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How can a BBA degree help you build a career in the banking industry?

The banking sector is one of the dream destinations for many business administration aspirants. This domain requires people with specific skills and expertise. Hence, strategic and focused training remains in order to enter the industry. The online BBA courses offered by Manipal University Jaipur are amongst the finest available in India.

If you are looking for the best colleges for BBA, MUJ can be your one-stop choice at any time. It is a three-year degree course. Assessments are held at the end of every semester. BBA in banking and finance is becoming one of the most popular choices. Owing to the expanding demand for technically and academically excellent resources for different posts in banking, online BBA courses in banking are gaining popularity.

What makes these courses a lucrative option for most people willing to be a part of the banking sector workforce? The online BBA courses keep the curriculum comprehensive and inclusive, which makes these a perfect choice for banking career aspirants. Let us take a brief view of the curriculum and syllabus of these online BBA courses that make these a fitting choice for the aspirants.

Curriculum and Syllabus of Online BBA

At MUJ, you will find a well-designed online BBA curriculum for aspirants looking for a fair opportunity in the banking and financial sector. The banking and finance sector today requires people with expertise in multiple fields. Mere knowledge of accounts and economics is no longer sufficient to deal with the increasing complexities of this sector.

Through BBA online classes, MUJ has started imparting in-depth knowledge of Information Technology, Economics, accounting, Computer Application, Investment Banking, Treasury Operations, Insurance and Loans, Rural Banking, and more. The extent of the curriculum and syllabus caters to the Omni-lateral requirements of the industry. Hence, MUJ is crafting future professionals for the banking and financial industries most efficiently through the distance education mode.

Here are some topics that online BBA courses for banking and finance lateral focus on.

  • Advanced Technology in Banking (ATM, Internet Banking, etc.)
  • Counter Operations, Savings Bank, Current Account, and Remittances
  • Economics for Managers
  • Corporate Insurance management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Housing, Vehicle, Consumer and Personal Loans, etc.
  • Insurance Products
  • Management Information Systems
  • Legal Aspects of Banking
  • Marketing Management
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Merchant Banking & Financial Services
  • Principles and Practices of Banking
  • Statistics for Management
  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Team Management
  • Strategic Credit Management
  • Treasury & Risk Management

Therefore, a student will come across everything required to have an in-depth knowledge of banking after completing a BBA distance education. Being a UGC recognised, A+, NAAC-accredited University. MUJ’s online BBA course can be a valuable addition to any profile. Besides expert academic assistance, you will also get a plethora of career options after attaining the BBA degree from MUJ.

Career Options after Online BBA in Banking and Finance

The banking and financial sector recruits thousands of people across the boundaries of India every year to fill their vacant posts. You will find a wide variation in the job roles offered through these posts. From clerical cadre to managerial positions, every variety of jobs remains available with these vacancies.

The sector-wise distribution of these jobs also remains varied. From private sector enterprises to government-owned banks, the online BBA courses make every aspirant perfect for any post. Here is a list of a few examinations held regularly to fill the vacant positions across the government banks, private banks, financial institutions, and more.

  • Clerical cadre recruitment for nationalised banks through IBPS
  • Probationary Officer Recruitment through IBPS
  • State Bank PO
  • Common Written Examination for specialist officer
  • Recruitment Examinations for NABARD
  • RBI Grade A and Grade B recruitment
  • ICICI Bank PO

The list mentioned above consists of only a few popular exams held in India. Plenty of other examinations are also held for insurance sector recruitments and other financial sector jobs. Once you complete your online BBA from Manipal University Jaipur, you will have a wide variety of job options open before you. You can choose any of these to start your career with.

Most recruitment exams of banks prepare the questions based on quantitative and analytical aptitude. An aspirant’s current affair awareness and knowledge in technology are also gauged through these MCQ pattern questions. With MUJ’s inclusive and practical curriculum design, cracking these exams becomes easier.

MUJ’s online BBA courses offer the students an in-depth knowledge of the banking sector. This course also focuses on installing the key business management skills, much valued in the corporate world. The online BBA in MUJ comes with hands-on training options. Hence, you get real experience of the banking sector when completing your internship with a bank or a financial institution.

These experiential learning methods make every student job-ready from the very first day. They take the least time to acclimatise with the corporate environment after joining any company. This is why the professional world always prefers employees with prior experience of working in a similar environment. This facility makes MUJ’s online BBA course one of the best in the country today.

If you are looking for a distance BBA in India, Manipal University Jaipur’s online courses can be a fine choice at any time. With the flexibility to study on the go, the online BBA classes seem the best choice for everyone. No matter which part of the country you belong to, with a steady internet connection and a device in hand, you can always stay updated with MUJ’s BBA courses and classes.

These courses also offer proctored online exams, which makes the entire process thoroughly online. To shine bright and secure a place in the banking sector, join the online BBA courses offered by MUJ. With the pool of expert teachers and a dedicated recruitment cell, your career is sure to reach new heights with a BBA degree in banking in your hand.

15 Tips for students interested in studying MBA online

Juggling a career and a course is difficult, but not impossible! If you can efficiently manage time and has some serious scheduling, you can confidently go for MBA online admission. In this blog, we give you 15 tips that will help you decide if an online MBA degree is worth taking up and the things that you need to consider while choosing a specialisation.

1. Explore universities that offer MBA online

There are scores of universities that offer online courses. Do intensive online research to find out more about these universities and the online MBA programs that they offer. Make a list of the best 5 or 7 universities that meet all your criteria. This list will help you narrow down your search for the best B school to do an MBA online.

2. Evaluate the reputation of the universities

A lot of people may feel that online MBA courses are really not that worthy. But that’s not really true. Some of the best universities across the globe are offering online courses that are in par with the fulltime course. The only difference is that you need to put in more personal effort when you study online. However, it is definitely best if you evaluate the reputation and worth of the universities where you plan to take online MBA admission.

3. Find out about the university accreditation

For your MBA degree to be valid and worth, it is important that the university has the right accreditation and recognition. For example, studying in a university that is UGC recognized and NAAC accredited will give more value for your online degree.

4. Check if the university offers the specialisation that you’re looking for

Here comes the most important point that you need to check – the specialisation. Check the various specialisations that the university offers. The specialisation you choose should be your area of interest and also help in your career development.

5. Find out the eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for online MBA admission differ from one institute to other. So, check if you meet the eligibility criteria before you apply for MBA admission.

6. Check if the course is completely online

There are institutes that may say online course, but ask you to visit a study centre or a training centre after you’ve enrolled in the program. If you’re working full time, then taking leave to attend the training sessions can be difficult. So, check if the program is completely online or a blend of online/offline before you apply.

7. Find out about the admission process

You can get the application form online and even submit the completed form online. Check if there is an entrance test that you need to take up to complete the admission process.

8. Get information about the faculty

Find out in detail about the faculty, their experience and area of expertise. Ask for details about how you can contact the professors if you have any doubts and queries.

9. Find out details regarding the fee structure and payment plans

The most important part – the fees and payment schedule. Ask for details regarding the fees payment and the breakdown of the fees. Clarify details about how you can make the payment.

10. Check if the university offers scholarships

When you’re checking details regarding the fees and payments, also find out if the university offers any kind of scholarships. Check if you meet the eligibility criteria and apply for the scholarship, if available.

11. Ask for details regarding the credits

The scope of your performance is evaluated in the form of credits. There are different levels of credits for each coursework and together determine your performance in the course. Ask for details on how you will be evaluated, about how many credits are allocated for assignments, projects, and tests.

12. Get information about the examination

Find out about the examination pattern and the exam schedules. Also, check if the exams will be completely online or if you need to take up an offline exam in a particular location.

13. Find out about their student support system

While studying online, you will be working at your own pace and may not be in the loop at all times. So, you need to know who you can contact in case you have problems with accessing your study material or if you haven’t received complete access to all the training videos. Find out if there will be a single point of contact for academics and fees or if you need to deal with different people.

14. Check for placement support

Find out if the university offers any kind of placement support for its online students. If so, get details about the companies that recruit from the university.

15. Check if the courses are mobile-accessible

You will probably not be able to study using your desktop system all the time. It will be great if you could access your course material right on your mobile phone. Find out if the videos and course material are mobile accessible.

If you are still not sure about applying for MBA online admission, visit Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ). Manipal University is one of the top professional universities in the country that offer online MBA courses for graduates who want to get a degree without taking a break from their career. This course is recognized by UGC and accredited A+ by NAAC. From enrolment to examinations, the two-year MBA programme is completely online.

MUJ also offersonline BBA degree programme and online MCA programme.

10 Good reasons for working professionals to pursue an MBA online

To improve career prospects to a significant extent, these days, a considerable number of students opt for pursuing an MBA programme. After the completion of a Master of Business Administration from a well-recognised institute, it becomes easier for an individual to find jobs in diverse sectors.

With the significant evolution of digital technology, nowadays, interested candidates, including many working professionals, opt for pursuing an online MBA. There isn’t any need for an aspirant to pay a visit to an MBA institute in-person to attend classes if he or she chooses to pursue an MBA online.

MBA is one of the highly sought-after postgraduate programmes among working professionals. It enables them to take a big step towards their coveted careers, and also, the course duration is only two years. At present, a lot of institutes offer MBA online admission, which is certainly coming to the significant rescue of working professionals.

With an MBA degree, making a mark in the competitive business world will become a lot easier for you. Aside from landing a management position and getting a handsome salary, you won’t encounter any problem developing a robust professional network and become your own boss if you study for an MBA. Read on to gain an in-depth understanding of the key reasons that compel many working professionals to pursue an MBA online.

Utmost Flexibility

If you are working at present and want to advance your career successfully, the sound decision is to do an online MBA. Reputed business schools that offer full-fledged MBA programmes online, ensure that no candidate experiences any hassle.

Indeed, an online MBA programme’s flexibility aspect is one of the main reasons that impel more and more working professionals who aspire to become managers to pursue it nowadays. You should choose an institute to study MBA online that requires candidates to attend an appointed class besides choosing to learn at a convenient time.

Affordable Course Fee

Quite a few reputable institutes that offer online MBA for working professionals make sure that every interested candidate completes the programme without facing any financial issues. Compared to an on-campus MBA programme, studying an MBA online is more affordable.

There are many accredited MBA courses that you can study online, and these would not require you to spend a considerable sum of money. You can successfully complete the program within your budget and become an MBA degree holder if you choose to do an MBA online.

Wide Array of Opportunities

An online MBA programme opens up the door to a wide range of rewarding and lucrative career opportunities for graduates. With time, several MBA programmes that aspiring managers can study online have thrived and gained immense prestige. These programmes have been attracting a considerable number of international students and offering global business immersion opportunities.

You will get the opportunity to connect with other candidates who, similar to you, have opted for MBA online admission and also communicate in-person with expert faculty. You will enjoy the experience when you get the chance to engage in conversations with professionals in a completely immersive international scenario.

Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies

Nothing’s like getting a similar curriculum as an on-campus MBA programme from the comfort of your own home. Reputable business schools make sure each candidate receives the curriculum that they deliver online. Such an online programme sits at the cutting-edge of business technology.

Besides making your academic experience in line with your requirements and schedule, you will also be able to develop your business technology skills if you take an MBA online admission. You will learn the best ways to troubleshoot issues by leveraging advanced technology while you pursue an MBA programme online.

Better Career Prospects

The job market is only becoming competitive with every passing year. Hence, upskilling can help you gain a competitive edge. Many individuals who take career breaks and look for the chance to start new businesses prefer doing an MBA online. You will become better at collaborating and leading across virtual obstacles. One such MBA programme helps you improve career prospects and move in a hassle-free manner into the virtual domain.

Enrich MBA Skillset

One of the crucial reasons that compel the majority of working professionals to pursue an online MBA programme is the opportunity to improve their business, management and administration skills. Working from home has increased post the pandemic, and to function seamlessly while remote working, it is vital to have a strong set of online communication skills. You will also be able to improve your time-management skills to a significant extent if you choose to do an MBA online.

Diverse Aspect

You should know that almost every online MBA programme is designed in such a way so that it becomes adaptable to diverse backgrounds and requirements. Hence, if, as a working professional, you wish to gain knowledge from various other viewpoints, an online MBA programme is what you should opt for now.

Accredited MBA Programmes

You should know that the value of most MBA programmes that students and working professionals do online these days is similar to on-campus accredited programmes. Accrediting bodies approve online MBA programmes that reputed business institutes in the country offer.

Ultimate Convenience

Aside from studying the entire course from your home’s convenience, you will also receive almost every on-campus service if you choose to do an MBA online. The benefits include career counselling, library, and many more. Even before the official commencement of an MBA programme, candidates pursuing it online get permission to access almost every important material whenever they want.

Liberty to Relocate for Job

You will have complete freedom to shift your base for work if you opt for MBA online admission. These online programmes aren’t dependent on any locations. You won’t face any issue completing an MBA programme online even if you change your present job and join a new company or travel around the world for a job.

You will certainly be able to study for an MBA degree without even quitting your job if you do it online. One such degree is highly beneficial for aspiring managers and those who desire to start and manage their own businesses. The aforementioned reasons mostly compel the majority of working professionals to pursue an online MBA programme.

MBA or MCA? Which is a better option after BCA?

Building a career begins from the day you start looking for colleges. Higher education is crucial for success in your career and it all starts with choosing the right degree for yourself. MBA and MCA are both great choices for post-graduation, but the correct choice is always one that is right for you as an individual. This blog aims to give you the knowledge to choose which one is the better option after online BCA: an MBA or an MCA.

Why would an MBA be a great idea?

There are many reasons why choosing an MBA after your BCA can be a great move. 

  • Management skills: Doing this will help you develop the managerial skills you need to perform at managerial positions in the corporate sector. This can be used in a variety of ways in different industries. Managers are required for all kinds of organisations irrespective of the industry you wish to work for. An MBA course will help you learn the skills necessary for jobs.
  • Preparation for the job sector: Today, the job sector is very competitive. An MBA can be a wonderful choice for people who want to start with an edge in their careers. This degree will give you the perspective you need to do well in a managerial position.
  • Huge scope: There is a lot of scopes if you get this degree. The world is your oyster as you will get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of options.
  • High salary: An MBA from a NAAC A+ accredited university will ensure that you can demand a high salary, no matter which industry you choose to start with.
  • Further growth: The best thing about getting an online MBA from a good university is that it propels your career in the direction of further growth. Whether you want to grow in the industry or you want to start your own entrepreneurial venture, an MBA will stand you in good stead.

Why would an MCA be a good choice too?

Now let us look at why an online MCA can be a good choice as well.

  • Perfect for tech geeks: Good career advice is very objective. If you are someone who loves technology and the industry interests you very much, then this is the degree you should opt for. It opens up a lot of opportunities in the field of computers and technology and if you feel that is your career goal, start to look at the best colleges for MCA.
  • Higher pay scale: An online MCA from a reputed university will get you a higher pay scale. Ultimately, most people work for a good financial payout and if that is important to you, then choosing an MCA after your BCA can be a better option. 
  • The tech industry is in an upswing: Technology as an industry has never seen bad times. A career in computer applications can be your chance to be a part of this great industry. You can expect to do well in your career if you are ready to work hard.
  • Lots of career scope: when you get into one of the colleges for MCA, you unlock a world of opportunities for yourself. The industry is huge and encompasses smartphones, computers, apps, and a lot more. There is a huge potential in the industry and you will enjoy being a part of it.

Differences in MBA and MCA

So what are the differences between both? Here are a few pointers that will explain the MCA vs MBA debate:

  1. Job responsibilities

While an MBA will be more managerial-based, where you are expected to supervise and direct staff members, an MCA is a tech-related job profile. 

  • Individual profile

An online MBA can be the right option for students who have leadership skills and team-building skills. An online MCA is a better choice for those who are good with technology and those who want to do something in this industry. Of course, an MCA degree holder will also be expected to work in the team, but his tech-related skills will be more important than his ability to handle a team.

  • Money

Another thing that can settle the MCA vs MBA debate for some is the money factor. After all, you want a career that is going to pay well. With an MCA under your belt, you will be able to command a better payout in the company you choose to work for. There are different MBA specilaizations you can choose from. The average salary for MBA in India is 4 to 6 lakhs per annum depending on experience and specialization. Similarly, the salary for MCA ranges from 4 to 6 lakhs per year.

What should a BCA graduate do?

The best career advice that any student can get is to choose something that goes with their personality and likes and dislikes. While the best college for MCA can be a wonderful choice for someone whose interest in technology is massive, an MBA will be the right choice for someone great with people. Choosing the right postgraduate degree will help you get the best career opportunity.


When it comes to an MCA vs MBA debate, the best choice is always one that suits you. Choose the degree that will help you pave the way for future success. At Manipal University Jaipur, get the taste of a world-class education at a UGC-recognized and NAAC A+ accredited institute. The university is known for its wide variety of courses, including online MBA and online MCA. Not only does it offer full-on training and placement advice, but you also get the benefits of a strong alumni network here. Manipal University Jaipur on your resume will certainly take you places career-wise.

How to decide on your MBA specialisation?

Master of Business Administration or MBA is one of the most sought-after courses that can shape your career on the right track and bring in attractive prospects. 

With the best online MBA degree, you can give your career the boost it requires. Your dream of a handsome job can be fulfilled if you pursue the right field of MBA. That is why choosing the right career path is so crucial for all MBA aspirants. 

Factors to consider for MBA specialisation

With an MBA degree, you get different options to choose from to start your career. For instance, a financial MBA professional has demand in the banking and finance sectors. You can also start entrepreneurship after completing MBA online course from a renowned university. Say, you have completed your MBA degree in marketing and finance, you can open a startup project and apply the learned skills that will give you an edge over others.  

To help you pick the best MBA specialisation, the following factors will help: 

  • Choose a reputed university

Always consider the university or institute you choose to study MBA. Make sure you find a top-rated university with good ranks and have accredited courses. Your B-school must have accreditation approved by a regulatory body. Otherwise, your diploma or degree will not carry any value. You must check the official website of the institution you choose to understand if the courses offered are approved. 

Also, a reputed MBA online programme must have a strong faculty. An experienced panel of MBA teachers with experience in different specialisations is a must to train aspiring students. Moreover, great placement opportunities and networking facilities should be counted on to achieve success right after you complete the course.

  • Know your strength and interest

Even before you choose an institute to study MBA, you should be able to identify your interest. Not every MBA specialisation will be right for you. The basic rule is to know your interest and then choose the field on the same track. This will help you to polish your talent and you will enjoy your job. 

  • Set a goal

Figuring out your goals is another important factor to consider. You need to see yourself after five to ten years and decide how you want your future to be. Once you set the goal, choosing an MBA specialisation will be simple for you. For instance, an aspiring marketing professional would love to choose an MBA in Marketing Strategy. Again, if you want to start your own consulting firm, an MBA in Human Resources is your best option. So choose wisely keeping in mind your future goal’s. 

Benefits with different specialisations

Every MBA specialisation has its own advantages and career prospects. It depends entirely on what you choose and how you want your career to be. For some, finance is the best sector to work with, while for some, MBA in Healthcare Management is the wisest choice. 

What matters the most is earning a professional MBA degree from a top MBA institute. To be able to enjoy all the benefits of your MBA job, make sure you plan your career and finish your course at a prestigious management school.

Why Manipal University Jaipur for an MBA?

Known as one of the best MBA colleges in India, Manipal University Jaipur offers various professional online MBA courses. Manipal University is a NAAC A+ accredited and UGC recognised institute that has both offline and online degrees. With online MBA programmes, students can learn at their own pace and also get placement assistance. The online MBA gives options for marketing, finance and HR in the final semesters.

Wrapping up

If MBA is what you dream of, it’s time to pick your preferred specialization and go for it. Just be sure to choose the reputed and authorised management studies. Know more about the online MBA at Manipal University Jaipur here.

7 questions to ask when applying for degrees in a pandemic world

7 questions to ask when applying for degrees in a pandemic world

In the course of the last year, education around the world has seen a paradigm shift at every level – from kindergarten to doctorate programmes.

Online classes have become the norm, and more and more students are looking for a superior virtual experience that helps them optimise their growth and career prospects.

While literally, every marquee university is racing to offer online degrees at the undergraduate and graduate level, many are unable to match up to the expected standards for a contemporary online degree programme.

This is because leveraging technology to deliver high-quality education needs intense investment, and only some universities have come out winners in this transition.

So, how do you discern which is the right programme for you? Here are some key parameters that must be satisfied.

Q1. Is the degree recognised?

In India, only those universities with a NAAC rating of above 3.26 are allowed to offer online programmes. So, do check the rating of the universities you aim to apply to.

Secondly, the university must be recognised by the University Grants Commission. If the institution is not recognised, then you will not receive a legitimate degree at the end of your programme.

So, do your research carefully.

Q2. Is the institute backed by legacy?

It is important to attend a university with a stellar legacy and reputation as this enhances your prospects in the real world. Universities that also support research in various fields, also tend to offer a high standard of education.

The legacy of the university makes a difference during the placement and job search process as it lends credibility and brand recall to your profile.

Q3. How user-friendly is the learning interface?

The best online programmes offer flexibility and the opportunity to learn at your own pace. They offer app-based learning and byte-sized content, that is easy to access and consume. Content can be disseminated in the form of quizzes, be gamified, and be highly interactive – a departure from learning from textbooks. 

Shy students also get a chance to shine in the online space by using all the communication tools at their disposal to participate.

For example, an institute such as Manipal University Jaipur, which offers online degrees, has significantly raised the standard of education by delivering it over a superior user interface. Programmes include online BBABCAMCA and MBA, among others.

Q4. Is the curriculum up to date?

The curriculum of your programme must offer a mix of contemporary and traditional subjects. For example, a good online MBA offers all traditional business streams such as HR, finance, marketing, operations, and sales, as well as insights into important areas like data science, e-commerce and retail management. 

Q5. How tenured is the faculty?

When looking at the faculty, look at various credentials – from educational qualifications and tenure to their industry exposure and investment in research. Try and understand how online classes will be delivered, as well as how interactions will happen online. For example, will the faculty be accessible to help clear doubts?

Q6. Does the programme offer practical experiences?

In the real world of work, skills are highly valued alongside subject knowledge. A good online programme encourages internships, projects and practical experience. Some programmes, like an online MBA, even make internships mandatory, while programmes like the online BCA offer practical across a range of subjects, like web design and development, and all the core programming languages. 

Q7. How is the placement ecosystem?

As the world of work gets more and more competitive, online degree programmes are also investing in preparing students for the placement process.

This can include aspects such as resume building, training on how to leverage social media for visibility, networking opportunities with alumni and industry, and training on how to prepare for job interviews.

Universities with a legacy and stellar industry networks offer a solid framework for actual campus placements. In a pandemic context, of course, even placement interviews happen online, so, this is an additional skill that is being included.

One must remember, of course, that the best online programmes offer support but don’t guarantee jobs, as this would be unrealistic.

Prep for a post-pandemic world

The pandemic has inspired a deep shift in our approach to education, work as well as work modes. In the future, thousands of jobs will permanently be remote, and contemporary online degrees prepare students for all these new nuances.

6 indicators that an online management degree is right fit for you

6 indicators that an online management degree is right fit for you

Choosing a degree programme can be an overwhelming decision for any student. Every student tries to find a degree that aligns with his/her personality and will give them the kind of training they are looking for.

If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a degree in management such as online MBA or online BBA, then it’s pretty evident that the business world appeals to you.

But how do you know if you have a knack for a management degree beyond just a general interest in the area?

Here are some of the important factors and signs that show the suitability of an accredited online MBA programme or any other business management degree for you.

1. Learning new things excites you

A management degree is different as compared to many other degree programmes simply because it gives you multiple options to learn different subjects.

If you find it exciting to get outside of your comfort zone to learn new things, an online business management degree could be a perfect fit for you.

Studying a management programme forces you to get out of your comfort zone and allows you to explore the latest business trends, apply various management tools and techniques, and challenge yourself at each step to improve your skills, business, teams, and overall collaboration.

The larger idea of online MBA programmes is to learn new concepts and getting ready to adapt to new processes and policies in a corporate set up. So, if you’re passionate about learning new things, a management degree will make you thrilled and challenged in equal measures.

2. You like working in a team or with other people

When it comes to business, it’s all about collaborating with other people, reporting to other teams and working on cross-departmental projects.

If you enjoy working with other people, a business management degree could be just right to help you prepare for a successful career.

Business management concepts equip students with the ability to lead and communicate effectively. Further, it also gives you credibility in front of prospective employers, boosts your income potential and helps you develop a strong network of peers and professionals with great management experience. And this kind of exposure and context will help you expand your business management capabilities.

3. You possess leadership skills

If you have the qualities of a natural leader in you or wish to enhance your leadership skills, a business management degree could be for you. Some of these qualities could be the drive to take charge, the desire to create an impact on others and make systematic changes in the processes.

Pursuing a business management degree programme will allow you to gain confidence in the fundamentals of business that will help you be prepared to lead various teams in your career. In addition to this, you’ll also learn about various management strategies and techniques that will help you be a successful and efficient leader in any organization.

4. You enjoy taking the initiatives

One of the other ways to know if you have the knack for a management degree is to consider your group work preferences. If you’re someone who actively seeks responsibilities, projects, and management opportunities without needing direction from others, you’re a perfect fit for online MBA degrees and natural leadership.

A business management degree such as an online MBA from a reputed institute can help set you apart from your peers and demonstrates your knowledge about how businesses operate.

5. You’re a supporter of online learning

Online learning platforms are a perfect fit for self-motivated learners who have other commitments that might clash with traditional school environments.

A business management degree from Manipal University Jaipur is an excellent choice for students interested in an online learning environment. Whether you are completely new to online learning or have some prior experience, an online management programme can help you sharpen your skill-sets and technological acumen.

6. You have good listening skills

Are you someone who takes the time to absorb and process the information while interacting with people, instead of just looking for your turn to talk?

If your answer is in the affirmative, a business management degree is great for you. Business Management students typically need to understand multiple subjects and strong listening skills is a much-needed quality to have.

In addition to academics, the ability to effectively listen is a much more valuable skill to have once you start your career in the real-world. The best and most successful managers know the importance of listening to their team and empowering them to find solutions.

To Wrap

If you can relate to any of the above-mentioned things, it’s time to get enrolled yourself in a business management degree. University of Jaipur’s business management degree programmes including online BBA and online MBA are the perfect place to start your career. It will help you learn various important skills, enhance your experience, and get ready for a fulfilling future.

Apart from this, a business management degree from the University of Jaipur is completely accredited, giving you the advantage of working with credible and reputable companies at a later stage. It also gives you all of the elements you need to find success in your respective career and prepares you for a wide variety of exciting opportunities.

Comprehensive online programmes, affordable fee structure, and complete flexibility offered to the students are some of the key areas that make the Manipal University Jaipur stand out from other institutions.

Top 5 MCA career choices you have after getting a UGC-approved online degree?

Top 5 MCA career choices you have after getting a UGC-approved online degree?

MCA, or Master of Computer Applications, is a professional postgraduate degree in computer science. You can apply for an online MCA degree programme after earning a BCA (online/offline) degree. It strikes the fine balance of theory and practical applications, which allows students to develop a job-oriented mentality and prepares them for the real world.

Upon successfully completing your MCA course online, you can unlock various job opportunities in the field of software development, systems development, hardware technology, management information system, networking, internet, and more!

While it is heartening to have so many options, it can be equally confusing. Fortunately, we are here to make this job easier. Following is a list of the five promising job positions worth considering after landing a UGC-approved online MCA degree:

1. Software Developer/Consultant

A Software Developer designs, builds, and maintains new software systems based on client requirements. They may also be involved in upgrading and optimizing legacy applications.

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Software Developers will accelerate at an unprecedented rate of 22%. Even an entry-level position can fetch you an average base pay of Rs. 7,96,000/- per annum! Hence, it would only make sense to gravitate towards this option first.

If you have the penchant for coding and the natural flair for breaking down complexities into smaller, algorithm-based flows, then you have all the makings to be a successful Software Developer. If you already have some amount of experience in this field, you may also choose to get the role of a Software Consultant.

Job Responsibilities

• Researching, designing, developing, implementing, and managing software applications

• Testing and evaluating programme codes

• Writing, running, and documenting clean and efficient codes

• Identifying scope for improvement and incorporating appropriate modifications

• Developing standardized quality assurance procedures

• Coordinating with UI/UX designers, system analysts, and other developers

2. Database Engineer

If you found yourself fascinated by the many database management systems during your online MCA degree classes, then this job may be cut out for you. A Database Engineer (or sometimes Administrator) is responsible for creating and managing databases that will effectively store and organize data.

With an average base pay of Rs. 9,01,000/- per year, and the growth opportunities in this occupation lingering around 10%, getting a job as a database engineer can be an exciting prospect.

Job Responsibilities

• Installing and maintaining the performance of database servers

• Installing, upgrading, and managing database applications

• Developing processes to optimize database security and fidelity

• Setting, maintaining, and implementing database management standards

• Managing database access

• Troubleshooting or diagnosing database errors

3. Cloud Architect

The “cloud” is a set of remotely located servers. These are cheaper than on-premise servers and reduce the hassle of maintaining IT infrastructure. One of the greatest advantages of cloud services and cloud applications is the all-time access to data.

Considering that nearly 83% of enterprise workload is expected to be on the cloud, now is a great time to be involved in such an upcoming technology. Cloud Architecture is a sub-component of Cloud Computing, which has gained quite an amount of traction in the past few years. You need to have a solid understanding of networking, security, programming language, and at least one Operating System (OS) to carry out your tasks effectively.

Job Responsibilities

• Introducing cloud adoption and creating a cloud strategy to facilitate it

• Managing the cloud adoption process and coordinating with all stakeholders

• Evaluating cloud software, applications, and hardware regularly

• Developing and organising cloud systems and addressing any technical issues

• Working with cybersecurity to ensure data protection

• Defining design patterns and solutions to ensure high availability along with disaster recovery

4. Data Scientist

Given the importance of data in forging business success, companies want professionals who can separate the wheat from the chaff. Essentially, these enterprises are looking for data scientists.

A significant chunk of aspirants enrols in MCA top colleges as they strive to land the position of a Data Scientist. It can be a lucrative option for those students who were never really interested in the core software. However, you need to have a highly analytical mind that can crunch numbers, identify patterns, and discover any crucial information.

Job Responsibilities

• Identifying valuable data sources and automating the data collection process

• Preprocessing of structured and unstructured data

• Building machine-learning algorithms and predictive models

• Analyzing high volumes of data to identify trends and patterns

• Depicting data-based insights through visual representation

5. Cybersecurity Expert

The exponential growth of IT has also seen the parallel growth of digital threats. Everyone, from Government organizations to individuals, is turning to cybersecurity experts to keep them and their information safe. You could choose from a range of positions, such as an Ethical Hacker, Network Security Engineer, Cybersecurity Analyst or Manager, or Chief Information Security Officer.

Job Responsibilities

• Incorporating security features during the development of software systems, data centres, and networks

• Identifying security risks and vulnerabilities in hardware and software

• Patching up security loopholes

• Monitoring the systems 24×7 to ward off any threats or attacks

• Finding ways to fortify the IT infrastructure of an organization

Key takeaway

An MCA degree (online/offline) opens up several avenues for landing an exciting and high-paying job. Apply for any of the top jobs above and you will be on the pathway to professional success.

Seven ways online degrees help ambitious professionals grow in their career

Seven ways online degrees help ambitious professionals grow in their career

The pandemic of 2020 has forced many shifts around the world, but one of the positive ones is the investment by the top universities in online education. Not only has the equity of online education gone up, but so have the standards of delivery. Additionally, there is a positive shift in the minds of employers with respect to how they value online degree programmes.

For graduates looking to grow their prospects, regardless of the stream they pursued for undergraduate, an online MBA or MCA degree is just a click away, and it offers flexibility, affordability and other distinct advantages. Even if you could not pursue a master’s degree after graduation for some reason, the opportunity is accessible today.

Let’s understand in detail some of the advantages of contemporary online degree courses offered by the top universities in India and the world.

Study while you work

Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of pursuing an online degree programme. You get to continue working, while also pursuing your studies and growing your knowledge in subjects of your interest. This ensures that you can also continue to draw a salary every month and meet your monthly commitments to yourself and your family.

The affordability advantage

Another core benefit is that online degrees, even from the best universities, come at a lower cost than most sub-standard residential programmes. Tuition is the main expense, and aspects such as travel, food and lodging get redundant.

Most universities offering online degrees, also enable students to pay the tuition in easy instalments. As a working professional, this will be more of an investment than an expense, as it helps you prepare for your next promotion and raise.

Learn on the go

As a working professional, you have work deadlines and challenges awaiting you every day. The best online programmes offer a superior learning experience, through app-based learning and bite-sized content pieces, that are often interactive and gamified.

Learning is made consumable, challenging and fun. You can access all lessons, lectures and engagement via your smartphone, helping you balance your work schedule, while also doing justice to your education.

For example, Manipal University Jaipur has a custom-designed user interface to deliver its online MCA and MBA programmes. This is not a cut and paste of offline education, but a re-imagination of how to leverage technology for optimised learning.

Expand your Knowledge

For growth, you must keep learning. However, not all learning can happen on the job. Sometimes, you need to go back to studies to understand the fundamentals in-depth.

For example, if you work in retail as a salesperson, or as an administrator in a small firm, and want to understand business on a deeper level, an online MBA degree can help bridge the gaps.

It will nurture your understanding of all traditional functions like sales, marketing, human resources, finance and operations while exposing you to subjects with a growing scope such as e-commerce and data analytics.

Build new skillsets

Skills are a highly valued asset in the working world, often taking precedence over work experience. Postgraduate programmes such as MCA, expose you to the latest developments in the world of computer applications, offering a mix of practical and theoretical knowledge. Learning from scratch alongside your current work, gives you the chance to apply what you study, and in turn sharpen your skillsets. 

Get on the leadership track

Many graduates across a range of subjects, start out in a promising way in the world of work. However, they find it difficult to grow beyond a point, as they are not “seen” as potential leaders. Online courses help bridge these gaps.

A postgraduate online degree course such as an MBA is an investment in yourself. It helps you understand the entire business ecosystem within the framework of the law, the global economy, the political arena and other systems. This exposure offers a macro view of the business world and also boosts your resume, both assets to your career growth.

Explore new career opportunities

A professionally designed online degree also typically, offers a well-designed placement programme. It grooms you in various skills that equip you to find a good job. These include building a stellar resume, understanding how to leverage social media for visibility, and job interview preparations.

Any good university offering such degrees also tends to have established industry networks and a large pool of alumni. Many opportunities for networking are curated throughout the year to support graduates.

As a working professional, the combination of your experience and newly-earned educational credentials can help you leap to your next career innings with ease if you network and build your industry connections early on.

Choose programmes carefully

With virtual education expanding so quickly, the world is your oyster. However, choosing the right university and programme is equally important.

Review the university’s legacy and reputation, its placement record, as well as the track record of the faculty. There are several fly-by-night operators also offering online degrees. However, many of the institutes are not recognised, and the programmes tend to over-promise and under-deliver.

In India, universities which receive an accreditation rating of above 3.26 by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) are eligible to offer online programmes. Talk to alumni of the university for feedback, and also look up their career track records. Thoroughly reviewing all these factors will help you make the right decision, and land the career opportunity you deserve.

With an A+ NAAC ranking, Manipal University of Jaipur offers UGC-approved online degree programmes in MBAMCABBA and BCA. You can check the details here.

Online BBA – A stepping stone to the corporate world

Online BBA – A stepping stone to the corporate world

The corporate world today is a competitive, innovative, and tech-enabled space. Those who rise on the ladder, offer a winning combination of domain knowledge, skills and excellent communication. Anything from store management and digital marketing to sales and services requires this mix of talents. Students completing Class 12 today have excellent prospects ahead if they choose a bachelor’s course that provides them with these skills.

The Bachelor of Business Administration is one such versatile programme designed to build essential knowledge and skills needed in the business world combined with hands-on experience.

As classes move online, top universities have introduced cutting-edge online BBA programmes. The USPs of these programmes include flexibility, affordability, and delivery by some of the top management faculty members in the country.

Here is a snapshot of the online BBA programme and its relevance in the real world.

Prepping for the business world

As workplaces evolve rapidly in a post-pandemic world, online BBA programmes equip graduates with the necessary training and tools to enter the corporate world with zeal.

BBA students are exposed to all the core business functions such as marketing, finance, human resources and operations, as well as the key soft skills needed to succeed in the world of business. Contemporary subjects such as e-commerce, retail management and data analytics too are in focus. BBA programmes from top colleges are delivered via app-based, byte-sized content that is interactive and engaging. One can log on anytime and learn on the go.

About the programme

Like regular bachelor courses, the online BBA programme is also a 3-year-long degree. The mode of delivery is a mix of online classes, interactive sessions and assignments. Tenured faculty with industry experience who teach MBA programmes are the ones who deliver BBA degrees as well. Guest lectures by renowned industry experts are also central to the top BBA programmes. The flexibility offered by the programme also offers students a chance to work alongside their studies, if they choose. 

Eligibility criteria to enrol

Online BBA degrees accept students from all streams – science, arts or commerce – as long as they have completed Class 12 from a recognized board or university. The minimum eligibility criteria can vary from institute to institute. Typically, institutes host their own entrance exam that is followed up by an interview and a group discussion. 

Choosing the right programme

The institution that you choose plays a key role in your career path. Make sure that the institution you choose comes with a strong management legacy, has legitimate accreditation, the degree is offered by a recognized university. Speaking to alumni can also offer a good insight into the quality of the program and its reputation in the corporate world.

Students are advised to review the curriculum and understand if it includes exposure to all traditional functions of management, as well as areas like data science, entrepreneurship and communication skills.

Fortunately, Manipal University Jaipur, an institute backed by a 67 year-legacy of excellence, is offering the first-ever online BBA in Rajasthan. If you’re in any confusion, talking to an alumnus about the influence of this institution might put those worries to rest.

Career prospects after BBA

BBA graduates have a wide range of prospects to choose from after completing their program, based on interests and strengths. They can work literally across any sector in sales, marketing, branding, finance, HR and operations roles. They can also pursue opportunities in digital agencies and PR, as well as specialized areas such as retail management, which is a core study area in the best online BBA programmes

Focus on entrepreneurship

While job opportunities are a central prospect, the program also offers entrepreneurship as a study area to help graduates understand all aspects of starting a business. Those who have their eyes set on starting up or working for an emerging startup, receive an insight into the entire business cycle. This course is also relevant for those who are keen to learn the ropes of their family business.

Grooming for the professional world

Entry-level salaries for BBA graduates typically range between INR 12,000 and INR 15,000 per month, and many companies tend to hire graduates who shine and show enterprise during their internships. Campus placements, as well as support on how to write resumes and leverage social media for personal branding and job search, are covered by the best online BBA degree.