product managers must ensure that all aspects of development are completed successfully within budgeted costs while meeting all requirements set forth by customers. The starting salary of a product manager is INR 5 LPA.

Is a PGCP in management worth it?

A  PGCP in Management is an excellent choice for those who want to pursue a successful managerial career. It can help students develop the skills they need to succeed in this competitive field, including solid communication and analytical skills.

The certificate programme helps students build their knowledge of finance, including how financial markets work and how companies can raise money by issuing various securities. Students will also learn about accounting practices and financial modelling techniques.

While the requirements vary from employer to employer, most business management jobs require that candidates have at least 2 – 3 years of professional experience and hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Some financial service institutions may also require that candidates take finance or accounting classes.

Students should start by taking courses covering business basics, such as accounting principles and economics. They will also learn leadership development and communications skills since these are important for business management jobs in the workplace.

About the TAPMI’s PGCP in Management programme

The TAPMI’s PGCP in business management programme is a postgraduate degree programme that offers a unique combination of industry experience and academic knowledge. This programme aims to provide the right mix of theoretical and practical learning that will help students build a strong foundation in the management field.

The course structure is designed in such a way that it addresses the needs of students who are looking to pursue their careers in different sectors and fields. The curriculum covers various management-related topics, such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, etc. It also includes specialisations like Operations Management or Marketing Management so that students can choose from multiple options.

The teaching methodology used by TAPMI is based on experiential learning through case studies, projects, simulations, and case discussions, enabling students to apply what they learn in class directly to real-world scenarios. All the faculty members are industry experts with years of experience working for leading organisations across India and abroad. 

Wrapping up

The PGCP in Management course designed by TAPMI through Online Manipal is a great way to get a broad overview of all the different aspects of business management. It will help you understand the principles of management, as well as how to apply them in the real world. The course will also introduce you to various business tools and methods to help you become a successful manager. TAPMI is a consultant unit of the prestigious Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE).

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