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What will you learn in an MBA in Total Quality Management?

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December 26,

With globalization and liberalization, the market has become customer focused. A company can survive and flourish when it provides good quality goods or services to its customers. Quality is the new norm for capturing the market. Good quality products will create a positive image of the company in the market, boosting sales and increasing turnover and profit. Satisfied customers are an asset of the company; meeting the right quality demand will help in retaining customers and gaining new ones. 

Companies have started establishing separate departments that handle and overview the quality, and different quality officers continuously work to maintain and improve the quality of the end product. This new aspect has given rise to a new discipline in MBA, which is an MBA in Total Quality Management. An MBA course is ideal for professionals wanting to get into high-ranking roles and increase their earning potential. According to the MBA Central report, 80% of MBA graduates land a job within three months of completing the program. So, let’s find out how an MBA in Total Quality Management online course will help you advance your career.

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What is an MBA in Total Quality Management?


MBA programs are designed to impart management and technical knowledge to the candidate, making them ready for managerial positions. MBA in Total Quality Management is a postgraduate programme for graduates, professionals already working in the industry and business owners. The professionals with experience in Quality control and management will gain in-depth knowledge that will help them get promotions and hikes. 

Even the professionals looking for a role switch and want to start a career in Quality administration will find it helpful. For fresh graduates, it will provide a firm foundation on which they would be able to build their careers, and business owners and entrepreneurs will be able to implement quality management tools and techniques in their startups. 

This 2-year professional program imparts knowledge about all the aspects of quality. The candidate will learn about different quality models and international standards used as benchmarks in the industry for measuring product quality assurance. They will learn to minimize the external cost incurred on defective products and after-sale service to provide the best customer satisfaction. 

Degree levelPostgraduate
Full FormMaster of Business Administration in Total Quality Management
Duration2 years
AgeNo specific age limit
Eligibility50% in an undergraduate degree and valid score in an aptitude test
Course FeeINR 1,50,000


The MBA in Total Quality Management is open to all, but the minimum eligibility criteria that one has to fulfill are as follows: 

  • A 10+2+3 year bachelor’s degree with at least 50% aggregate from an accredited institution. (45% for reserved categories)
  • A valid score in aptitude tests such as CAT, MAT, CMAT, XAT, and GMAT.
  • Candidates without an aptitude test score have to clear the online admission test.

MBA Total Quality Management syllabus

The course syllabus has been designed to equip candidates with quality control and management skills, which will provide an edge in the career market for a starter and, in the case of a professional, will help in climbing the professional ladder. The syllabus is broken down into four semesters, along with different subjects students are required to submit a project work in the final year.  Following is the semester-wise breakup of the MBA in Quality Management syllabus:

First SemesterSecond SemesterThird SemesterFourth Semester
Management Process and Organizational BehaviorProduction and Operations Management Research MethodologyStrategic Management & Business Policy
Business CommunicationFinancial Management Legal Aspects of BusinessInternational Business Management
Statistics for Management Marketing ManagementFoundation of Quality ManagementBusiness Leadership 
Financial and Management Accounting Management Information System Quality in Service IndustriesUnderstanding ISO 9001
Managerial Economics Operations Research Statistical Process ControlManaging Quality in the Organization
Human Resource Management Project ManagementTQM tools and techniquesQuality Standards and Models
Quality Concepts Tasks and Development

Scope of MBA in Total Quality Management in India


In today’s dynamic world, one of the key success factors is quality. Many companies provide similar products and services; in such situations, a company that provides customer satisfaction by providing superior quality products will stand out. India is an emerging power, and this new shift has impacted Indian companies too. They have increased their attention to Total Quality Management, and this shift has opened new job prospects and careers in the Indian market. 

Quality management profiles are one of the most highly paid jobs in India. The MBA in Quality Management scope is vast and looks bright for individuals planning to work in the domain. An MBA in Total Quality Management will help individuals to work in various job roles across different sectors. They can find employment in various companies and earn high salary packages. Some of the profiles and their average salaries are as follows:

  • The average salary of a Quality Manager is around ₹ 8.1 LPA.
  • A QA or QC Manager earns around ₹ 10.7 LPA.
  • A Quality Engineer makes an average salary of ₹ 5 LPA

Career prospects after MBA in Total Quality Management


The MBA in Total Quality Management will open new job and profile avenues for the candidates. Following are the few popular roles in which a graduate can start his career.

  • Quality Control Executive

 It is the most important position in the quality control department of a company. The quality control executive is responsible for the complete overview, working and execution of the quality process. He ensures that the final product meets set standards without violating any legal or government regulations. He undertakes inspections and makes corrective decisions. 

  • Quality Leader

 A quality leader is a head of a particular product and supervises its release. He is responsible for setting up quality standards, establishing assurance procedures and processes and conducting quality tests prior to release. On finding any deviations, he will inform the concerned team for correction.

  • Quality Supervisor 

The person will supervise the technicians that are carrying out quality checks of the final products. The fallout or mistake on the part of the technician will result in substandard quality that will, in turn, impact the overall image of the organization. The quality supervisor is responsible for carrying out this process effectively. 

  • Quality Engineer

They continuously keep a check on the organization’s systems, machines, applications and software to ensure that they are performing correctly and producing the desired quality final product. A glitch in the system can produce a huge bunch of faulty and low-standard products, so it is very important that equipment and applications also meet the desired quality standards. 

  • Quality Analyst

 This profile is prominent in software companies. The quality analyst tests software and final products to ensure their quality and standard. They recommend changes that will help in achieving desired quality and meeting guidelines. 

Many profiles in the domain will be ideal for a person holding an MBA in Total Quality Management, as every organization, public as well as private, needs persons that manage and ensure quality assurance and management. 

Choose Online Manipal for top-quality online education

You can advance your career by pursuing an online MBA in Total Quality Management from Manipal University Jaipur without leaving your job. Enroll in the UGC-entitled online MBA by NAAC A+ accredited Manipal University Jaipur. The course is well designed to provide real-life case studies that will develop analytical and critical thinking that will help individuals perform responsibilities in future. Take advantage of the best faculties and materials designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills to learners.  

Students will get access to live as well as recorded lectures. Thus, a person can complete the syllabus at their own pace from the comfort of their home. Here are some key MBA Quality Management subjects and topics taught in the program:

  • TQM tools and techniques
  • Understanding ISO 9001
  • Managing quality in the organization
  • Quality Standards and Models
  • Quality concepts tasks and development
  • Foundation of Quality Management
  • Quality in Service Industries
  • Statistical Process Control

The students enrolled in the course will get free access to paid content on Coursera. The course fees are lower compared to on-campus programs and thus make education accessible to everyone. The total fee for a 2-year MBA in Total Quality Management is ₹150000 and ₹37500 per semester. The university also provides flexible fee payment options. One can apply for different scholarships or can opt for easy, no-cost EMI. Join Manipal University Jaipur and give a boost to your career. 


Quality is the key deciding factor in the success or failure of an organization. Providing customer satisfaction with the best quality products and simultaneously reducing waste and cost in the production process. A company’s management is also liable for quality assurance, waste management and quality management. Total Quality Management is emerging as an important management aspect. In the upcoming time, every organization will be stressing more about quality assurance and management. An online MBA in Total Quality Management from MUJ will help individuals grab new opportunities. The course will hone your management skills and provide all the necessary technical training to make you future-ready.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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