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Semester-wise online MA in English subjects list

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October 30,

An online MA (Master of Arts) in English is a dynamic and accessible pathway for passionate learners and aspiring scholars to immerse themselves in the world of the English language and its literary treasures. This program transcends geographical limitations, offering a comprehensive exploration of literary history, critical theory, and creative expression in a virtual classroom. 

This post outlines the semester-wise subjects of the online MA English degree along with the upsides presented by its online format and job roles associated with this degree.

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What is an online MA in English? 

An online MA in English is a graduate-level program that offers advanced education in the English language and literature through internet-based courses. Students enrolled in this program engage in rigorous coursework and research and typically complete a thesis or comprehensive examination. This academic course covers diverse areas such as literary analysis, critical theory, linguistics, and cultural studies. Online MA is particularly appealing to those aiming to refine their literary and analytical capabilities and advance in careers related to education, writing, publishing, or other related fields.

Online MA in English syllabus & subjects covered

This online MA in English from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) explores the field of literature covering literary periods and cultures. The course aims to help learners study critical disciplines such as gender studies within literature, literary theory and criticism, literature from the postcolonial era, and Commonwealth literature, in addition to being able to keep up with literary works from diverse cultures. Over a series of semesters, you’ll explore everything from the basics of grammar to the masterpieces of English literature. The Online MA in English program subject list by semester is given below.

Semester 1

  • Drama – I
  • Poetry – I
  • Fiction – I
  • Literary, Theory, and Criticism – I

Semester 2

  • Drama – II
  • Poetry – II
  • Fiction – II
  • Literary, Theory, and Criticism – II

Semester 3

  • American Literature
  • Indian English Literature
  • Choose any two:

(Literature and Environment

Introduction to Cinema Studies

Commonwealth Literature)

Semester 4

  • Gender Studies in Literature
  • Dissertation
  • Choose any two:

(Postcolonial Literature

Evolution of Theatre

World Literature)

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Is an MA in English a good option? 

MA in English empowers students to pursue their academic passions, develop essential skills, and unlock new career opportunities, making it an intellectually stimulating and professionally rewarding choice for those dedicated to the exploration of English language and literature at an advanced level. The following are the benefits of pursuing an online Master of Arts (MA) in English:

  • Tailored Learning Experience: 

Online MA programs often permit a high degree of customization. Students can select from a variety of elective courses and research topics that align with their specific interests within English literature and language. This tailored approach ensures that the education received is finely attuned to individual career goals and intellectual pursuits.

  • Flexibility and Autonomy: 

The hallmark of online learning is its flexibility. Students have the autonomy to craft their study schedules, allowing them to optimize their productivity. This is especially beneficial for professionals seeking to upskill or earn an advanced degree without giving up their current jobs.

  • Access to Renowned Faculty: 

Leading universities and institutions offer online MA programs, attracting distinguished faculty members and experts in the field of English studies. These educators bring their wealth of knowledge and real-world experience into the virtual classroom, enriching the learning experience with insights that stem from years of scholarship and practice.

  • Interactive Virtual Environments: 

Online education leverages cutting-edge technology to create interactive virtual classrooms. Participants can participate in interactive and comprehensive learning experiences by using video conferencing, online forums, multimedia tools, and collaborative projects that foster critical thinking, debate, and intellectual growth.

  • Diverse International Cohorts: 

The global nature of online education means that students often have access to exclusive groups with diverse backgrounds, both culturally and professionally. This diversity enriches discussions and encourages students to examine English literature and language through a multicultural lens, broadening their perspectives.

  • Communication Excellence: 

Effective written and verbal communication is a hallmark of success in many fields. Online MA programs emphasize communication skills through various forms of online interaction, including written essays, virtual presentations, and group discussions. Graduates emerge not only with advanced subject knowledge but also refined communication abilities.

  • Extensive Digital Resources: 

Online students typically gain access to vast digital libraries, academic databases, and research materials. This facilitates in-depth research opportunities, enabling students to explore niche topics and make original contributions to the academic discourse.

  • Career Advancement and Specialization: 

The pursuit of an MA in English, especially through online platforms, equips graduates with advanced expertise, often leading to career advancement opportunities. Online programs often offer specialized tracks or concentrations, allowing students to focus their studies on areas like literary analysis, linguistics, creative writing, or pedagogy, aligning their degrees with specific career objectives.

Top careers after an online MA in English 

The following are the best career paths you can take after earning an online MA in English:

  • Content Writer/Editor:

Content writers and editors are responsible for producing and refining written content for various mediums, such as websites, blogs, magazines, or marketing materials. They not only generate grammatically correct and entertaining material but also perform research and tailor their writing style according to the intended audiences’ likings and preferences.

  • Educator/Professor:

Individuals fascinated by linguistics, literature, and education may opt for being an educator/professor.  This vocation allows you to motivate students, contribute to academic research, and assist the future generation of scholars and thinkers.

  • Technical Writer:

Technical writers specialize in translating complex technical information into accessible and user-friendly documentation. They create manuals, guides, FAQs, and instructional documents that help users understand and utilize products or technologies. Attention to detail, the ability to organize information logically, and a knack for simplifying complex concepts are crucial in this role.

  • Copywriter/Advertising:

Copywriters are creative minds who craft persuasive and engaging copy for advertisements, websites, brochures, and social media. Their role is to draw the audience’s attention, define the benefits of the product or service, and motivate action. Success in this area requires creativity, an excellent grasp of consumer psychology, and an ability to design succinct yet appealing messaging.

  • Public Relations Specialist:

Public relations specialists are communication experts who manage an organization’s or individual’s public image. They create and distribute press releases, coordinate media interviews, and develop strategic communication plans to build and maintain a positive reputation.

Why pursue an online MA in English from Sikkim Manipal University 

Selecting the online MA in English from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) offers many advantages. SMU is renowned for its academic excellence, ensuring a high-quality education. This reputation lends credibility to your degree, increasing its value in the job market. The online format grants unmatched flexibility, accommodating diverse schedules and commitments, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking career advancement or individuals juggling work and studies. 

Moreover, the curriculum of the online Master of Arts in English program is comprehensive, covering a wide spectrum of literary and linguistic topics that equip students with the necessary skills to position them for success in various career paths. Opting for an online MA in English from SMU offers a blend of academic prestige, flexibility, and career growth potential, making it a smart and strategic choice for personal and professional development.


The power of literature and language remains undiminished, making an online MA in English a valuable and versatile credential for a wide range of career opportunities and personal aspirations in today’s interconnected world. An online MA in English is a pathway to both personal enrichment and professional growth. 

Whether you’re an aspiring educator, a writer, or someone seeking to broaden your intellectual horizons, this degree equips you with the tools to navigate complex narratives and articulate ideas effectively. Consider enrolling in an online MA offered by the prestigious Sikkim Manipal University on Online Manipal to soar high in this rewarding field. So, hurry, enroll right away.


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