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How does an MBA fit into your product management career?

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November 11,

Key takeaways:

  • Product management has evolved as a popular career among the youth.
  • Pursuing an MBA in this domain hones various product management skills.

Whether you are a student or a working professional, pursuing an MBA opens doors to diverse career opportunities, product management being one of them. Today, the success rate of businesses is largely driven by the quality of their product, and its potential to satisfy varied customer needs. 

We frequently hear about successful products and those that are not. The latter could be attributed to various factors, including a lack of financing and resources, inadequate supervision, and an absence of team direction. Typically, a product fails because it lacks effective product management. That is why an MBA is important to be able to skillfully manage products. 

Product management is the procedure of guiding a product from the outset throughout its lifecycle. To finish a product within the parameters of time, cost, and effectiveness is the primary purpose of product management. It should be kept in mind that since products are not meant to last eternally, they have lifespans.

Who is a product manager?

Product managers are the individuals tasked with ensuring a product team achieves its objectives. To address the needs of a product, these managers employ a wide range of tools, techniques, and methodologies. 

They play a crucial role as they spend days organizing a product’s workflow, making a budget, supervising a team, and corresponding with clients to ensure the product is up-to-the-mark. 

Let us have a look at some of the responsibilities that a product manager carries:

  • Coming up with an effective idea

Each product begins with an idea, and it is a product manager’s responsibility to identify that concept and develop a procedure for implementing it in collaboration with internal partners and external clients.

  • Making a responsible team and leading it

Product managers are responsible for creating and leading a team that can realize the client’s vision and surpass their expectations.

  • Tracking progress and keeping deadlines in mind

An efficient product manager is expected to keep track of how the product is progressing and make sure that there is not much delay in completing it. 

  • Resolving problems

A product manager must see if there are any issues creating obstacles for the product and try to resolve them at the earliest. 

  • Analyzing the final outcome

Once the project is over, the product manager has to analyze the performance and outcome of the product. 

How does an MBA help with product management?

If you are looking forward to building a career in product management, you might wonder how an MBA helps product managers.

  • Efficient knowledge

There is no denying the fact that the curriculum and coursework of an MBA can provide you with efficient knowledge and enlighten you in ways that can help you in product management.

  • A valuable network

Studying among people who are going to be future businesspersons and CEOs offers you a valuable network and an opportunity to connect with them so that they might help you in the future.

  • Adds to your profile

It’s not that pursuing an MBA will suddenly make employers hire you as a product manager, but it will surely add to your profile and CV, which will further help you get your dream job. 

  • Changes how people perceive you

Every employer prefers to hire employees who are serious about their job, and doing an MBA will reflect how seriously you will take your position and will change how people perceive you. 

Pros of doing an MBA in product management

Let us have a look at some of the pros of doing an MBA in product management: 

  • It enlightens you with extensive knowledge that can be helpful in the future.
  • It makes your CV more powerful
  • It increases your job prospects
  • It can help you get a higher salary
  • It makes the transition from another field into product management easier
  • It enhances your leadership skills
  • It connects you with people from different backgrounds
  • It helps you in going up the corporate ladder easily

What product management skills can I earn from an MBA?

An MBA can help you gain numerous skills that might prove to be helpful for your product management career.

Top 3 product management skills you can earn from an MBA
Team management
Creative thinking
Effective communication

  • Team management

One of the biggest tasks of a product manager is to manage the product development team, and when you pursue an MBA, it enriches you with that skill.

  • Creative thinking

Pursuing an MBA can help you hone your creative thinking skills, which can further assist in coming up with excellent ideas to make your product a success.

  • Effective communication

One of the biggest skills that an MBA teaches you is to communicate effectively. There is no doubt that communication holds a special place in the corporate world, and hence it can be fruitful for your product management career. 

Is an MBA essential for product management?

An MBA can provide you with myriads of advantages, and there are numerous skill sets that you can earn with this course. Additionally, you can pursue the course before working as a product manager, but it is not compulsory as you can still get a job without it.

Career options in product management after an MBA

If you are wondering how an MBA can help your career, following are the numerous career options that you can pursue.

  • Product Manager
  • Product Leader
  • Marketing manager
  • Director of Product
  • VP of Product

Here’s how you can become a product manager

Thinking about how to become a product manager? You can choose from numerous courses that are available. Pursue an MBA in product management to excel in this career path. 

Bottom line 

There is no denying the fact that product management is one of the most famous career options among this generation. If you are also looking forward to building a strong presence in that field, it is a good idea to pursue a course or an MBA in product management. 


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