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Ten proven techniques to manage stress while studying online

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September 27,

The education arena is experiencing a paradigm shift in its ways and approaches. Manipal University Jaipur, an A+ NAAC accredited institution, is believing in progressive teaching techniques and education methods. This is why the university has come up with several new online programmes, such as the online MCA programme. These programmes offer comprehensive and holistic knowledge-based development of computer application skills.

MUJ has also introduced online BBA degree, which would now enable students to study BBA sitting in the comfort of their homes. Even though online programmes have already made education easier and more accessible, this process also involves certain difficulties.

Students pursuing online classes often face the following challenges.

  • Lack of concentration and focus
  • Frequent distractions
  • Lack of personal touch
  • Adaptation to the latest technology

The above ones are only a few of the problems the online classes sometimes cause. However, MUJ keeps its online degree programmes inclusive and flexible enough to help the students cope with the challenges. Here are some of the ways in which MUJ is keeping these challenges at bay.

1. Staying in touch with the teachers

Staying in touch with the teachers can be smart to overcome any technical difficulty. You might face difficulties with your internet connection. Or you might get disconnected from an ongoing videoconferencing session. No matter the problem, if you inform your instructor on time, they will understand the same.

If you are pursuing the online degrees offered by MUJ, the teachers remain friendly and cooperative. If you face any technical issues, you should let the supporting team and instructor know, and they will soon resolve the issue.

2. Choose a comfortable time and place

If distraction is what is bothering you during your online classes, make sure to choose a time when you won’t get distracted. Sometimes, it is not possible to choose a time that’s best for you. Online classes follow a fixed schedule most of the time.

Suppose you are getting distracted when you attend the classes from the living room. In that case, try to choose a room and get it locked when you attend online classes.

3. Keeping yourself motivated

Considering home to be the place to work and study has never been a common mindset for any of us. However, with the altered arrangements inflicted by the pandemic, everyone is adapting to the new standards every day. The primary difficulty with the students pursuing online classes remains to get a daily dose of motivation.

Earlier, the college campus itself used to motivate the students. However, for the online classes, students should prepare a to-do list and mark it at the end of the day regularly. At the day’s end, when the student will see that he/she has completed all the tasks scheduled, they would feel motivated to complete the next day’s work as well. All online degree students of MUJ must try this trick to reclaim their focus.

4. Ask if you have questions

Online courses often trigger a sense of confusion about the programme expectations. If you are pursuing the online courses, don’t hesitate to ask your teachers about the questions you have.

All the teachers at MUJ are helpful, friendly and remain available for the student’s assistance all the time. Be it regarding the course layout, class timings, or assessment processes, you can ask anything you feel unsure about related to the course you are pursuing.

5. Interact virtually

Interacting with the classmates and the teachers remain integral to any learning process. However, if you feel alienated while pursuing the online classes of your online programmes, interact virtually with classmates and teachers.

MUJ delivers online classes through a state-of-the-art learning management system that come with several tools and techniques. These can be sources of assistance if you wish to connect with the rest of the class or the teacher.

6. Learn the technology

Watch the video tutorials online or learn about the latest innovations in the field of technology to upgrade your technical knowledge. Online classes often use the latest technologies, which you might fail to comprehend.

MUJ keeps the technical assistance team available for online degree students. However, it always pays in the long run to know more about the latest technology.

7. Connect with the counsellors

Many students pursuing online courses feel uncertain about the future of the programme. MUJ offers a UGC-recognised degree after completing the programme. Hence, students need not bother about the future of the programmes at all. If you still face problems, you can connect with the programme counsellors for help.

8. Manage negativity

While pursuing the online degree or any other programme, students may feel tired of monotonous routine at times. This is when the aspirants must ward off the negativities and embrace all the positives that come with the online learning facilities.

9. Practice yoga or meditation

Yoga or meditation can be another way to remain stress-free while continuing with your online courses or any other study. Students sit for hours before the devices to complete the classes. Hence, a little physical exercise or meditation would help keep the physical and mental health sound.

10. Take ample rest

If you are pursuing an online course, adequate rest is a must for you. Sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours to keep your brain out of weariness. This will make your mind agile for the next day’s tasks.


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