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Exploring new opportunities with MAHE’s Online MSc in Data Science 

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August 29,

The digital era ensures learning transcends every barrier ever propped in front of a curious mind. With newer domains finding a strong foothold in everyday lives, the philosophy that learning knows no end has never been truer. As years pass by and more people continue to embrace newer ways of being updated and staying in sync with on-going trends, our learners explain here how their choice to pursue higher education with us never failed them. 

Best for working professionals

“I have over 10 years of work experience in IT” says Mayank one of our MSc Data Science Learner. Further he elaborates, “working with Google, I wanted to upskill myself and expand my knowledge in data science. MAHE’s online MSc in data science program has helped me improve my knowledge.” It’s no easy task to impress someone who works for Google, and we are thrilled to have helped you, Mayank. 

Perfect curriculum to upskill

Speaking about the learning curriculum and pedagogy, another enthusiastic learner Abhishek Godiyal says” The course curriculum of this program is perfect for me to upgrade my skills & knowledge. The free access to paid Coursera content is extremely helpful. The learning management system is also easy to use.” 

Passion knows no age

Proving time and again that pursuit of knowledge is timeless and ageless, Thomas has a story both intriguing and inspiring. Being one of our most sincere learners, he says “My innate passion and love for learning pushed me to pursue an online degree at the age of 62. I thank Online Manipal for this wonderful opportunity and for constantly supporting me. Learning has no end.” We are proud to have curated a program that transcends traditional limitations, providing learners of all ages the chance to explore new horizons. Thomas’s determination echoes the sentiment that it’s never too late to embark on a journey of growth and exploration. 

Every learner with us carries in their heart unique story that only rebuilds our faith in the capabilities of humanity when they set their mind on it. Be it Mayank’s enthusiasm to reach new heights in an already flourishing career or Abhishek’s eye that searches for a meticulously perfect career or the likes of Thomas who have broken all mainstream barriers to pursue their dreams, we are glad to have provided them with a perfect platform to fulfil their learning needs.  

Wondering why MSc-Data Science with MAHE is the best? 

  • Tailored Upgradation: The program empowers professionals to enhance their skills, keeping pace with industry demands. 
  • Emerging Domains: Learners can venture into burgeoning domains like data science, gaining an edge in a competitive landscape. 
  • Flexible Learning: The online format ensures that education fits seamlessly into busy schedules, removing geographical constraints. 
  • Comprehensive Resources: Access to curated course content and supplementary material like Coursera extends learning horizons. 
  • Age-Neutral Learning: The program welcomes learners of all ages, fostering a culture of lifelong learning. 

The stories of these learners mirror the transformative journey of those who’ve embraced MAHE’s online MSc in Data Science. The world of technology is in perpetual motion, and as an ed-tech platform we have always embodied the spirit of continuous learning. As the digital age continues to unfold, MAHE’s commitment to innovative education reshapes how individuals learn and grow, providing a pathway to success that transcends boundaries and empowers lifelong learners. 


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