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How does work experience help in a PGCP Management program?


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September 10,

Key takeaways: 

  • In a PGCP management program, you will gain exposure to a broad spectrum of concepts, and enrolling with a work experience will help you to learn those things faster.
  • It will give you a competitive edge over your fellow aspirants.
  • Learning while possessing a practical experience of how things work at an operational level will further strengthen your concepts and help you effectively bridge the gap between theory and execution.

If you are a working professional and have been thinking about taking up a PGCP in Management, there are several reasons why you should. When you have a degree in Management, you can use it to guide your career in various ways.

Firstly, this kind of business management certificate will give you an edge over the competition when it comes to getting the job you want. Employers are increasingly looking for people with degrees in management because they know that these individuals are more likely to be able to make decisions effectively, which is precisely what many companies want from their managers.

Secondly, if you are already working as a manager but don’t have any business management certificate or degree related to your field, this course could help boost your resume and give it more weight when applying for new jobs or promotions within your current company. This would mean that employers would be more likely to hire or promote someone who has undergone such an intensive program than someone who hasn’t.

Finally, having this type of business management certificate means that you will be able to learn how to manage teams of people better than before—and this will make for happier employees who enjoy working together toward common goals.

What is PGCP in management?

The PGCP certification program in management is an intensive course of 40 weeks that will prepare you to be a professional manager. The program is designed to give you the tools and techniques needed to lead a team, manage projects, and understand how to best use your resources.

The course will cover topics like managing people and teams, communicating effectively with others, problem-solving, leading change and innovation, budgeting, and making decisions under pressure. You will also gain experience working with real-world problems through group activities, case studies, and simulations.

Is experience required for a management certification course?

Most, if not all, management certification courses have work experience requirements for PGCP in Management. Experience is an essential component of a PGCP program, and it is something that you will be expected to have before beginning your studies. This is because the student needs to know what to do when they graduate from the course. 

For example, a management student without experience working as a manager can be disadvantaged when understanding how to manage people and make decisions.

Why a PGCP program requires experience

There are several reasons how having prior work experience helps in pursuing a PGCP in management.

High-paying jobs 

Students with prior work experience before pursuing a management certification get an edge during placements. They are more likely to get high-paying jobs than learners who have no prior experience. 

Practical approach in academics

Work experience helps you have a clear direction since you have already seen the work culture. The course will help you learn from your mistakes and help you in better decision making later. 

Learn while you earn

You can pursue an online certification program in management while you are working. You don’t have to quit your job, and you will be able to implement skills on the job. 

What work experience do you need for PGCP in Management?

Is work experience required for a management course? Yes. Most universities or institutes require students to have a work experience of at least a year before pursuing the certification program. This can be either an internship or a full-time job, depending on the requirement of the university you choose.

If you are considering applying for this course, you will need to consider what kind of job would give you the best opportunity to build up a year’s worth of practical experience. Furthermore, experience in the following job roles might help you while you are pursuing the management certification programme.

  • Business manager

If you are already working as a business manager, the course will add further value to your knowledge and provide you with high-level expertise. It will allow you to get the training and education needed to be an effective teacher, while still giving you all the hands-on experience of running a business.

You will learn how to precisely interpret data, identify patterns of behaviour, and improve upon existing practices. It will also give you an intensive understanding of how diverse teams operate and communicate.

  • Business analyst

As a business analyst, you have the technical skills to develop business and IT solutions. You may also have the analytical prowess needed to understand the business requirements, identify gaps in the existing systems, and develop solutions that can help your company grow. However, TAPMI’s PGCP in Management will help gain a stronghold over your managerial skills as well.

As a PGCP student, you will learn how to manage teams of analysts and developers in a way that will increase their productivity. You will also be trained on how to manage projects from start to finish—from defining requirements through implementing solutions. This gives you an opportunity to use your previous experience as a business analyst and expand on it by learning new skills required for project management.

Additionally, it will help improve your soft skills such as communication and leadership, which are essential for any manager or leader in today’s workplace. These skills will come in handy when managing teams or managing projects where communication between stakeholders is critical for success.

  • Health services manager

As a health services manager, you are responsible for ensuring that the entire healthcare system is operating smoothly. You manage staff, budget, and other resources to ensure that patients receive high-quality care and are able to access it easily. 

Enrolling for PGCP in management will further boost your skills by teaching you how to develop and implement policies that improve patient care delivery in your facility. It also teaches you how to manage non-clinical staff, such as nurses and technicians, so they can support clinical staff in delivering high quality care.

  • Human resources manager

If you have experience as a human resources manager, and are looking to take your skills to the next level, PGCP in Management will be the perfect program for you.

In this program, you will learn the principles of management, how to understand and manage people, and how to work with teams. You’ll also develop skills like leadership, communication, and decision-making.

You will also get experience in groups and one-on-one interviews, and learn how to use these skills in real-world situations. The program also includes an internship where you can put your new skills into practice.

Pay scale after pursuing PGCP in Management

PGCP in Management is ideal for working professionals looking to advance their careers. After completing the program, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to work in various industries and sectors, including human resources, finance, marketing, procurement and supply chain management.

Students who complete this program will be able to-

  • Gain a broad understanding of management concepts and principles through rigorous coursework taught by experienced faculty members with a highly relevant background in business.
  • Learn how to apply these concepts and principles to real-world situations through hands-on internships. 
  • Develop the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace, including critical thinking, problem-solving and communication.
  • Get a jump start on your career by earning your bachelor’s degree from a top-ranked university at an accelerated pace.

The pay scale for different job roles after pursuing different PGCP in management include –

Salary (INR – LPA)Salary (INR – LPA)
Health Service Manager5
Human Resource Manager9.2
Information Systems Manager20
Marketing Manager10
Sales Manager9
Financial Manager10
General Manager29.5


If you are interested in pursuing a career in management, you must consider choosing TAPMI’s PGCP management program at Online Manipal. We have the experience and expertise to give you the best possible education, and our online platform allows you to access this training from anywhere in the world.

We believe that our students should be able to learn on their terms and at their own pace, which is why we offer flexible learning options that allow you to enrol in as much or as little coursework as needed.

Our experienced professors will guide you through each step of your journey toward becoming a successful manager. With their support, we know you will be well prepared for what lies ahead!


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