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MUJ’s online students kickstart their journey with a virtual orientation

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October 20,

On October 14, 2022, Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) conducted a virtual Orientation Program for Batch 4 online students, where learners got an opportunity to connect with their peers and expand their network. It was a captivating experience for students to interact with peers, faculty, entrepreneurs and industry leaders through a state-of-the-art virtual platform and are now pumped in to start their exciting journey ahead.  

In an enriching experience, the orientation program started off with learners connecting with their peers and program coordinators. It served as a great opportunity for learners to meet their peers virtually, and get to know each other, as they will travel together on this journey to accomplish their career goals.  

Fun zone, peer connect, photo booth & more 

The virtual interaction kick started with students connecting on MUJ’s “fun zone”, where they participated in various games organized. Learners got the opportunity to explore the “peer connect” area, specially created for interacting with batchmates and getting to know each other. Learners could access a “resource center” where they could download all the necessary information required. A scavenger hunt game too was organized to keep them pumped up. Each game came with rewards and points that were displayed on the scoreboard to see which student stood where. After an interesting game session, students were asked to click a selfie and share the picture with #OnlineManipal and #AzadiWaliDegree via the phone booth.  

Dr GK Prabhu, Vice Chancellor & President, highlighting Manipal group’s legacy 

After an entertaining start to the orientation program, Dr GK Prabhu, Vice Chancellor & President, Manipal University Jaipur, delivered the welcome address. He spoke about how Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG) has been at the forefront of education, change, and cutting-edge research. He took pride in the fact that the Manipal Group of universities has transformed the life of more than one million students belonging to 30 nationalities in 80 countries across the globe.  

Manipal University Jaipur, established in 2011, has made splendid progress and has seen massive growth in its array of academic programs, research credentials, alumni base, faculty pedigree, ranking, and accreditation. In 2021, MUJ explored the online space, so more learners could benefit from it.  

Dr Prabhu stressed MUJ’s flexible and convenient online classes, through the Online Manipal platform, where learners can study anywhere, anytime and manage work-life and learning balance. MUJ’s pedagogy, curriculum design, and content curation gives an on-campus experience in an online world. Here are some highlights of MUJ’s online programs that Dr Prabhu mentioned. 

  • Robust learning management system (LMS) for seamless interaction with peers and faculty 
  • Continuous engagement via live webinars and expert talks with industry professionals 
  • 5,000 hours of self-paced e-tutorial and reading material 
  • Experienced faculty who are industry experts in their respective fields and more than 70% of who are PhD holders  

Mr. Ambrish Sinha, CEO of UNext Learning, throws light on digital transformation in work culture  

Mr. Ambrish Sinha, CEO of UNext Learning, congratulated the students who are looking forward to entering a new phase of learning with MUJ. He mentioned how the online degrees by Manipal University Jaipur are on par with on-campus ones and enable students to continue learning without quitting their jobs or sacrificing other commitments. With great pride, Mr. Sinha asserted that MUJ and the teams at UNext Learning have together brightened the lives of learners from all walks of life.  

He spoke about how professionals have transitioned into a work from home environment. And since 60% of our learners are working professionals, online degrees today serve that need for all of us who want to study without taking a career break. Here are some key points Mr. Ambrish Sinha highlighted about MUJ’s online programs. 

  • A curriculum designed in consultation with today’s best industry practices 
  • Webinar series delivered by 500+ subject matter experts on various trending topics 
  • A Student Networking Platform- Epic.U, that allows peers are faculty to interact  
  • Placement assistance and free access to Coursera content 

He also mentioned “Ekam”, the very first students’ meet up that took place in Bengaluru, the IT hub. More than 200 learners, from far-off cities like Dubai turned up, and met their peers face-to-face for the first time. Mr. Sinha clearly voiced out the goal of MUJ’s online programs, that is to ensure that graduates are matched with the right career opportunities that are in line with their aspirations and expertise. We evaluate domain knowledge, values, aptitude, and job fit of each learner and incorporate power skills such as leadership, cultural fluency, teamwork and professional into our programs, he said.  

Students then watched a video encompassing our learners’ experiences, cutting-edge LMS, learning opportunities, curated programs, and more.  

Impactful insights by industry leaders & entrepreneurs 

The orientation program also invited successful industry leaders and startup entrepreneurs, who addressed students in an engaging conversation. They highlighted the rate at which EdTech is growing today and how it is helping shape a bright future. The visionary leaders & entrepreneurs spoke in-depth about their entrepreneurial journey and how important it is to be passionate about goals.  

Wrapping up 

Dr Mallikarjuna, Director of Online Education, Manipal University Jaipur, wrapped up the program with some key takeaways. He extended his thanks to all learners, faculty, industry experts and entrepreneurs who made this orientation program a grand success.  

Having won the 2022 Economic Times Ascent National Award for excellence in online education, MUJ continues to serve as a powerhouse of inspiration for countless learners and help them chase their dreams.  


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