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How to start a career in supply chain management

Supply Chain
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November 13,


  • There has been tremendous industry-wide demand for supply chain management managers and supervisors due to globalization and worldwide connectivity. Supply chain management monitors, supervises, and oversees goods’ overall supply.
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) comprises a wide range of interrelated operations and services that enable commercial activities, including procurement, logistics, inventory planning, order fulfillment, and manufacturing, making them some of the most widespread and diverse disciplines in the business sector.
  • Additionally, supply chain provides flexibility. It is possible to change career paths if you find yourself working for a firm, department, sector, or position that you dislike with some work. Be aware that choosing and perfecting a professional path that best suits your career objectives and aspirations often requires trial and error.
  • The overview of the different job pathways available in the supply chain management industry. This might make it clearer to you what factors to consider while deciding on the best supply chain career path for you, considering the industry, functional, and service provider perspectives.

Many international businesses engage in overseas transactions, particularly in the retail sector. Logistics and supply chain management is a rapidly expanding technology-driven area. If you’re thinking of working in this field or want to learn more about what it entails, keep reading.

As earlier stated, Supply Chain Management (SCM) is critical to business operations in various industries, including retail, healthcare, information technology, and construction. The supply chain is the system of production and distribution that companies and suppliers use to make and deliver their products to customers. As a result, supply chain management relates to the rules of this system and the control of the shipment of goods from manufacture to delivery. Supply chain managers monitor every process phase, from acquisition to production to final shipping.

Why a logistics and supply chain management career?

Over the last decades, there has been a great expansion in global trade, products are created in one location, then exported and sold in other locations throughout the world. Globalization has been a significant driver of economic growth.

As a result, controlling supply chains has become more crucial for many major organizations. Indeed, many of the world’s most successful enterprises can be traced back to effective supply chain management. 

Developing and sustaining mutually productive connections with suppliers, partners, and consumers is essential to any logistics and supply chain management function. To have a successful career in supply chain management, you must have good communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to bargain if your specific responsibilities consist of order processing. 

Career in supply chain management

Careers in logistics and supply chain management are rapidly expanding, creating numerous job opportunities in various industries. It is a broad field in which you can specialize in various industries (e.g., retail or warehousing). You will also have a choice of companies since organizations require effective supply chain management of all sizes. 

In India, a supply chain manager makes more than INR 10,00,000 per annum on an average. Even candidates with less than three years of experience can expect nice compensation. Furthermore, these figures are likely to rise, so now is a perfect moment to have a career in supply chain management from a financial standpoint. 

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Alternatives of supply chain management

It’s also an excellent sector to enter if you’re interested in professional development and advancement. Once you’ve gotten your foot in the door as a production or warehouse supervisor, for example, you can continue your education and work your way up to become a logistics manager or a global commodities director, and you’ll be well compensated for it! 

How to start a supply chain management career?

How to start a supply chain management career

Understand the SCM industry 

At its most basic, supply chain management is the movement of commodities, data, and finances associated with a product or service from raw material acquisition to final product delivery. Overall, supply chain management allows organizations to boost their profit margins in various ways, and it is especially crucial for companies with big and multinational operations.

Decide which supply chain management area you are interested in

Supply chain managers are in charge of the transportation of products, from purchasing raw materials to delivering finished items. Different organizational responsibilities allow you to specialize in specialized areas such as purchasing, procurement, transportation, technology, and facilities. 

Choose a learning path 

A supply chain manager’s responsibilities will differ depending on the job, the organization, and the industry. Before committing to one, examine the important components of a career in logistics and supply chain management in various sectors.

Enroll in the supply management program

To work in logistics and supply chain management, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an institution recognized under UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Government in any field. Typically, this might be business administration or systems engineering. As industry and global dynamics shift towards a more complex environment, the business seeks more graduates to enter this industry. Many firms are searching for applicants with a specialist logistics and supply chain management degree. 

Gain key skills

Managers must be able to manage multi-skilled teams, make judgments with less knowledge, and have adequate contingency planning needs in the background. Managers must also be able to grasp the financial consequences of supply chain actions and apply action budgeting decisions to supply chain operations.

Build a robust network

Now is the time to start creating your networks in various industries to get insight into supply chain management specialists. This will provide you with vital insight into what it is like to work in supply chain management and may lead to a job offer later. You may also interact with supply chain recruiters and HR experts to gain better knowledge of the skills and experience required to secure work as a supply chain manager. 

Look for internships 

Internships are a terrific opportunity to obtain real-world experience while still in school and gain an advantage over other job searchers in an increasingly competitive market. Because logistics is a fast-increasing sector, several paid internships are available, and you never know—you may be granted a permanent career growth in supply chain management after your internship!

Find a job

Opportunities in supply chain management have wide reach applicability in career growth. Because the supply chain involves diverse areas such as production, warehousing, packaging, transportation & delivery, information technology, logistics, and so on, it provides countless employment roles in various industries.


If you are interested in making a career in supply chain management, Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s (MAHE) online PGCP program  through Online Manipal is the perfect pick for you. You will get a chance to learn from competent academics and worldwide business experts in this sector. To ensure that our students are industry-ready, we equip them with the best tools and resources. 

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