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What are the various types of MBA specializations? How to choose the right one? 

Online Manipal Editorial Team | October 04, 2022

Master of Business Administration degree seems like a viable option to succeed in the career. Working professionals often opt for an MBA degree to enhance their marketability, leadership, and management capabilities. Most recruiters also prefer candidates with an MBA degree since they have specialized knowledge of the field they are being hired for. 

So, do you also want to pursue an MBA degree but are confused about which specialization to pick? Online Manipal, the online platform of Manipal University Jaipur provides online MBA with different types of MBA specializations for freshers and working professionals who wish to continue their jobs and studies. 

Types of MBA specializations 

In MUJ’s online MBA, there are numerous specializations to choose from. These specializations will help you sharpen your skills and increase earning potential in a particular domain. However, to determine which specialization to opt for, it is necessary to know about them. 

Here are the different types of MBA specializations:

  • Finance 

Finance is an ever-evolving sector, and the growth is never stagnant here. Therefore, an MBA in finance will broaden your career prospects and increase your earning potential. When you choose a finance elective, you get the opportunity to learn a hands-on skill that you can apply in your organization. In addition, you get to improve your strategic thinking and become eligible for various roles in the finance domain. 

  • BFSI 

For candidates who want to build their careers in banking, insurance, and the financial sector, an MBA with BFSI specialization is the best option. MUJ’s online MBA degree in BFSI as an elective will prepare you to have a more consumer-centric approach, business acquisition insight, and the ability to think strategically and implement any business idea. 

  • Human Resource Management 

Human Resource Management is among the most popular MBA specializations working professionals opt for. The degree is most suitable for professionals who want to climb the corporate ladder and directly contribute to the company’s success. The course offers a comprehensive curriculum and helps understand how HRs act as catalysts in an organization’s growth and how to conduct internal audits. MBA in Human Resource Management will open doors of success for you!

  • Retail Management 

Consumerism is at its peak, and an MBA in Retail Management from Manipal University Jaipur will equip you to turn this opportunity into a bright career prospect. The MBA degree in Retail Management will train you in rural retailing, retail marketing environment, customer management, operations management, and such. 

  • Data Science 

One of the most picked MBA specializations, Data Science, helps working professionals upskill by teaching them the most in-demand tools and exposure to the technical field. The market is adapting to new tools, and machine learning is becoming necessary. Here you will learn statistical inference, applied data analytics, database management, programming with R and Python, and such. 

  • Healthcare Management 

Want to build your career in healthcare management? Then this is the right specialization for you. The specialization will enable you to run day-to-day management operations in a healthcare set-up. 

Apart from these specializations, there are more such as Operations Management, Business Analytics, Pharmaceutical Management, Fashion Management, and Information Systems. Now that you know about the types of MBA, find out how to select the right MBA specialization.

How to select the right MBA specialization? 

While selecting the right MBA specialization, there are numerous factors that you need to consider. Here are some top points- 

What’s your end goal? 

The key motive for selecting a specialization is to know whether it will meet your goal. You cannot just opt for any MBA and expect it to help you desired results. There are various types of MBA specialization you to choose from. For example- if you are aiming to build a career in the fashion sector, Fashion Management is a suitable option. You must align your career goal with the course and curriculum offerings. 

What’s the ROI? 

The return on investment is the major aspect of completing an MBA. Evaluate the offering by the institution you are pursuing the MBA from and whether it will help you in increasing your earning potential or not. You can check the records of the previous batch and the package they are receiving now. An MBA degree offered by Manipal University Jaipur provides a higher return on investment upon course completion. 

Does the program match your schedule? 

As a working professional, pursuing a full-time MBA program is impossible. The MBA offered by Manipal University Jaipur is designed to meet the requirements of working professionals. The candidates can complete the course at their own pace from anywhere. 

Which institute are you opting for? 

Considering the university, you are picking for the MBA program is most important. A top-rated institution with a success record and high ranking will offer you a better MBA program. Accreditation is also important as your degree will not hold any value if your institution is not accredited. Check placement opportunities as well while looking for universities. 

Why pursue an MBA program from Manipal University Jaipur? 

Manipal University Jaipur is known as one of the Best MBA universities in India. Accredited NAAC A+, the UGC recognized institute, offers both offline and online MBA programs. You can opt for various specializations as mentioned above. The university also provides placement assistance and the opportunity to complete the course at your own pace, which is a boon for working professionals. Hence, the reason why candidates prefer pursuing an MBA program from here. 

On an ending note,

If you have made up your mind about pursuing an online MBA and are struggling to pick the right specialization, we hope this article helped you. It can be a little daunting to select one type of MBA when you are bombarded with numerous choices. You can refer to our website to know more about the different types of MBA specializations offered by Manipal University Jaipur

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