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What can I do with an MBA in International business?

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January 28,

An MBA is among the most sought-after degrees, with a plethora of job opportunities at its disposal. An MBA in International Business is a more recent model of the MBA, which is created in response to emerging developments in the business sector. It is a widely accepted and desired program since it provides students with the tools they need to adapt to the shifting trends of global business. A career in international business has many benefits, from going overseas to reaping the benefits of the many lucrative work opportunities available worldwide. 

What is an MBA in International Business? 

An MBA in International Business is a 2-year postgraduate program that equips students with knowledge and skills in global trade, international investment, trade management, foreign relations, and risk assessment in the Forex marketplace. You will gain knowledge of global economic challenges, global markets, and cross-border relationships, as well as the leadership and interpersonal skills necessary for success in multinational corporations.

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Scope of MBA in International Business

Understanding the ambit of an MBA in International Business is all about placing assets to optimum utilization while also having a deep awareness of global economic trends. Participants receive training on how to apply worldwide trends in their native countries, promoting the comprehensive development of both national and international organizations. A boost in multinational organizations has resulted in a substantial market for international business disciplines. Many of these businesses are looking for ways to expand and start operating abroad; as a result, they need personnel proficient in managing global situations and familiar with the global framework crucial to a company’s foundation.

Students with a degree in International Business are qualified for jobs in both the public and private sectors. MBA in International Business scope presents a great possibility to contribute globally and internationally. Ss can work for businesses in the global market segment, the global tourism sector, the international shipping industry, the worldwide consultancy industry, the import and export departments of businesses, the global logistics industry, and the intercontinental placement workplaces.

Key concepts you’ll learn during an MBA in International Business

An MBA course follows a fairly standard format. The foundational management core areas are covered in the first year’s curriculum. Key concepts you’ll learn during an MBA in international business include

  • Import and export management

The perspicuity obtained from the Export/Import Management module enables one to recognize overseas markets, product creation, payments, financial procedures, and documentation. Graduates in export and import management work in operations management, global supplies, and export/import management.

  • International marketing 

Marketing goods or services to consumers beyond your brand’s consumer market is known as international marketing. Brands may build a worldwide audience, raise their profile, and expand their business by entering international markets.

  • Foreign exchange management 

The primary goal of Foreign exchange management is to assist India’s external commerce and payments. Additionally, it is intended to support the orderly growth and upkeep of India’s foreign exchange market. It outlines the processes, dealings, and formalities for all currency exchanges in India.

  • Foreign market entry and growth 

Foreign Market Entry is, in essence, the process of exposing your business to new markets by offering your goods or services in another nation. It can increase sales and earnings, strengthen brand recognition, reduce operating risk in a single market, and extend the life cycle of the products.

  • International Finance

The area of financial economics known as “international finance” is concerned with the macroeconomic relationships and financial exchanges between two nations. This finance branch includes terms including interest rate, exchange rate, foreign direct investment, foreign portfolio investment, and currency used in trade.

  • International Logistics 

is the planning, strategizing, and managing behind controlling goods flow and storage from your client’s warehouse to their end customer. Logistics represents how goods are handled and transported along the supply chain.

The ultimate objective is to gain knowledge of the frameworks and procedures that control global trade, including trade agreements, taxes, customs, and shipping laws. Additionally, this curriculum in international business requires a summer internship between the first and second years.

Career options after an MBA in International Business

An international business degree paves the way for jobs in worldwide business management, export and import, global business consultancy, and international trade and business. Here are a few MBA-related positions in international business:

  • International Sales Manager 

International sales managers oversee all aspects of worldwide sales operations, including contract negotiations, client service, and supply and delivery preparations. These experts, adept at analysis, teamwork, and project management, even do market research, develop sales strategies, and manage sales teams.

  • International Logistics Coordinator 

These coordinators manage logistics and supply chains, choosing practical and inexpensive shipping options, organizing shipments, and tracking goods. They also carry out different customer service-related jobs and produce the relevant paperwork for customs.

  • Global Marketing Director 

A Global Marketing Director manages a company’s global marketing operations. These experts collaborate with marketing experts to create and implement plans suited for the setting or the local culture.

  • Business Development Coordinator 

Business development coordinators search for and seek opportunities for business expansion, such as new sales leads. They regularly develop predicted expenses, proposals, and sales presentations and demand analytical, customer support, and communication skills.

  • Marketing and Sales Director

The tasks of a sales director include creating essential growth strategies, methods, and action plans. Their duties include meeting yearly goals, cultivating partnerships, and recognizing client trends.

  • Risk Management Director 

A risk management director assures the security and safety of all the organization’s resources, personnel, and operational procedures. They oversee risk management initiatives to reduce business risks that can jeopardize the sustainability and credibility of the business.

The following table shows the average annual salary of some of the positions:

Why do an online MBA in International Business through Online Manipal?

With an online MBA in International Business from Manipal University Jaipur, you can advance your career and increase your chances of finding work. Whether your professional aspirations are in export, worldwide marketing, international financial management, or global logistics, this program can assist you in acquiring the skill sets you need to land cushy jobs. The curriculum equips participants to be job-ready following program completion and aligns with industry norms. All students receive support with placement as well. You’ll have the skills and knowledge to advance your career and earn a sizable salary; as a result, giving you the strategic advantage you need in the job in today’s employment market. MBA in International Business curriculum at MUJ ensures that you succeed in your career by thoroughly covering all significant global business methods.


If you have a penchant for understanding global economic patterns or trends, don’t be reluctant to look into the possibility of doing business internationally in the coming years. In addition to providing graduates with financial security, this degree ensures that the two years of their journey were fruitful in learning the necessary skills and information. The return on your investment—a higher salary and a new career—depends on the effort you make while enrolled in a master’s program, just as with any MBA degree. So, enroll in an online MBA in International Business at Manipal University, Jaipur, to guarantee your professional success by extensively mastering all essential worldwide business strategies.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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