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How to start a career in data journalism?

Media and Journalism
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March 21,

Data journalism is a style of journalism in which reporters use enormous datasets to create stories. This reflects the expanding role that numbers play in creating and transmitting information, as well as the growing ties between journalists and fields like design, computer science, and statistics. 

Whether it is a static graphic, an interactive feature, or even some additional research to provide context to a breaking news report, data journalism may highlight scientific breakthroughs in a narrative and make them accessible to readers. This network speaks in terms of data, discrete pieces of knowledge that, while not necessarily important in a given situation, can be quite beneficial when viewed from the right angle.

Top data journalism examples include data journalism Elon Musk’s Tweets, COVID-19 tracking in China, Kontinentalists’ history of rubbers in colonial Malaya, etc. 

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Is a career in data journalism good?

For those passionate about journalism and data analysis, a career in data journalism can be a great fit. Data journalism is the process of gathering, interpreting, and presenting data to readers in a way that makes complicated issues and patterns easier to understand. Using statistical analysis, visualization software, and other strategies may be necessary to develop appealing stories supported by facts.

For several reasons, a career in data journalism can be a great decision:

1. High demand: Many news organizations are employing data journalists to help them create captivating stories with data. This is because data-driven reporting is becoming more crucial in the digital era. 

2. Crucial work: By bringing attention to crucial issues and keeping those in positions of authority accountable, data journalism can greatly impact the world. Many data journalists believe that their job is important and has the potential to change the world.

3. Many employment options: Data journalism is a vast profession that includes a wide range of tasks, from sports analysis to investigative reporting. According to their interests and abilities, data journalists can choose from a wide range of job choices.

4. Learning opportunities: Data journalism entails dealing with data, which may be a great way to pick up new knowledge and comprehend difficult problems in greater depth. 

Education and skills needed for data journalism

A data journalist needs the following education and skills to succeed:

  • Reporting skills: A journalism degree or professional experience is required to acquire good reporting skills, including interviewing, researching, and writing. 
  • Data skills: The importance of data in data journalism cannot be overstated. Data journalists need to be adept at working with data, which includes gathering, cleaning, and manipulating data from various sources. They ought to be familiar with programs for data analysis like Excel and SQL, as well as data visualization tools like Tableau and Python.
  • Programming skills: Although they are not always necessary, data journalists may find it useful to have programming skills to automate data processing and manipulate huge data sets.
  • Good analytical skills: To work with big data sets, evaluate trends, and spot patterns, data journalists need to have strong analytical abilities. To effectively explain insights, they should feel at ease using statistical principles and data visualization tools.
  • Communication skills: To present complex data in ways the general public may easily grasp, data journalists must have excellent communication abilities. 

Aspiring data journalists can build a strong foundation by enrolling in an online MA JMC program from Manipal University Jaipur. This will enable them to gain the skills and information necessary to be successful in this exciting area.

Acquire data journalism knowledge with an online MA JMC from MUJ

An ideal option to get data journalism knowledge and abilities is to enroll in an online MA JMC (Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication) program at Manipal University Jaipur. Aspiring data journalists may benefit from an online Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication program from MUJ for the following reasons:

1. Expert faculty: MUJ’s teaching staff includes knowledgeable professors with years of expertise in data journalism who can advise and guide students in the right career path

2. Flexibility: Students who enroll in an online MA JMC program can complete their coursework at their own pace. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who are already employed and wish to learn data journalism while still maintaining a full-time job.

3. Networking opportunities: Online MA JMc program from MUJ can give students networking chances by connecting them with other aspiring data journalists, alumni, and business executives.

4. Career advancement: A student’s qualifications and skill set can be improved by enrolling in an online MA JMC program, making them more competitive in the employment market. Graduates can work in news organizations, research institutions, or public relations corporations after pursuing careers in data journalism, data analysis, or other similar professions.

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Data-driven storytelling is the path to the future. Journalism professionals need to be data literate. It was once the case that you learned stories by striking up conversations with random individuals in public places, and it still occasionally happens. But now, it will also involve searching through data, empowering oneself with the knowledge to evaluate it, and sifting through it to uncover the interesting portions. Keeping everything in perspective, helping others by understanding how everything works together and what’s happening in the nation. Don’t forget to check out the cutting-edge domain-specific courses on Online Manipal that help you stay ahead of the competition. 


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