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A day in the life of an online student

Online Learning

Online learning has emerged as a popular choice for students and working professionals in the recent years. With online learning, individuals can balance their personal or professional life while pursuing their educational goals. They can learn at their own pace, and from any location, without the need to attend physical classes.

Online learning also provides access to a wider range of courses including those from prestigious universities that might be unavailable in a traditional classroom setting. From career-enhancing certifications to full-fledged degree programs, students as well as working professionals can choose from a variety of online courses. This exposure can help them gain knowledge and skills in their field of interest and help them achieve their career goals. Furthermore, online learning often includes interactive discussions, webinars, and access to expert instructors, providing learners with a supportive and engaging learning experience.

Check out how an online degree from Manipal University Jaipur has helped one of our students, Sameer Sinha, batch- 4 of online BCom course who is also preparing for RBI exams simultaneously. He says with proper planning and scheduling, one can make the best use of the 24 hours in a day and make it a productive one.

We’ve asked him a few questions about how he goes about his day as an online learner, and we’ve got some interesting answers.

Could you take us through your daily schedule?

I have made the schedule after thorough planning so that it best suits me, and I follow it every day. I wake up at 7 a.m. and get ready for the day. My learning starts at 8 a.m. I am an RBI Grade B aspirant- 2026 as well, which is an exam conducted by the Reserve Bank of India to recruit officers for various departments, and I prepare for this exam along with my course subjects.

What is your learning methodology?

To manage my time and focus better, I use the Pomodoro technique for studying. The Pomodoro is a method of breaking down work into short intervals of 25 minutes, separated by 5-minute breaks. This technique helps me improve and maintain concentration and reduce mental fatigue. I do 3 sessions of 2 hours each, with 4 Pomodoro in each session. That means I study for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break, then repeat this cycle 4 times in one session. This way, I study for a total of 5 hours every day. The Pomodoro technique also helps me in staying active.

Can you explain how you go about each of your learning sessions?

Morning session

My first session in the morning starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 10 a.m., during which I focus on my B. Com course subjects. I give one complete working day to each chapter and prepare each chapter, in the same way, to maintain consistency by watching e-tutorial and online lectures, making notes, and solving terminal questions given at the end of each chapter during this time. I take the help of the Microsoft OneNote app to make notes, as I find that app intuitive.

Afternoon session

The afternoon starts at 12:30 p.m. and lasts till 2:30 p.m., during which I continue making notes and solving terminal questions until I complete the chapter that I want to on that particular day. After the completion of my afternoon session, I take a 2-hour break for “Me-Time”.

Evening session

My last session, which is in the evening, starts at 4:30 p.m. and lasts till 6:30 p.m. This session is a little different from the rest of the sessions because if I have not been able to complete the target chapter for the day, then I continue to study that, but, If I have completed the chapter, then I prepare for RBI Grade B exam which has Economics, English, Finance, and management as subjects.

How do you balance online classes with personal goals and family time?

I devote approximately 2 hours to my RBI preparation, and during this time, I focus on the preliminary phase of the exam by learning and practicing the fastest and most accurate ways for solving objective questions, strictly as per the syllabus. This is my schedule from Monday to Friday, but during weekends, I take a break and spend more time with my family and friends, and at night before going to bed, I revise everything I studied throughout the week thoroughly to keep everything fresh in my memory.


Online learning provides a flexible, affordable, and accessible alternative to traditional education. It is an excellent choice for students and working professionals who are looking to balance their personal or professional life while pursuing their career goals.


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