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Which MBA is best for the pharma industry?


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November 22,

Obtaining a master’s in business administration might open up various profitable employment options. The top pharma MBA for students to start if they want to work in the pharmaceutical sector as managers is an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management. In addition to pharma-financial topics, the course includes managerial administration, information administration, and evaluation as core administration topics. Additionally, the program aims to enhance the desired managers’ abilities in planning administrative procedures, diagnosing and resolving administrative problems, and developing consulting skills to prepare them to lead contemporary pharmaceutical units.

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How does an MBA help one in the pharma industry?

An MBA is the best option if you believe it will help you land the work role you’ve been seeking for so long and help your career dreams materialize. After all, because of their broad sector knowledge and adaptable business management skills, recruiters frequently choose MBA graduates over their non-MBA colleagues. 

The curriculum of MBA programs often includes a range of complex ideas and topics that aid in your understanding of the industry you select. Numerous specializations are given in most MBA programs at reputable institutions to enable students to develop highly skilled abilities and flourish in their jobs. Recruiters like MBA experts because they have specialized knowledge in their sector and are more suited to address business difficulties.

Any job candidate with an MBA can find employment in the pharmaceutical sector. There is a need to hire those with business expertise because pharmaceutical companies frequently employ individuals with medical, science, and chemistry backgrounds. A pharmaceutical company can be more profitable if it has business specialists who can manage a business and generate revenue. Due to the demand for qualified business people, obtaining an MBA may open up lucrative career options in the pharmaceutical sector.

Benefits of choosing an MBA in pharmaceutical management

The MBA in Pharmaceutical Management is among the best MBAs in pharma for professional and personal growth. The benefits of taking the pharma MBA course are endless. The following are some benefits and draws of taking this course.

  • The training promotes knowledge growth and offers several opportunities for job advancement.
  • The course focuses equally on the subject’s theoretical and practical components. Its curriculum comprises a range of assignments, quizzes, presentations, and internships that give students real-world work experience.
  • The program gives students access to a range of career opportunities. Students can choose to work for renowned pharmaceutical companies. They can even start their businesses, which is much better.
  • Students also have the option to pursue much higher education in addition to this.

Job opportunities after an MBA in pharma

There are various pharma MBA colleges in India offering MBA in pharmaceutical management. These graduates can look for positions in sales, marketing, market research, product design support, market executive, strategic communications, project management, etc. 

A few typical responsibilities MBAs in pharmaceutical management hold include the following.

  1. Analyst For Market Research

They gather data on customers, rivals, and the corporate center and structure the information into special reports and presentations. They manage the company’s goals and create overviews to identify potential clients’ preferences.

  1. Manager of Quality Assurance

A quality assurance manager is in charge of auditing production and quality control. They ensure compliance with internal guidelines, norms, and best practices for production. To handle the challenges based on quality, the faculty in this discipline must be appropriately skilled.

  1. Medical Benefit Analyst

They are in charge of choosing the employee benefits strategies by comparing them to the best practices, considering the company and industry trends, adhering to legislation, and weighing the consequences. Additionally, they direct representative surveys, frame corporate groups, and examine the responses to determine the employee advantage interests.

  1. Drugstore Manager

A drug specialist who oversees the day-to-day operations of a drug store is known as a drug store supervisor. They handle orders and maintain records. They advise remedies while adhering to established procedures for receiving, filling, dispensing, documenting, and maintaining loss check controls.

  1. Drug Inspector

Drug inspectors ensure that products are safe for use by people. Their primary responsibility is to check food or medicines at various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure quality standards are being met.

The professionals then advance toward getting more senior roles as consumer safety officers. These officers are typically in charge of putting the security methodology into practice and designing evaluation procedures for pharmaceutical products. 

The following table shows the salary for various job roles in the pharma industry.

Job roles Salary (INR)
Pharma Sales Managers9.5 LPA
Market Researcher & Drug Developer7.7 LPA
Drug Distribution Manager8.8 LPA
Pharmaceutical Purchase Manager10 LPA
Pharmaceutical Distributors5 LPA
Formulation Pharmaceutical Technology Scientist10 LPA
Business Development Manager5.2 LPA
Quality Assurance Manager12.5 LPA

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Skills you can acquire in an MBA in pharmaceutical management

MBA Pharmaceutical Management programs are designed to produce qualified individuals for managerial and associated roles in the pharmaceutical sector. Students who complete the course leave the institute with various useful abilities, including planning and managing operations, sales, marketing, and business growth.


You may not always require an MBA for employment in the pharmaceutical or healthcare sectors. However, the skills you develop while pursuing an MBA degree can quickly propel your career into senior positions. Students concentrating on pharmaceuticals and healthcare can earn good starting salaries and acquire crucial skills.

An online MBA from Online Manipal will provide you with the competitive edge you need in today’s job economy. You’ll have the knowledge and abilities to boost your profession and get paid more with an online MBA.

Additionally, you can complete your MBA while working at your job, lounging at home, or anywhere in the world, thanks to Online Manipal’s flexible online learning alternatives! An online MBA from Online Manipal can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you want to change careers or improve performance in your current industry.

Key takeaways:

  • One of the fastest-growing business sectors in India is the pharmaceutical industry, which consistently has a growing edge in the labor market.
  • An MBA in Pharmaceutical Management is a postgraduate degree focusing on administration and strategic methods in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • After working in pharmaceutical or other related industries for a while, many professionals return to school to acquire an MBA to expand their career options.


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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