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Importance of WES accreditation for online MBA


MBA is a step up your career ladder, providing the knowledge and skills to upgrade your future job prospects. With demanding jobs and other constraints on your mind, resorting to an online program is also a noteworthy choice if pursuing an offline course doesn’t seem doable. And, if recognition of distance or online learning courses is of primary concern here, the reputable WES accreditation for online MBA courses takes care of all your worries.

World Education Services (WES) is the name of a respectable organization that assesses global degrees and compares them with the norms set in the US or Canada. As such, students pursuing an online MBA give weightage to studying the program from a WES-accredited university as it implies that the learning imparted by the institution is highly quality and highly respectable in the chosen field of study. 

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Importance of WES Accreditation

One of the key benefits of WES accreditation is that it instantly lends credibility and recognition to an online degree. This holds for online MBA degree programs as well. The accreditation verifies the academic credentials of a student and compares them with those established by the norms in the US and Canada. 

This way it ensures that the online MBA program meets international standards of quality and relevance. The WES accreditation is granted to a university after taking into consideration factors such as the qualifications of the faculty imparting the online MBA program, course curriculum, and results expected from the learning. The overall objective is to provide a high-quality learning experience for students, reassuring them of the best possible academic standards of studying at a WES-accredited institution.

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WES Accreditation Criteria

An online MBA program must meet certain pre-defined criteria to obtain the WES accreditation. Some of the key criteria are outlined below:

  • Quality of curriculum: This is one of the primary criteria that WES uses to compare the academic credentials of a candidate with the standards established by accrediting institutions in Canada or the US. The quality of the curriculum received by the student is evaluated based on:
  • The contents of the program
  • The intent of the program 
  • The education system followed in the country
  • The structure of the program 
  • The scope of the program 
  • The admission criteria for the program
  • The reputation of the university imparting the program
  • Qualifications of the faculty: This is another criterion based on which WES accreditation is granted to universities imparting online MBA programs. The accrediting body assesses the academic credentials of the teachers involved in teaching the program to determine their knowledge and skillsets and to ensure top-quality learning experience for the students even in 100% online mode.

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WES Accreditation Process

The WES accreditation process for universities offering online MBA programs involves the following steps:

  1. Application submission: Go to the official portal of WES and create an account. Choose the type of evaluation required and complete the required application form. You can keep track of your assessment via a received WES reference number.
  1. Document submission: At this stage, you may request your educational institution to directly send your documents to WES for evaluation. These may include diplomas, academic transcripts, and certificates of degree.  
  1. Document evaluation: WES will assess whether or not the submitted documents are genuine and from renowned/recognized educational institutions. 
  1. Equivalency assessment: Evaluators at WES will assess at this stage whether your academic credentials are equivalent or at par with the US or Canadian educational standards.
  1. Report generation: This is the last and final step of the WES accreditation process. WES analysts will evaluate the documents submitted and determine their equivalency to the US or Canadian educational standards. Upon thorough evaluation of your credentials based on its criteria (as defined in the previous section), WES may issue a report within 7 working days. The complete final report will be delivered to the concerned recipients.

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Why Students Should Look for WES Accreditation

Elaborating more on the WES accreditation importance for students in particular, the following benefits come to mind:

  • Global recognition of your degree: By getting a detailed WES evaluation of your academic achievements, you are better able to unlock opportunities overseas as the accreditation lends immediate global recognition to your degree program. Moreover, WES evaluations are widely trusted and accepted by several educational institutions in the US and Canada. This enables you to pursue higher education or look for work in these countries.
  • Increased opportunities for career advancement: As stated above, pursuing a degree from a WES-accredited university empowers students to step up their career trajectory and move on to high-paying improved career roles. 
  • Enhances the credibility of your academic credentials: WES evaluates your educational qualifications and compares their credibility with the standards set in the US and Canada. Gaining appropriate recognition by WES helps improve the credibility of your degree program, even if pursued online, such as an online MBA.

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Take your career forward with Online Manipal

This blog highlighted the importance of WES accreditation for students pursuing an online MBA. We understand the benefits of getting a degree from a WES-accredited institution and how it can particularly impact our future career growth. In light of this, Manipal University Jaipur is a notable choice for pursuing an online MBA program. The university offers MBA in 100% online mode on the reputed Online Manipal platform to all MBA aspirants. 

Manipal University Jaipur, or MUJ, as it is popularly referred to, offers MBA degrees that are evaluated by WES. Additionally, the degree is entitled by the UGC and equivalent to a traditional on-campus study program. The MBA program is further accredited by the NBA, the National Board of Accreditation, in the country and is therefore an ideal choice for your academic and professional growth. NBA accreditation ensures that the program adheres to high-quality educational standards, including qualifications of the faculty, student support services, industry relevance of the curriculum, and more. 

Learn more about how you can experience a complete career transformation with MUJ’s online MBA program


Today’s competitive landscape demands flexibility and convenience in learning. In such times, a valuable accreditation to online degree programs, such as that assured by WES, lends credibility and guarantees value and quality to learning too. It serves as a stamp of approval for the program’s pursuit of the best standards in the domain of online education. 

An online MBA program by Manipal University Jaipur is also WES-accredited, which helps increase your earning potential in the market and prepares you with job-ready business acumen and skills. Offered on the Online Manipal portal, an online MBA by Manipal University Jaipur allows students flexibility and convenience in learning while remaining uncompromised on the quality of education offered and in meeting the needs of the skilled workforce.      

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