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Going back to student life for a higher degree – here’s what you need to know

Lt. Mayank Mittal | July 21, 2021 4 Min Read

Going back to student life for a higher degree – here’s what you need to know

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”

– Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of USA

In an era where continuous bits of new information are being created, honed and disbursed everyday, this famous adage of Benjamin Franklin still holds true.

Learning, both as a process and as a practice, has today turned into a highly observational, collaborative and career-oriented skill. It has far transcended the traditional boundaries of classroom based, rote memorization to a lynchpin of critical thinking, problem solving and decision making. So much so, that almost 3.74 crore students, across the country, have begun to expand and extend their learning horizons by enrolling themselves in higher educational institutions.

However, the aspiration to get a higher degree has not just limited itself to the student community. In fact, it has increasingly started to pervade the professional space as well! Be it for career advancement, skill sharpening, or knowledge enhancement – more and more working professionals these days are thinking of going back to student life. While their reasons for this return are quite varied, their objective largely remains the same – better opportunities, job security and a greater sense of accomplishment.

As a working professional, if you too are aiming to increase your earning potential by getting a higher degree, here are a few basic tips that you should always bear in mind:

Determine your objective

Before you embark on the exhaustive process of choosing a top university for professionals, you need to first figure out why exactly do you want to get a higher degree. Is it because you’re looking for a career change or is it because you simply want to cross it off your checklist? Once you have determined your objective, start setting measurable goals for yourself. Find out which course would lend you that extra edge & how it will affect your current status. Keep your thoughts focused & your resolve strong.

Create a schedule

Being a working professional, you are already well aware of how a good schedule can make or break your career. With schools, it is no different. So, get down to creating a schedule that accommodates both, your job and academic needs. In this regard, you can also consider registering for the online programme. Opting for top online programmes for professionals rather than going for the regular, classroom-based programmes, can work wonders in saving you a humongous amount of time, effort and resources.

Plan your finances

As refreshing as the idea of going back to student life sounds, schools tend to cost money. And this money is not just accounted for in terms of fees – it is also charged separately for tuition, commutation, infrastructure, accommodation and activities. Therefore, make sure that you plan your school-going finances, well in advance. For an online degree programme, you need not to spend a lot of amount as you can complete the academic activities at the safety of your house. At Manipal University Jaipur for example, the online programmes are offered with a reduced fee and need to pay semester-wise.

Inform your superiors

After you have crafted a detailed academic schedule, it is time to inform your superiors about your intentions to get a higher degree. Even if you are simply opting for an online certification course, you must keep your immediate superiors updated. Tell them about how your workload will now have to be managed so that your academics can be accommodated. Seek their assistance in going through this challenge. This might even help you avail institutional tuition assistance or company-backed scholarships.

Build a network

Last but not the least, within the learning platform, start forging new relationships. Cultivate an extensive network of people who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Integrate the lessons you learn in class with the real-life problems you face at your workplace. Club both your spaces and let knowledge move back and forth. Doing so, will not just help you build a lasting and sustainable network but it will also make your journey of getting a higher degree much simpler and smarter.


Whether you join a top university for professionals or end up registering for an online programme – going back to student life will indeed fill your personal and professional space with a plethora of fresh opportunities. Not only would you be able to form new, lifelong connections but you would also become equipped to handle the challenges of technological advancement with a great amount of efficiency, competence and ease.

Nonetheless, before you make this life-altering decision, ascertain that the institution you choose for getting a higher degree provides you with all the necessary support, credence and flexibility. Manipal University Jaipur, an A+ NAAC-accredited university, offers a host of online undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for both students and working professionals.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to know more about the programmes.

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