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How to start planning your career?


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September 1,

When it comes to planning your career, it would seem like an overwhelming task. The fact is that it can be so, especially when you are just starting and are young. Too many people skip out on making career plans only to realize that they are not living their professional lives as they wanted or switching careers midway. While there is nothing wrong with switching career tracks, it pays to define goals and have a clear-cut path before proceeding.

Steps to creating an effective career plan

Let’s have a look at all the things you need to do to plan your career.

  1. Identify your options

When you start planning your career, the first thing you need to do is find out your career options. This should be done after clear examining your interests, personality, likes, dislikes, values, and skills. Basically, you should be assessing yourself to find out exactly what are things you are good at.

For this, you can research companies online or even talk to professionals in industries that interest you. Getting into an internship with a company you like is also a great idea to narrow down your choices.

  • Prioritize based on your skills

After you know all the options you have, the next step is to prioritize according to your skills. Do you have any skills? What kind of educational qualifications do you have? What are the things that interest you the most? When you know what is important to you and what skills you have, career planning becomes easier.

For example, do you want a challenging work environment? Or is a family-centric work environment more suitable to your temperament? Understand yourself and you will be better able to meet your needs.

  • Compare promising career options

After the above steps, you will probably have quite a few career options you are interested in. The next thing you must do is define goals and compare and contrast those options. Are they right for you? Do they go with your values?

Doing a comparison will help you understand exactly what the pros and cons of different career options are. For example, you may find that an MBA will give you a good pay grade, but it may make balancing work and life difficult. On the other hand, an MCA can be the right choice if you want a strong career as well as your weekends.

  • Identify and fill the gaps

Once you have narrowed down your career options, it is time to identify the gaps you have. This means all you need to do to get these desired jobs. Do you need an MBA? Is it is an MCA that would get you your desired job? Once you identify these gaps, it is time to take steps to fill them.

Get the educational qualifications you need to get your dream job. Research universities that offer the necessary degrees. Learn how to enrol in them. This way, you are on your way to filling the gaps.

  • Make a choice

Making the right choice when it comes to your career is so important because it sets the tone of your life. Your career is the No. 1 thing that can make or break your future. As a student looking for the right higher education, the correct choice can spell a happy future. It is a great idea to talk to people, professionals and the older generation to make the right choice.

It is also important to go online for information about career goals and plans. When you do the research, it is easier to come to the right choice for your future.

  • Set S.M.A.R.T goals

Career goals matter. Have one that is short-term and one that is long-term. Here’s what S.M.A.R.T goals mean:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Time-bound

Setting goals is crucial when it comes to planning your career. But so is meeting those goals. It all boils down to how much you want to meet your goals. A lot of people plan quite a bit, but they fall short on execution. While that is common, it does not have to be in your case.

Take the time to learn how to meet your goals and make up your mind to do them. The earlier you start to define goals and pursuing them, the easier it will be for you. A few years down the line, you will thank yourself for using up this time doing something of value.

  • Speak to a career counsellor

It is okay to be confused and overwhelmed when you are trying to plan your career and make the right decisions. That is why students are suggested to speak to a career counsellor. You can get in touch with a career counsellor at Manipal Jaipur University by calling +91-7304-000-444.


Armed with the right information and awareness about who you are and what your future career should look like, you can plan in the best way possible. At Manipal Jaipur University, you have a slew of online degree and post-graduate degree courses available. What’s more, this is a UGC-recognized and NAAC A+ accredited institute, which means that you get the quality education that is bound to take your career plans. Get in touch with MUJ today and take a step in the right direction.


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