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Data science – A world of new opportunities 

Data Science

We are living in a digital era where everything is undergoing digitization in one way or another, including databases and information retrieval. Preparing data and analyzing the information itself is a great task, and it’s a core requirement on which all major professions rely. 

What is Data Science? 

Data science is an interdisciplinary academic field that uses statistics, scientific computing, scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract or extrapolate knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. It integrates domain knowledge from the underlying application domain (e.g., natural sciences, information technology, and medicine). Data science is multifaceted and can be described as a science, as a research paradigm or research method, discipline, workflow, and profession. 

Recently data has rightfully emerged as the new global currency and becoming industry-ready with data science will make you a sought-after professional across sectors. A data scientist’s profession encompasses preparing data for analysis, formulating data science problems, analyzing data, developing data-driven solutions, and presenting findings to inform high-level decisions in a broad range of application domains. 

Data science – A necessity in the present world 

  • Managers and team leads are interested in improving their analytical skills and effectively managing data science and analytics projects. 
  • Entry-level professionals are keen to learn and enhance their existing capabilities in data science and its applications. 
  • Business and data analysts who want to transition to data science/ analytical roles and become more efficient in data-driven decision-making seek experts in Data Science. 
  • Consultants look to enhance their data science and analytics capabilities to develop breakthrough solutions for their clients. 
  • Senior managers are interested in building their data science and analytics proficiency and creating a data-driven culture in their organization. 
  • Entrepreneurs/ business owners who want to leverage data science capabilities as a competitive advantage and scale their business growth seek experts in Data science. 

What do you learn in Data Science? 

  • The managerial understanding of the tools & techniques used in Data Science and Machine Learning. 
  • The skills to make data-driven, real-time, day-to-day organizational decisions. 
  • An understanding of the concepts of statistics required to make strategic and effective business decisions. 
  • The skills to implement machine learning algorithms. 
  • The skills and knowledge required to manage data science and analytics teams at your organization. 
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of data structure and data analysis. 


When you study Data Science, you can rest assured that it is going to be a smart investment and certainly will not be a sunk cost! 

Advance your data science career with an industry-recognized degree certificate and be eligible for the Executive Alumni Status from one of India’s leading universities. Grab the opportunity to learn the key concepts and career prospects in Data Science by enrolling in an online MBA degree with an Analytics and Data Science elective through Online Manipal, an online learning platform of Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ). The degree helps you become the preferred data science professional in national and international companies. The MBA curriculum offered by MUJ covers all important domain and management topics which help shaping a professional to serve the economy in a win-win situation.  


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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