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Building bridges: The power of community management in online learning 


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April 4,

In the rapidly evolving landscape of online education, where screens replace classrooms and distance can sometimes feel insurmountable, having a place to connect with peers is of utmost importance. Having a well-defined strong community and its stewards, community managers emerge as a beacon of connectivity and support. In this digital realm, where learners traverse virtual corridors rather than physical ones, fostering meaningful connections is not just a luxury but a necessity. Community management in online learning spaces serves as the glue that binds learners together, creating an environment where collaboration, engagement, and shared learning thrive. 

The Epic.U , was curated for the sole purpose of enabling and encouraging learners to explore their interests, talents and skills beyond their regular curriculum and be able to share the same with their peers on a common platform. However, no community online or offline can work smoothly without its community manager. These community managers are the custodians of the ongoings of the community, the information being shared, and the activities conducted to entertain and engage all learners. 

Considering the volume of our Epic.U learners, we have more than a handful of community mangers who have shouldered the immense responsibility of protecting the sanctity of the Epic.U platform. Wanting to know more about their added responsibilities, their duties with respect to the learners and platform and their experience steering the community we had a quick chat with them. And here is what they had to talk about their incredible journey as community managers for Epic.U 

Bringing pieces of campus life to the virtual space 

A student of BBA, Noorjahan has big plans for Epic.U. Talking about her duties, ideas and future plans for Epic.U, she says, “My main goal is to make sure that students feel connected and have a positive experience while attending college from home. I organize virtual events, discussions and activities to create a sense of campus life online. We try to make sure we get pieces of campus life in the virtual space so that the learners do not feel like they miss out on anything.  Essentially, I want to make sure to build a lively and engaging virtual community that makes the online learning experience an enjoyable one for all learners.” 

Who wouldn’t want to hold a piece of experience with them and carry it for a lifetime? We are glad to have community managers like Noorjahan going all the way out to ensure learners have the best time while learning with Manipal University Jaipur.  

It’s all about knowing your community! 

Another super enthusiastic community manager Naina Chopra talks about her strategy to keep learners happy. Talking about the various activities she planned and the ideology behind it, she says, “I’ve been a community manager for three months now, wearing multiple hats to keep our learners engaged and connected. From orchestrating exciting events to curating and sharing compelling content on Epic.u, my role also extends to enforcing community guidelines. Community management is all about understanding people, exercising strong management skills, and nurturing sentiments. It’s about knowing our community inside out, catering to their needs, and fostering positive relationships among members.” We are sure Naina is making every learner’s time absolutely memorable during the course of their online learning journey. And wouldn’t it be memorable when we have community mangers like her who pour in their heart and soul to make every activity worthwhile for the learners. 

Pushing boundaries to explore new potential 

Becoming a community manger entails more than just what you can do for others. It also outlines what the role and responsibilities you hold do for you as well. Elaborating on the same, another zealous community manager, Deepanshu Saini pursuing BCA says, “Becoming a community manager was a leap into the unknown, but it opened my eyes to the diverse individuals within our learning community. It’s been a journey of self-improvement, honing my communication, social, and leadership skills while pursuing an online degree. Hosting unforgettable events has been a highlight, showcasing the transformative power of community engagement.” Congratulations Deepanshu for elevating your skills and making us all proud as a community manager. 

A wholesome experience 

Having a strong learner’s community and making the same work are two individual aspects of the community management problem. However, the idea of an online community working smoothly and progressively happens only when the community managers it in their heart to want to make it work. Talking about the same, another one of our community managers, Vinayaka Sharma (MAJMC) elaborates, “My role encompasses meticulous task planning, flawless execution, and fostering active participation among learners. Through this journey, I’ve witnessed remarkable personal growth in leadership, crisis management, and public relations—skills ingrained within our curriculum. Implementing these skills feels more like an enjoyable challenge. The richness of the Epic.U experience lies in the invaluable insights gleaned from our vibrant community. Witnessing their enthusiasm fuels my commitment to excellence as a community manager. Across platforms like ChillChat Zone and Meme Zone, learners express themselves freely, enriching our collective experience.” we must say Vinayaka, you have understood to the core the true ideology behind Epic.U and it thrills us to see you do everything in your power to make this the ideal most engaging platform for all our learners.   


Epic.U empowers online learners, serving as a dynamic virtual meet point where knowledge, experiences, and insights seamlessly converge. It transcends the limitations of online classrooms, offering a vibrant platform that fosters peer-to-peer learning, ignites meaningful discussions, and cultivates a culture of constructive feedback. In today’s digital landscape, where the boundaries of education are constantly evolving, Epic.U emerges as a pivotal force in redefining the online learning experience. By harnessing the power of connectivity and collaboration, it bridges the gap between learners scattered across the globe, creating a rich tapestry of diverse perspectives and expertise. 

At the heart of Epic.U lies its commitment to engagement, interactivity, and effectiveness. Through innovative features and user-centric design, it strives to make online learning not just a passive endeavour, but a dynamic and immersive journey. Whether through live discussions, interactive workshops, or peer-to-peer mentorship, learners are empowered to actively participate in their educational journey, driving their growth and development. Moreover, Epic.U recognizes the importance of feedback in the learning process. By providing a supportive environment where learners can exchange ideas, receive constructive criticism, and refine their understanding, it nurtures a culture of continuous improvement and excellence. 

In essence, Epic.U is not just a platform—it’s an effort towards a more inclusive, collaborative, and effective approach to online learning. As we navigate the complexities of the digital age, Epic.U stands as a beacon of innovation and inspiration, empowering learners to unlock their full potential and shape a brighter future for themselves and others. 


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