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Ekam: A space for network building and industry insights 


One of the critical challenges faced by online students is the lack of opportunities for face-to-face interactions and networking, which are vital components of professional growth. Online Manipal comes to the rescue here. Online Manipal’s ‘Ekam’ is an in-person event for online students of Manipal University Jaipur, where learners meet their peers in person, make new friendships, reminisce about their old ones, and interact with faculty. Ekam is not just a gathering; it is a dynamic platform that enables online students to expand their professional network, gain new perspectives, and foster meaningful connections. 

Building connections beyond the screen 

Ekam bridges the divide of lack of personal touch with their peers by providing online learners with the chance to meet their peers, professors, and industry professionals in person. This face-to-face interaction is crucial for building deeper relationships and fostering a sense of community among students who might have only interacted through digital platforms. 

Our learner, Shubham Arora, who works in the tech industry and pursuing an MBA from Manipal University Jaipur attended the Ekam event that took place in the sprawling campus in May. Sharing his experience, he said, “I have made 4-5 new connections through Ekam. This event is helping me enhance my LinkedIn network and I believe I will help them to grow, and they will also help me grow whenever needed. So far, I interacted with my friends on WhatsApp groups which didn’t allow us to know each other personally. Now, I got to know about a few people, where they are from and that’s giving me an upper hand.” 

A diverse networking landscape  

One of the unique aspects of Ekam is the diverse pool of participants it attracts. Online learners from different regions, industries, and backgrounds come together, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. This diversity enriches the networking experience, as students can gain insights from different fields and broaden their understanding of various industries. 

Speaking of how Ekam has helped her meet professionals from diverse industries, our learner, Himali said, “One drawback of online degrees is not being able to meet your peers and connect with them. An event like Ekam allows us to understand who our peers are. They might be working professionals or freshers. It will help us expand our professional network by interacting with people working in different industries, having different work experiences and taking some tips on how to boost our career.” 

Fun activities and informal networking  

Networking doesn’t have to be all business. Ekam includes fun activities and social events that provide a relaxed atmosphere for students to interact informally. Whether it’s a cultural evening or a casual meet-and-greet, these activities allow students to connect on a personal level, making the networking experience more enjoyable and less intimidating. 

Our learner, Naina Chopra, who is the Community Manager of Epic.U- our in-house community networking app specially designed for online students, not only attended Ekam, but also took to the stage to give a stellar dance performance. Sharing her experience, she says, “Ekam is one of the best things about MUJ’s online degrees, where we can meet our friends in person. It’s a great opportunity for social and professional networking.” 


Ekam is not just an event, but an opportunity that creates a space for online learners from diverse backgrounds to meet, greet, and build their connections. Ekam empowers online students to build a strong professional network that can propel their careers forward. 


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