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Skills you will develop while studying an online degree

The internet has become the new classroom for today’s generation. Even before the Covid-19 crisis had arrived, an increasing number of students were opting for the online classes. The reason for this simple- the online classes are much more convenient and cost-effective than the traditional brick and mortar classrooms.

The student does not need to spend hours commuting to the university, nor do they have to change cities or find themselves a new accommodation. So long as their present location has a sound internet connection, they can go on learning without a stop. The online medium is also well suited to those who are working or have other personal commitments. Now you do not need to put a hold on the other aspects of your life to pursue higher education.

Given that online degrees have the same weightage as the offline ones by the employer, you can explore endless career options. It is an excellent way to enrich your resume and put your leisure hours to productive use. Students who want to pursue more than one program within the same time can easily do so in the online programs as you are totally free to build your own schedule.

How online degree programmes are different

While you will avail the same quality of teaching as that of a student sitting in a classroom, the online learning experience will be quite different from that of the offline mode. The first difference that arises is in terms of flexibility. You will be no longer bound to attend classes at a fixed time. Nor will you have the mentor physically present before you.

So while you can enjoy a great deal of independence, you will also have to discipline yourself to get the maximum out of the programme. For programs such as MBA online classes,you cannot afford to have an easy-going attitude or let the work pile up. These unique challenges faced by the students in the online mode not just prepare them with skills for their resume, but also get them ready for the many challenges that they are likely to face later in their life.

List out the skills that one will develop during an online degree program. 

Take a look at some of the essential life skills that you can pick up while navigating through your online learning journey:

Time management

Time is one of the most valuable resources in today’s world. While we all have the same twenty-four hours, it is important to see how we use it. When you take up an online programme, it becomes essential for you to learn time management. You will have to give ample time to the other aspects of your life, without allowing them to come in the way of your studies.

Programs such as the MCA online classes are so demanding that you cannot let your work pile up for the rest of the semester. This will make you an effective manager of your time, a skill that will last you even beyond the programme.


With no mentor physically present before you, the online classes are the best way to learn self-governance. If you are someone who always needs another person to push you towards your goals, the online classes are going to break that vicious cycle. With no one to constantly remind you about assignment dates or upcoming exams, you will be pushed to take some steps to discipline yourself. 

Communication skills

Many people imagine that online classes are all about sitting passively and going through videos. But that is not true at all. When you study an MBA online or even some other programs, you will likely have live sessions with your mentor from time to time.

 Unlike physical classrooms, here you cannot really push that extrovert friend to ask the questions for you. You will have to communicate your won doubts and queries without any help from other people. This can help you to effectively improve your communication skills over time. 


With the workplaces going global, it has become important for you to learn a bit of virtual teamwork before you start your career. What better place to learn this than your online classroom? Online classes attract students from all over the globe. When you work with such a global peer group over projects and assignments, you automatically become a very well-adjusted team player. 

Strategic planning

When you opt for distance education, strategic planning becomes of key importance. Unless you have the goals set, it is easy to get deflected on your path. Right at the beginning of the semester, you will need to start the planning on how you intend to cover the entire syllabus. If you have an internship or project related to the programme, you will also have to take that into account. All these will make you a superb planner by the end of the term.

Research skills

Taking up programs such as the online MCA also helps you to develop some superb research skills. Here you will not be interacting with your peers in a physical classroom but online over the internet. Thus, these classes offer much more exposure than the offline ones. 

They require your active participation, which means going far beyond just copy-pasting from the textbook. You will have to go through large volumes of data and decide which is important and meaningful. This can help you sharpen your research skills.

Setting healthy boundaries

Online classes are all about learning the art of balance. You cannot be studying all day, nor can you afford to waste all your time. This helps you learn self-control and set up some healthy boundaries between work and play. 

However, to get the best of online learning and get a degree that counts, it is equally important to enrol yourself in a good university. To help students reach their goals, Manipal University Jaipur has rolled out several online programs. An A+ NAAC accredited university, Manipal University Jaipur offers its online students the best faculty along with the latest infrastructure.


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