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MBA Operations Management course syllabus


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November 4,

The current competitive business environment has placed a greater emphasis on formulating and implementing strategies, which can help a company keep up with its competitors while increasing overall profitability and client base.

Operations management (OM) is a specialist field that improves productivity, quality, cost, and delivery schedule while giving value to the end customer. Inventory management, vendor management, purchase management, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) are all part of it, and they all help a company’s supply chain work smoothly.

An MBA in Operations Management teaches students how to efficiently manage the procedures that lead to a successful product’s manufacturing and distribution inside a company. In this blog, we delve into the course overview of an MBA in Operations Management.

What is an MBA in Operations Management?

An MBA in Operations Management is a specialized program that focuses on the strategic planning, implementation, and control of production and service processes within an organization. It equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and optimize various aspects of operations, ensuring efficiency, quality, and profitability.

MBA Operations Management course syllabus

An MBA in Operations Management is a 2-year long program that deals with the academic and practical aspects of logistics and supply chain management. 

Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3Semester 4
Management Process and Organizational BehaviorProduction and Operations ManagementResearch MethodologyStrategic Management and Business Policy
Business CommunicationFinancial ManagementLegal Aspects of BusinessInternational Business Management
Statistics for ManagementMarketing ManagementAdvanced Production and Operations ManagementBusiness Leadership
Financial and Management AccountingManagement Information SystemEnterprise Resource Planning
Managerial EconomicsOperations ResearchLogistics and Supply chain Management
Human Resource ManagementProject ManagementApplications of Operations Research

Is an MBA in Operations Management a good option?

Pursuing an MBA in Operations Management can be a highly rewarding and strategic choice for several reasons.

Versatility across industries

Operations management skills are applicable in almost every industry. Whether it’s manufacturing, healthcare, technology, retail, or logistics, businesses of all types and sizes require efficient operational processes.

Demand for Operations experts

As businesses continue to expand globally, there is a growing need for professionals who can manage complex supply chains, optimize production processes, and improve overall efficiency. Operations Managers are in high demand to ensure companies run smoothly.

Wide range of careers

An MBA in Operations Management helps you explore a wide range of job roles like Operations Research Analyst, Procurement Manager, Logistics Manager, Operations Manager, and more.

Networking and industry connections

MBA programs often provide extensive networking opportunities. Interacting with fellow students, alumni, and industry professionals can open doors to a wide range of career options and collaborations.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

Understanding efficient operations is crucial for entrepreneurs. With an Operations Management background, individuals starting their businesses are better equipped to optimize their processes, manage resources, and scale effectively.

Top career after MBA in Operations Management

Here are some top career opportunities you can explore after an MBA in Operations Management. 

Operations Manager

The role of an operations manager is pivotal in ensuring that an organization’s processes run efficiently and effectively. Operations managers are responsible for overseeing the production of goods and/or services and play a key role in the overall strategic planning of the organization. The average salary of an Operations Manager in India is INR 10 LPA.

Quality Assurance Manager

A Quality Assurance (QA) Manager is responsible for ensuring that products or services meet established quality standards and customer expectations. Their role is pivotal in maintaining and improving the quality of products, processes, and services within an organization. The average salary of a Quality Assurance Manager in India is INR 20 LPA.

Procurement Manager

A Procurement Manager plays a critical role within an organization, responsible for managing the procurement process, which involves acquiring goods and services required for the company’s operations. The role is multifaceted, involving strategic planning, negotiation, supplier management, and ensuring cost-effectiveness. The average salary of a Procurement Manager in India is INR 15.8 LPA.

Logistics Manager

A Logistics Manager is responsible for overseeing and coordinating various activities within the supply chain, ensuring that goods and services are efficiently and effectively moved from the point of origin to the final destination. Their role is crucial in optimizing logistics operations, reducing costs, and improving overall efficiency. The average salary of a Logistics Manager in India is INR 10 LPA.

Supply Chain Analyst

A Supply Chain Analyst plays a critical role in optimizing various aspects of a company’s supply chain operations. Their responsibilities involve analyzing data, identifying inefficiencies, and proposing improvements to enhance the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall performance of the supply chain. The average salary of a Supply Chain Analyst in India is INR 8 LPA

Skills you get after MBA in Operations Management

Here are some of the skills you will gain after an MBA in Operation Management. 

  • Operational analysis: You will be able to analyze complex data sets to identify patterns, trends and areas of improvement.
  • Supply chain management: You will learn to manage relationships with suppliers, negotiating contracts, balancing stock levels to meet demands while minimizing costs.
  • Quality Management: The program will teach you how to implement and manage quality control processes to ensure products meet industry standards.
  • Process optimizing: You will learn to visualize and understand existing processes to identify inefficiencies.
  • Logistics and distribution: Planning optimal transportation routes to reduce costs and delivery times.
  • Global operations: Understanding the complexities of global markets, international trade, and cultural considerations in operations.


An MBA in Operations Management opens the door to a wide range of career opportunities in various industries. With the increasing emphasis on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality in business operations, professionals with expertise in operations management are in high demand. Pursue an online MBA in Operations Management from Manipal University Jaipur to improve your career process. Gain extensive domain knowledge through our comprehensive curriculum, gain key skills, elevate your career prospects, and explore high-paying jobs.


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