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Five essentials to expect from an online BCA degree

Five essentials to expect from an online BCA degree

In the last few years, the world of digital transformation has taken a quantum leap. No more are individuals and businesses relying on the age-old techniques of paper-based functionality. Instead, public and private spaces have now begun to be dotted with sophisticated, efficient and smart computer systems. The emergence of these computers has not just revolutionized the modern, technological era but it has also brought about a great shift in the way the potential workforce is educated, skilled and trained.

This is why it comes as no surprise that more and more students have started opting for highly professional, comprehensive and career-oriented learning programmes which can enable them to take a step up in the current digitized world.

One such graduate programme that has garnered immense traction, especially in times of a pandemic, is – online BCA.

What is BCA?

Bachelor in Computer Applications, commonly abbreviated as BCA, is an undergraduate degree course that is primarily designed to prepare students for a career in the computer industry. Be it information technology, data structures, programming languages or computer networking, BCA programmes give you intensive and cutting-edge training so that you can easily gain knowledge and build skills. These programmes with their exhaustive syllabus, hands-on experience and considerable scope, can indeed work wonders in harnessing your analytical passions while helping you excel in the tech world.

However, when it comes to registering for the best online BCA programmes, a lot of students tend to falter. Choosing a good university with strong course credentials, therefore, becomes an extremely important job.

But then, how exactly should one pick the best university for BCA? Well, here are a few major essentials that you can quickly check for and expect from, a BCA degree online –

1. Exhaustive curriculum coverage

To begin with, BCA online classes should ideally cover a wide variety of basic and advanced curriculum. This ranges from system security, internet technology and programming languages to computer architecture, data algorithms and cloud computing. A BCA course syllabus should also contain the major principles of operating systems, PC troubleshooting, multimedia design, communication skills and application development. It is only when such an exhaustive syllabus is covered, that a course would truly be able to widen your knowledge base and thus, equip you with marketable skills. 

2. Skilled & interactive faculty

A BCA online degree is only as good as the faculty that teaches it. If the faculty is appropriately skilled, highly interactive and completely dedicated, understanding the basics of computer applications would literally become a cakewalk! Consider the faculty at Manipal University Jaipur, for example. Being the top university for BCA, the institution has hired industry-renowned faculty members. Their innovative approach and creative aptitude help students explore new horizons, tinker with technology and thereby gain immense technical expertise, within no time. 

3. Flexible learning opportunities

One of the greatest advantages of an online BCA degree is that this programme has the innate ability to provide flexible learning opportunities. As a student, you can continue to learn at your own pace and yet find time to fulfil your other responsibilities. More so, the online BCA programme is usually laden with interactive videos, live lectures, customized content, and e-resources. Therefore, when you enrol for an online programme, make sure that it carries both, flexibility & convenience. 

4. Practical work experience

Any online programme for BCA students would hold its ground in the modern, competitive world only by offering a consistent stream of practical, hands-on work experience. Be it via internships, assignments, quizzes, projects, gamification, simulation or presentations – online course providers should use their content platforms to effectively replicate the intricacies of the real world. Doing so, won’t just help their students make a gradual shift away from traditional to contemporary thinking but it would also help them move much beyond the confines of conventional, theoretical knowledge. 

5. Handy placement assistance

Last but not the least, before you undertake BCA online admission, be sure to check if the university of your choice offers handy placement assistance. The gateway to a successful career, after all, passes through the hallowed halls of proper placement. Manipal University Jaipur, for instance, guides its students through the employment life-cycle by offering them assistance in CV building, interview preparation and corporate networking.

Wrapping up

As times change, the relevance of BCA – as a learning programme and as a fundamental skill – will continue to grow. Due to their excellent prospects, online BCA classes will keep proving to be the crucial stepping stones for beginners and veterans alike.

Nonetheless, as a student, it would be wise for you to opt for this advanced course only after you have carefully considered all your alternatives. Go for a BCA online degree only if you have a genuine interest in the field of computer applications and want to make your mark as a web developer, programmer, system engineer or software developer.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here and get started on your journey with one of the top online BCA programmes today!

What makes Online Manipal degrees a great choice?

What makes Online Manipal degrees a great choice?

The rapidly changing demands of job markets, especially after COVID-19, have made it essential for learners to look for non-traditional methods to learn, upskill and reskill.

Online degrees such as online MBAonline MCAonline BCA and online BBA are specifically designed to address this ever-widening gap.

Earlier, the degrees like online MBA courses or online executive BCA were sought mainly because of the difficulty in managing studies with a full-time job or a family obligation that leaves you with no time to attend physical classes. But today, online degrees have become a mainstream practice and are considered as good as campus degrees.

If you are reading this post, chances are that you are also exploring the idea of signing up for an accredited online MBA program or a similar online course from a reputed university.

Manipal online degree programs offer a great choice to start your journey of studying online and begin a successful career in your chosen field.

How do Online Manipal degrees stand out?

Here are the main advantages of enrolling for Online Manipal degree programmes –

  • Affordable pricing

The key highlight of Manipal online MBA or online BCA programs is their affordable pricing. The fees of degree programmes are capped at INR 120,000 and INR 150,000 inclusive of all charges respectively for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The best part is that the entire fee need not be paid together and can be paid across semesters. Further, students can avail an EMI payment plan, which is a great option.

  • Recognition by UGC

Online Manipal degree programmes are fully recognized by the UGC (University Grants Commission) and the university is considered as one of the most trusted institutions for education in India, with an A+ NAAC ranking.

An online degree from Manipal University Jaipur is also known for its authenticity and is accepted by all organisations across India. The accredited online MBA programme makes the students eligible to apply for jobs anywhere in India and abroad.

  • The credibility of brand Manipal

Securing an online degree from Manipal University Jaipur gives you the benefit of being associated with a credible and branded name in the educational space – Manipal.

It offers you an edge when it comes to varied employment opportunities. Manipal partners with industry leaders to provide quality online courses and add to your individual skillset to make you industry-ready.

  • Flexibility to learn

The flexibility of Online Manipal programmes is yet another appealing factor, contributing to an increasing number of students choosing this route of learning over a traditional educational approach. This kind of flexible learning offers students complete control and accountability for their own learning.

Taking an online course from MUJ also means that there is no hassle of commuting to classes, which means more studying time at your own pace and place.

  • App-based learning with bite-sized content

One of the other highlights of Online Manipal degree programmes is bite-sized learning apps which are specifically designed to provide information in small, focused and chunk-sized modules for the maximum absorption and retention of knowledge.

Such type of app-based learning is not only mobile-friendly but is primarily designed for smartphones. With today’s learners always striving for more flexibility in learning, this approach gives them the flexibility to access their course content anytime and anywhere on their smartphones.

  • Unlimited networking opportunities & promise of a successful career

The beauty of the Online Manipal degree programme is that it gives an opportunity to network with like-minded learners who are on a similar trajectory as yours.

Online degrees of Manipal University Jaipur promote high levels of student-to-student interaction for seeking feedback on your weekly assignment, projects, CV building and more, which allows you to get the maximum out of the course.

  • Expert placement assistance

Another highlight of Online Manipal degree programmes is the expert placement assistance offered to candidates after completing the degree.

The university opens up a whole world of job opportunities for students looking to make careers in their respective fields.

Apart from the visible career benefits, most online degree programmes from MUJ also allow learners to continue working while they study.

To Conclude

An online degree programme from Manipal University Jaipur offers you access to specialized degree courses at the most affordable fees.

Apart from leveraging the expertise of the best faculty, you also get to control your learning environment, which helps you develop a deeper understanding of your respective degree programme.

Overall, the best part about degree programmes at Online Manipal is the kind of reassurance they bring to you. They allow you to be in complete control of your learning along with bringing a fresh perspective to education.

Choosing between BBA & BCA: What is right for you

Choosing between BBA & BCA: What is right for you

Choosing the right graduate degree is one of the most important life decisions you will make. This decision impacts your experiences for the next three years, while also influencing your future career graph. Besides traditional disciplines like humanities, science and commerce, programmes like the Bachelors In Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelors In Computer Application (BCA) are also pathways to a fulfilling career.

Both of these are industry-focused programmes that help build knowledge as well as skills. Legacy universities such as Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) offer online BBA and online BCA degrees, which enable students to get the best quality of education from world-class faculty while staying safe at home.

Let’s compare both degrees and explore the right one for you.

Find your passion

While making an informed decision, the first thing you must do is understand the focus areas of both degrees and see what interests you more. An online BBA degree prepares students for the world of business. You will learn all the key functions of the business world, and the frameworks needed to excel in it. If you are ambitious, want to succeed in the corporate world, and are passionate about business, then a BBA is your stepping stone into the world of business.

An online BCA degree, on the other hand, is a window into the world of computers and information technology. If you have a keen interest in designing and developing computer applications, mobile and computer software, and want to pursue a career in the technology, then the online BCA degree is an excellent bet.

Are you eligible?

Both the online BBA and BCA degrees offered by MUJ accept students who have completed Class 12 from a UGC-recognised institution or its equivalent qualification as recognised by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). You are also eligible if you have a three-year diploma from the State Board of Technical Education and Training with an aggregate score of 40%. Both programmes are divided into six semesters, spread over a three-year duration.

Some universities may even conduct their own entrance exam.

According to the latest UGC guidelines, only those universities with an accreditation rating of 3.26 and above by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), have the go-ahead to offer online degree programmes. So, do check this aspect before signing up for an online degree. Manipal University Jaipur is the first university in Rajasthan to be accredited with an A+ (3.28) grade by NAAC, and it offers online degrees in BCA and BBA.


The online BBA programme offers graduates a complete overview of how a company or business operates while grooming students to take up roles in the corporate world. It offers training in all key specialisations such as HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales & Operations, as well as exposure to the legal frameworks and other economic systems that govern business practices and ethics. Students are also exposed to contemporary areas like digital marketing and consumer behaviour. Retail management is a new addition to the curriculum which provides critical knowledge and exposure to all aspects of the retail sector, from ecommerce and merchandising to managing shop floors and running retail chains.

The online BCA programme exposes graduates to all aspects of computer applications such as data structures and algorithms, Java programming, system security, networking, programming languages, internet technologies, and application development. The full gamut of multimedia design and development is also a focus area of the programme, as this continues to be a dominant aspect of the tech era we’re in.

Hands-on work experience

The workplace, today, is more competitive than it has ever been. The shift to remote working has further disrupted traditional ways of thinking. In such a scenario, building the necessary skills is an essential aspect of education today, besides gathering theoretical knowledge. Online degrees offer the flexibility to pursue work experience alongside studies. For greater prospects, students are encouraged to keep doing projects, internships and bag other opportunities that would enhance their resumes.

The online BBA degrees especially require students to pursue internships along with the practical assignments that are to be worked on regularly. These contribute to the holistic development of the students and get the students ready to be great contributors to the business world.

The Online BCA degree curriculum includes practical classes, especially in areas such as visual programming, programming languages and database management. It is critical to gain experience in these fields to perform exceptionally in the real world. Project work is a key aspect in the last semester, and students can choose from multiple electives based on their interests.

Both programmes also focus a lot on soft skills such as communication, negotiation, presentation and teamwork – all essential skills for success and growth in the professional world.

Jobs prospects and opportunities

Both BBA and BCA degrees have a growing demand in the world today, as they offer the right mix of skill development, knowledge and hands-on experience that are in demand for entry-level roles. If you want to work in the corporate world, start-ups, PR & media, ecommerce & retail sectors, or start your own business or join your family business, the online BBA degree gets you familiar with the ropes.

With technology being the biggest driver of change in today’s world, the scope for BCA graduates is vast. They can work in public or private sectors, with tech giants or startups that encourage self-improvement as well as the grind. They can join the industry in various roles such as software engineers, computer system analysts, junior programmers, software developers and software application architects.

Both online BBA and BCA degrees have excellent prospects, and no matter which one you choose, both are stepping stones to success in the professional world. The students are advised to choose based on their genuine interest in these subjects. Talking to professionals in the field or career counsellors can bring you closer to making the right choice.

What to expect after completing an online BCA degree

What to expect after completing an online BCA Degree

The past few years have seen the mode of education evolve significantly. While there have been considerable changes in the course content of various programs, that is not the biggest transformation the world of education has undergone. The event that has altered the idea of teaching and learning altogether is the introduction of online education.

Certain programmes enjoy more popularity when taught online. Many of these programmes are professional courses and most students joining them are working professionals.

With IT industry booming, courses related to IT or Computer Science is being chosen by many students. BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is one among the courses that are chosen by aspirants who have the desire to make a career in the field. The section below would educate you about various aspects of the BCA programmes and BCA online classes.

An introduction to online BCA programmes

Any student can join an online BCA programme after completing his or her 10+2/A level/IB examination with 50% or more marks in aggregate. It is an undergraduate degree programme designed for individuals aiming to have a career in computing or information technology.

As an online BCA student, you will be allowed to choose from a series of specialisations. Examples include computer graphics, accounting applications, animation, personal information management, video and music processing, system analysis, programming languages, etc.

Like any other undergraduate degree programme, this degree has a duration of three years and is usually divided into six semesters. If done from a prestigious educational institute, you can expect your online BCA degree to have equal value as a 4-year B.Tech degree in computer engineering.

Advantages of joining an online BCA degree

An online BCA degree programme is completely different from a BCA distance education course and has a series of benefits. The section below talks about the most prominent ones.

It is a convenient and accessible format: There are many small towns and villages in India, where people still don’t have access to proper education. For many students living in those parts of the country, it is not financially viable to relocate for completing their education. This makes doing a BCA degree online the most convenient way of getting the degree for these students.

It is a cost-effective mode of education: Doing an online BCA degree in India will cost you much less than what you would have spent for on-campus education.

There will be flexibility in terms of environment and schedule: Students pursuing distance education are allowed to choose their learning environment according to their personal preferences. Besides, they can also decide on the time of studying. This allows working professionals to study in the evening after coming back from work.

You can enjoy better networking opportunities: Traditional on-campus courses limit student engagements only to classroom interactions. The online mode of learning, on the other hand, allows students to get connected with peers living in different parts of the country or even the world. When doing a course online, you can exchange ideas on discussion forums and enhance your knowledge of the subject you are studying.

Education and career opportunities after completing online BCA degree

Higher Education

After completing BCA degree online, you can do higher studies for improving your job prospects even further. Some of the programmes you can complete are as follows:

MCA or Master of Computer Applications: This postgraduate degree programme is designed to help students in dwelling deeper into the field of computer application. They will be introduced to new tools and will get more advanced knowledge about the subject. If you have plans of pursuing a career in computer science and engineering, you can consider doing MCA.

MBA or Master of Business Administration: A large number of students get enrolled for an MBA after completing BCA for earning a degree in management. You can take this path if you wish to hold a managerial post in your company or have plans of setting up a business.

Certifications: After completing your BCA, you can become a Cisco Certified Network Professional or CCNP. CCNPs are IT professionals who have obtained Cisco career certifications for showcasing professional excellence. As its name suggests, it is a certification offered by the American multinational technology conglomerate Cisco Systems.

You should get this certification if you have plans of becoming a network operations specialist or a network engineer and administrator. CCNP certifications can be obtained in six areas; they are:

     1. CCNP Collaboration

     2. CCNP Cloud

     3. CCNP Wireless

     4. CCNP Security

     5. CCNP Routing & Switching

     6. CCNP Service Provider

Career opportunities

The most common job profile for a BCA graduate is that of a programmer. Programmers are required to write codes for software. They usually work using computer languages like Python, Java, C#, C++, C, COBOL, Assembly, etc.

The next most common post held by these individuals is that of a software developer. Software developers create software for making various complex tasks easier for users. These professionals are also required to test, install, and maintain software.

BCA degree holders are on high demand currently thanks to the constant growth experienced by the IT industry. Individuals with a BCA degree have great job prospects in private companies, especially in the IT and ITES companies.

Private companies: As a BCA graduate, you can find good job opportunities in top IT firms such as Wipro, Infosys, IBM, Oracle, etc. A BCA degree holder may get appointed as a software tester, system engineer, web developer, junior programmer, software development professional, system administrator, etc.

Government organisations: BCA graduates may have favourable employment opportunities in different government organisations.


If you want to make a career in the field of computers and its application, get yourself enrolled in a BCA online degree. Manipal University Jaipur is one of the best institutions for BCA degree program. Contact us now to enrol into the online BCA degree and start with the new learning method to grow in your desired career.

What is an online BCA degree all about?

What is an online BCA degree all about?

The education ecosystem is rapidly changing due to the advancement in digital technology. The innovative digital learning methods have made education more flexible and interactive. Keeping this in mind, universities and colleges have adopted new learning methods of which online learning is trending today.

Currently, some of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are available online. Bachelor of Computer Applications or BCA is one of the popular degree taught online. Many universities and colleges have introduced online BCA degree for students. If you want to build your career in IT, an online BCA degree is a perfect choice.

Online BCA degree structure

The online BCA degree is a three-year undergraduate programme divided into six semesters. As this is an online programme, admission also happens online.

Once the admission process is completed, the students will be given unique credentials to log in to the learning portal or learning management system (LMS). Study materials and other resources are available on the portal 24/7 for the students to download and study.

Anyone who has passed plus two or PUC with Mathematics and English as subjects is eligible to enrol for this degree programme.

The programme structure is similar to that of a regular BCA degree. The online BCA programme teaches various aspects of computer applications such as data structure, database, networking, etc. Apart from computer applications, you also learn business communication and principles of management. That means doing an online BCA degree will give you an in-depth knowledge of computers as well as business fundamentals.

Why is it beneficial to get an online BCA degree?

Extensive knowledge of Computer Applications: The online BCA programme teaches concepts of Computers & IT Applications that improve your IT and programming skills. It imparts the knowledge of some important programming languages such as Core & Advanced JAVA, C++, VB+, etc. The online BCA programme is designed by industry experts. Hence it provides the required technical skills and knowledge. Subject-based assignments, workshops, and guest lectures enable you to understand and analyze technical data to arrive at solutions. Learning business fundamentals help you to better communicate ideas.

Affordability: The online BCA degree is affordable as the programme fee is lower compared to the regular degree. And you need not pay any additional fee apart from the programme fee.

Flexibility: All the online BCA classes give an option of live or pre-recorded lectures, so it is convenient for students and working professionals. You are allowed to create your schedules and study accordingly. You can also pause the video lectures and take short breaks between sessions. With the unique login, you gain access to all the materials and study at your desired time. Some universities provide flexibility for assignment submission and exams as well. This programme is apt for working professionals as it provides the utmost flexibility. You can also start a part-time or full-time job and simultaneously do an online BCA degree.

Peer networking and alumni networking: Online BCA degree offers a wide range of networking options. The LMS platform has discussion forums to encourage peer-to-peer interaction as it gives scope for more learning. This interaction helps to connect with students across the globe. Alumni are also part of these forums, so you get to interact with them.

Job opportunities & career growth: In this digital era everything is based on computer applications and hence there are more job opportunities for BCA graduates. If you complete the online BCA degree, you can get placed either in the public or private sector. The technical and basic managerial skills taught in the online BCA classes help you grow in your career.

Online BCA degree is cost-effective

When compared to a regular BCA degree, the online BCA programme is cost-effective. An online programme requires only minimal resources hence, the cost is low. You can attend online BCA classes provided you have a laptop/computer, and an internet connection, so you cut down travel expenses. Spending on books, printout, photocopies are also less as all materials are available online. The tuition fee for an online BCA is lower when compared to regular programmes. So, an online BCA programme provides a high-quality education at a much lower cost.

Is an online BCA degree the same as a regular degree?

According to statistics taken from Purdue University, 85% of students consider any online degree equal to or better than a traditional degree programme. When it comes to an online BCA degree, here are factors that make it more appealing.

Value of online degree: An online BCA degree is valued equal to an on-campus degree. You can do an online BCA degree from the reputed universities even if you are out of the state or country. Employers recognize the name of the university or college and it doesn’t matter if it is an online or on-campus programme.

Acceptability: With more and more students doing an online degree the acceptability among people and employers is increasing day-by-day

Programme recognition: Some institutions are known for the specializations they offer. So, completing a degree from a well-renowned university/college rules out the questions on the delivery method. In India, the university regulatory authority UGC is approving online undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by some of the top universities.

Student support: To meet the needs of online students, many universities/colleges use advanced technologies to provide after-hours help. This helps improve the morale of students and also builds trust.

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Jobs and career growth

On successful completion of the online degree, you can get many job opportunities in the field of computer science or information technology. Some of the popular job roles offered for online BCA graduates include Software Developer, Business Consultant, and Computer Systems Analyst. You also have ample opportunities in banking, education, the stock market, insurance, e-commerce, and many other private and public sectors. Many freelancing jobs are also available that you can take up in your free time. An online BCA degree also lays a strong foundation for higher degrees such as MCA or MBA.

If you are searching for the best university to do an online BCA degree? Then choose Manipal University Jaipur for pursuing the BCA online degree programme. We are one of the leading universities in the country with an A+ NAAC ranking and approved by AICTE offering quality education. Enrol now and get ready to reach great heights in future!

Students must build these 7 skills to ace future job interviews

Students must build these 7 skills to ace future job interviews

One of the major paradigm shifts taking place globally in the last five years is the focus of employers on hiring freshers with marketable skills. While domain knowledge is really important, employers – from corporations to start-ups – are prioritising practical experience over pure theory and looking for potential hires who can hit the ground running.

So, whether you are pursuing BCAMBA, statistics or humanities, there are some universal skills that give you a competitive edge and help you shine in the real world.

Several universities are now revamping their programmes to mirror this trend. Hence, while choosing a graduate or post-graduate programme, evaluate whether your course focuses on skill-building. Identify the various opportunities – projects, internships, networking, industry engagements and guest lectures – that give you exposure and opportunities for skill-building within the programme.

An additional advantage of online degree programmes is that flexibility is an in-built advantage, and its virtues can be leveraged to take up part-time, projects and assignments, to invest in your own skill-building as you pursue studies. For example, Manipal University Jaipur offers online MBAMCA, BCA and BBA degrees with job-readiness built into the programmes. The additional flexibility creates space for many more skill-building possibilities.

Here’s a comprehensive list of in-demand skills that transcend all streams and will help you ace your job interviews when the times arrive.

1. Be a tech-savvy

Technology is helping businesses reimagine products, services and systems at unimaginable speeds and the more you invest in learning tools you can use for more workplace effectiveness, the more attractive you will be to a potential employer.

You need not be from a technology stream to learn about technology, but understanding its role in your field can give you an edge. For example, if you’re from the HR stream, understating how AI can play a role in effective recruitment is a notable skill.

Knowledge of AI and machine learning, robotics, the Internet of Things, as well as basics like learning how to code, are great skills to invest in. Learning how to code is especially agnostic of what your degree was. There are many free online programmes that enable you to excel in a tech-enabled world.

2. Learn basic digital marketing principles

Every business leverages digital marketing skills to grow its visibility and cut through the clutter in an overcrowded market space.

Savvy communication, marketing and analytical skills form a sound foundation for building professional digital marketing skills.

There are several online programmes that offer basic and more in-depth knowledge of the subject. But there’s no better way to arm yourself than experimenting with your own digital profile or getting hands-on experience by supporting a friend/family member running a fledgeling business that needs digital marketing support.

One can be an intern at any age, and learn on the job.

3. Grow your data literacy

As the usage of the internet soars, there has been a massive surge in the amount of data being produced and consumed. Whether yours is an online/technology business or one that leverages data in a big way, the need for data scientists has skyrocketed.

Developing the ability to sift through massive amounts of data and make business sense of it – as a support function to your existing profile, or entirely switching to the business of data science – is a promising career progression.

Being able to slice and dice data effectively, can enhance decision-making and influence business outcomes in a significant way.

4. Leverage communication tools

The worldwide shift to the remote work model has nudged businesses and professionals to rethink the way we communicate, collaborate, share information with colleagues, clients and consumers.

Adapting to contemporary communication and video conferencing tools like Slack, Airmeets, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams is now a hygiene practice.

Also learning how to communicate remotely in a way that ensures seamless flow of information across teams, time zones and geographies, is almost non-negotiable.

5. Improve interpersonal communication

Articulate communication, whether you are a data scientist, brand manager or app designer, is growing in value as the world of work becomes more connected and inter-disciplinary. This skill will also enable you to excel in your job interviews, and let your knowledge shine. So, start prepping for it while still studying, and get a headstart in improving communications.

Other advantages include being able to influence your bosses, colleagues, team members, clients and consumers, and communicating articulately to various stakeholders of the business.

Effective communication helps build a leadership aura around you; it helps you have a voice and seat at the table as you grow in your career.

6. Grow an entrepreneurial mindset

While you might be looking for a job after graduation, most roles these days demand an entrepreneurial approach, to get things done. Don’t let your job title limit you; put your unique skills and strategic mindset to work and take initiatives to solve the biggest challenges facing your business, clients and customers. Take a deeper interest in aspects like Profit & Loss (P&L).

Also, committing to a high level of accountability in your job will nudge you to think like a CEO or entrepreneur. This, in turn, will help you make quicker strides in your career.

7. Practice effective time management

Technology has increased the pace at which we receive and share information, and hence, timelines have become tighter. Consumers, vendors and colleagues expect swift responses. Hence, effective management of your time and the ability to prioritise is an asset.

Leveraging scheduling apps, calendar invites, email schedulers and reminders can also be very beneficial. Making it part of your lifestyle early on will make you a more desirable candidate during placements, especially when your peers have the same domain skills.

Upskill while studying!

All these skills can be developed while you are still in college. By the time you appear for job interviews, you can share how you leveraged these skills during projects, internships and other engagement opportunities, to excel.

There are several ways to upskill. Internships, projects, freelance work, and volunteering are just some of the ways. Enrolling for free online programmes is also an option, while several non-profit platforms offer skill-building in areas like coding.

As you start implementing these skills, the world is your oyster. You just need to commit to yourself and get going.

Should you directly opt a job or go for a master’s degree?

Should you directly opt a job or go for a master’s degree?

As a fresh graduate, you may be at the confusing crossroads of deciding between further studies and joining the workforce. Either of the two possibilities may appear attractive for various reasons.

So, which one would you select?

Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before getting started:

What is the status of the job market?

What advantages will you gain after acquiring a master’s degree?

What would be the overall cost of studying? How much time would you need for it?

What is the nature of the programme that you wish to pursue?

Would you have to relocate to another town or city?

Is there a possibility of studying as you work?

Now, explore the various advantages offered by either of the options:

Advantages of applying for jobs

The cost of higher education is one of the main reasons why students are not keen on studying further. In such cases, getting earning power through a job is the only way out. Here are a few advantages of the same:

Hands-on industrial experience that will help you get a head start in your career and climb the corporate ladder faster.

Scope for earning professional certifications after gaining the requisite work experience.

Advantages of opting higher education

If you have been following the industry trends, you may have noticed that continuing education help you stand out. As a result, you will have to go for a master’s degree if you genuinely wish to fast-track your career growth. Here are its advantages:

Opportunity to gain career and industry insights along with some practical exposure.

In this highly competitive market, a master’s degree would add value to your CV.

Develop and nurture professional networks by connecting with teachers and classmates.

Enhanced earning potential due to advanced skill sets and devotion to the industry.

Personal grooming and overall development.

The winner? Both!

As one can see from above, both have their fair share of advantages. Opting to earn a higher qualification will put you at an advantage and make you eligible for a better-paying job opportunity in the future. On the other hand, employment will grant you financial independence and hands-on work experience. A logical solution to this situation would be to learn as you earn!

You can juggle work and studies by applying for part-time or distance programmes. They offer the convenience of studying as per your schedule. Online undergraduate or postgraduate programmes widen the scope of studying while working. It allows you to learn anytime anywhere. Furthermore, these online programmes are extremely affordable.

So if you wish to combine the best of both worlds, explore online programmes offered at Manipal University Jaipur!

Education in India is going digital: Why you need to keep up

Education in India is going digital: Why you need to keep up

Top reasons to adopt the online mode of education  

The impact of COVID 19 on the education sector has been unprecedented in every sense. The closing down of educational institutions in the wake of the virus outbreak has accelerated the rapid shift to digital-learning models across the country.

Online or digital education is already a norm in several countries across the globe with reputed universities offering full-time degrees including online MBA, online BCA, online BBA and other similar certifications.

It would not be wrong to say that India’s education system is going through a transformative phase and, as a society, we need to catch up and move forward with this global trend.

Transition to digital and why you need to keep pace

Online education is primarily conducted in two ways. The first is via recorded classes, which, when opened to students, are referred to as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The second is via live online classes conducted as Zoom sessions or webinars.

Accredited universities are leveraging online live classes as well as MOOCs, along with various education delivery platforms or learning management systems to make online education more accessible in India.

Here’s why you need to keep up with this ongoing trend of learning through robust online education courses –

Multiple options

The biggest advantage of digital or online learning is the vast number of options or courses available to students. In digital mode, students can explore literally any field that they are interested in.

There is no dearth of accredited MBA online degree programmes for those looking to enhance their career prospects. It allows college students to look beyond the traditional or obvious academic options and expand their horizons.

Anytime, anywhere learning

In today’s fast-paced life, everyone is pressed for time. Digital learning takes care of this problem. Online courses give students the flexibility to access it anytime, anywhere, as per their convenience.


The financial limitation is another big challenge that keeps students away from pursuing higher education in their desired field. Unlike the classroom method that requires you to invest money into multiple resources, transportation, and more, online education has no such financial constraints as all you need is a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection.

Whether you choose to pursue business or computer programming, top online BBA and BCA degrees come with their own resources and help you save a lot of money.

Expert assistance

Most of the education programmes available online from reputed institutions enjoy accreditation from various agencies, including NAAC and UGC. Some of these programmes also have tie-ups with top industry leaders and experts to guide students through the online programme and allow them to directly resolve queries by connecting with students.

Additionally, students can also connect with their peers and build their student network to leverage each other’s strengths and learning capabilities.

Personalised learning

Going digital can give students the opportunity to get the advantage of personalised learning. This way students can find the right online course in terms of their field of interest, level, preferred format or schedule.

Online education offers a customised approach to learning that can assist college students in finding the right course as per their learning capabilities and doesn’t necessarily burden them with conventional or standard choices. Such kind of personalisation makes learning much more intuitive, fun and exciting.

Interactive mode of study

Online education offers a greater scope for learning to be engaging. The main reason for this is that the course material is innovatively designed and offered in various engaging formats like quizzes, presentations, games, and projects. In addition to this, video conferencing enables peer to peer discussions that also encourage shy students to participate and engage via chat.

Gain work Experience while studying

Online education presents the perfect opportunity for students to balance both work and study. Students can make use of internships or freelance opportunities while completing their education. For example, Manipal University Jaipur offers an online BCA online degree programme, that is great by itself, but when combined with industry experience, it will open doors for you that seemed impossible earlier.

Final thoughts

With the Indian education sector undergoing digital transformation, we must radically alter the way students learn and what they learn. Adopting digital education models wholeheartedly can encourage an independent inclination among students to learn and engage themselves in the vast sea of knowledge available to them.

Common myths debunked about opting for an online degree

For years, traditional education has given online learning a bad rap. In fact, before the pandemic pushed education into the digital realm, the common masses thought of online learning as a scam or a side hobby to acquire new skills. However, online learning programs have now found their time to shine.

As more and more learners are opening up to the idea of pursuing an online degree, here are a few myths that are worth dispelling:

Myth #1: An online degree doesn’t have the same value as its traditional counterpart

There used to be a grain of truth in this belief. However, that was almost a decade ago when online learning was still in its nascent stages. At present, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has authorized top universities to offer their programmes online. In the landmark UGC (Online Courses or Programmes) Regulations Act of 2018, the UGC announced that educational institutions can offer online certificate, diploma and degree programmes in disciplines that have the same programme in the classroom teaching mode.

The impact of this act is that these online programmes will bear as much weight and value as offline degrees. And whether you apply for the programme to gain practical or theoretical knowledge or for better job prospects, online degrees will hold the same merit as traditional ones.

Myth #2: Online learning offers low-quality education

Initially, universities and colleges did not have the direction or resources to conduct online programmes. This resulted in a minor trade-off with quality. Fortunately, now we are living in a time where technology is ubiquitous, and it would be a criminal waste to miss out on the opportunity.

With a growing number of students and improved channels for communication, educational institutions are finding the best possible ways to cater to the changing needs. They are also recruiting top-notch educators and faculty members to be a part of their programmes. As a result, you can now trust your future in the hands of highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty members.

Additionally, as part of regulations, online learning portals have to adhere to the highest standards of quality to retain their accreditation and recognition. Therefore, as long as your education provider is accredited, you do not have to worry about the quality of education.

Myth #3: eLearning is easier

On the contrary, e-learning is tougher and more rigorous than traditional classroom programmes. The primary reason for this difference is that online learning calls for sharper reading and writing skills. Further, you are in charge of your education. It requires a greater amount of discipline and dedication to stay on top of all the deadlines, assignments, tests, and other schedules.

Myth #4: I will have to purchase a high-end laptop or computer. I will be spending more than I would on a regular course

As stated previously, technology has made progress by leaps and bounds. Resultantly, you are no longer confined to laptops and desktops to get an online degree. You can leverage the power of your smartphone to download official apps from your education provider and get learning anytime, anywhere.

Plus, think about all the money that you would be spending if you had to travel daily to your classes. Or worse, think of the situation where you would have to relocate to an entirely new city to earn your degree. The total costs of shifting, rent, and other expenses would surely make traditional learning more expensive.

Myth #5: Online learning is boring

Naturally, when one thinks of online learning, they may assume that it may feel like a lonely and boring option. However, the online learning sphere is supported by an active and thriving community of learners and educators who add a personal touch. From discussion forums to live chats and online clubs – there is a wealth of possibility if you crave a complete campus experience.

With cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy real-time conversations, interactive sessions, and educational content in various formats. Online learning programmes attempt to emulate the traditional model of learning with digital platforms. So, you can participate in group discussions, projects, interactive seminars, collective assignments, and more.

You end up getting the best of both worlds!

Concluding thoughts

As one can conclude from above, the reality of online learning is quite different from its perception. It may feel overwhelming at first, but it is no different than the traditional learning environment. And while you are juggling assignments, coursework, and tests with other life commitments, you will grow to appreciate the flexibility offered by online education.