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Is Data Science a good career option for you?

Data Science
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November 4,

In today’s scenario, data science is one of the most trending programs to choose. A significant proportion of advancement is witnessed in the world of IT divisions from organizations of all scales. Therefore, recruiters are all currently on the lookout for employees who are pursuing this subject. Data science establishes an understanding in you to comprehend data and combine it fittingly to communicate better, proving it useful for the respective organization. Therefore, the search for those students who can work with data admirably is on a high radar for recruiters.

Before evaluating whether data science is a good career option, let us understand what it is and its importance.

What is data science?

Data science is the study and analysis of data to draw out substantial, meaningful insights for businesses. It is a multidisciplinary perspective that blends principles and practices from the spheres of mathematics, artificial intelligence (AI), statistics, and computer engineering to surveying large portions of data. This analysis helps data scientists ask and answer questions regarding what and why of the situation, followed by future speculations and solutions.

Importance of data science

Data science is significantly essential because it amalgamates tools, technology, and methods to produce meaning from the data surveyed or available. Most modern organizations are overburdened with data; there is a propagation of devices that can automatically accumulate and stockpile information. Payment portals and online systems apprehend more data in e-commerce, finance, medicine, and every aspect influencing human life. We have vast text, audio, video, and image data.  

Is Data Science a good career choice?

Data science can be considered an intellectually claiming field of study and profession. To excel as a data scientist, you are required to fancy quantitative areas and be present to sanction firms to construct data-driven decisions. Therefore, programming languages like Python, SAS, or R are essential to learn here. Moreover, it would be beneficial if you went over your mathematical skills, with a spotlight on probability, statistics, and multivariate calculus. Finally, it would be advantageous if you were familiar with data visualization tools like Tableau. 

It is also advised to learn coding as a fresher, as even a slight change in parameter can alter results, and there is a very minute margin for committing mistakes. Then, as you move forward in your career as a data scientist, you will concentrate on machine learning algorithms, deep learning, natural language processing, and other related areas that have a foundation in unstructured data and big data.  

Is data science a good career option? This question is mainly answered by the statistical growth witnessed in this field. Data science has undergone a 650% growth in job options since 2012. Thus, the field of data science is expanding massively and is a good career choice. 

Reasons to pursue data science 

Data scientists are pivotal for any firm; they construct better business decisions. Therefore, firms depend on them and use their expertise to offer better solutions to clients. This is the main reason they hold a special position in the company.  

  • High demand  

Data Science is flourishing at a great speed as a career, and it is affirmed that there will be 11.5 million jobs in creation by 2026. This is proof enough to state that it is a high-demand job area. Data science is believed to be less saturated than other IT areas. Data science is an exceptionally bounteous field of the profession with many opportunities.  

  • Career and salary 

A career in data science will make you eligible for a handsomely paying job position. For example, an elementary-level data scientist can earn around ₹500,000 per annum with less than one year of experience. On the other hand, inaugural-level data scientists with one to four years of experience have an earning potential of over ₹600,000 per annum.  

  • A versatile field  

There are ample applications of data science. Mostly, it is used in banking, e-commerce industries, healthcare, and consultancy services, making the applicability of data science very versatile. Therefore, it will allow you to work in several fields. 

  • Improving the state of the data 

Skilled data scientists process and analyze a firm’s data. They refine the data quality along with analyzing it. Therefore, they work with enriching data, making it more useful for the firm.  

Take a step towards your dream future

If you want a professional transition, shifting to data science is the biggest trend in today’s scenario. If you have pursued your bachelor’s in a relevant field that has established an IT base in your portfolio, pursuing a Master of Science in data science will be the most beneficial. Online Manipal is an online platform which provides the Master of Science in Data Science from Manipal University of Higher Education (MAHE). If you are well-versed in the following skills, it is advised to pursue data science as a career transition for bagging the best opportunities in the job market:

  • Probability and statistics
  • Programming languages and software
  • Data wrangling
  • Database management
  • Data visualization
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Cloud computing

Learn more about the said course by visiting our course page. We are here to make online degree courses as approachable as possible across the country so enroll today and earn your degree! 


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