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How can I emerge as a product manager from a data science background?


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November 14,


  • Technological advancements induce organizations to digitize more and more products, considering the generation and collection of data.
  • This also opens up lucrative professional growth for aspiring individuals. The product manager is a pivotal career opportunity in the data-driven job market.
  • Product managers with a data science background play a centric and unique role, making unified decisions that will define the outcomes and bring value to the business.

A good product needs a good product manager. However, the growing demands of data science insights and systems have outsmarted the qualification of the product management team. How do we balance this? Here’s how the profile of a data science product manager makes sense. Moreover, as most organizations are shifting to the cloud, skilled professionals must optimize the huge volume of data.

Simply put, the job demands innovation, communication, and comprehension of the latest business needs that need to be addressed. Read on to learn more about the technical product manager’s roles, skills, and how to become one below.

Who is a data product manager? 

A data product manager is responsible for identifying ways to leverage the data flow throughout the entire product lifestyle from initiation to implementation. The data collected will be used to develop and perfect a product or a feature. Their role might differ depending on the industry and enterprise.

How data science can help you in product management 

The relationship between data science and product management is crucial as both aspects strive to provide effective solutions and achieve actionable, productive outcomes. For instance, Data scientists would work with substantial datasets, algorithms, machine learning, and even AI models. They use various tools to derive insights and other info from raw data. Still, the refined data requires a product management team to explore various ways to enhance customer experience.

In short, data science techniques allow product managers to use valuable insights to break down complex project data, predicting the outcomes in real time. You can use this predictive information to make a better decision, ensuring excellent results with on-time delivery and budget.

How to become a data science product manager? 

A better understanding of data science is now an inevitable part of every product manager’s educational background. To become a data science product manager, you should have crucial technical skills in data science and also know about the basics of product management. Here is a step-by-step manual to help you succeed as a data science product manager.

Data science certification courseUnderstand data termsAcquire technical knowledgeLearn the lifecycle and development productsImprove emotional intelligenceBuild your soft skills

  • Consider a data science certificate course

Earning a certification in data science is the first and foremost step in starting your career as a data science product manager. You need to choose a program that covers the data science process’s fundamental and technical side. Interaction with peers and mentors in the field will help you understand the specific challenge, latest breakthroughs, and opportunities.

  • Understand the complexities of data teams

Data product managers have to cover numerous tasks on a day-to-day basis. They have to analyze the market trends and predict the needs of customers to ensure the product remains valuable in the market. This is why you need help to rely on data education. You should also understand the complexities of data teams and know how to manage multiple ones. Without that adequate knowledge and preparation beforehand, you will find the transition a challenging one.

  • Develop technical knowledge

As a product manager, you need to sharpen the technical skills that come with the product life cycle. It would help if you had a strong understanding of the technical side of the job that would aid you in designing, developing, and launching data-related products. It involves statistics, SQL, and machine learning, which are the key to successful and efficient data management. This will assist you in performing much better than the other professionals.

  • Understand the lifecycle & development of data products

Learning about the lifecycle and development of data products plays a significant part in becoming a data science product manager. After getting the certification, you need to put your knowledge into getting hands-on experience. Get involved in various data projects to analyze how the projects tend to function and how the product manager performs. This will help you understand your entire lifecycle and add valuable experience to enrich your resume.

  • Develop emotional intelligence

In the data science industry, emotional intelligence is about finding, expressing, and ensuring strong connections with industry leaders and peers while solving issues efficiently, even under a deadline. A skilled data science professional is known to handle the emotion and stress that comes with their responsibilities. It will help them to deal with the entire product lifecycle, even in a difficult situation, encouraging the team with inspiration to drive forward with their goal.

  • Hone your soft skills

A data science product manager needs to have strong, soft skills to handle their projects. Their responsibilities involve daily communication with people, team management, organization, etc. Hence, you have certain soft skill sets, including communication, teamwork, strategic planning, leadership, empathy, and communication. When you improve these skills, there will be a higher chance of acquiring a leadership position in the professional sphere.

Role of a data science product manager

As the importance of the data science team is increasing, enterprises are hiring dedicated technical product managers to guide their strategies. Some of the common roles and responsibilities are:

  • Stay ahead of data science industry trends.
  • Finding opportunities in advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to meet the specific needs of business.
  • Built a compelling and innovative product vision
  • Design the roadmap for the product, outlining the product strategy plan in the long run.
  • Collaborate with the data science, data engineering, and advanced analytics team.
  • Involvement in the management and articulation of product backlog ideas.
  • Work with the customer team to improve the user experience.
  • Support cross-functional teams to achieve their goals through project definition.

Online Manipal 

If you want to build your career as a product manager in data science, it’s time to enroll in Online Manipal. Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s M.Sc in Data science is designed for working professionals who want to significantly progress their career in data science. From machine learning to predictive modeling, the course will equip you with essential technical skills to prepare you for a reputable position in various sectors.


Data science is becoming one of the most critical careers worldwide, given the sheer amount of data produced and processed daily. This makes the companies depend more on the power of data science product managers to define their action plans and boost their profit. Becoming a project manager with a data science background will be a fascinating yet fulfilling career to take part in the growing field.


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