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2022 Roundup: How online degrees have gained popularity over the years

Online Learning
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December 29,

Over the last few years, with the advent of cutting-edge technology, online learning has gained popularity. The Covid19 pandemic in 2020 pushed students and professionals to study online. Considering its flexibility, accessibility and affordability, online learning has become a popular choice. Reports estimated a steady growth of the online education and e-learning market in 2022. As per Technavio, the year-over-year growth rate for 2022 is estimated at 15.45%.  

As a major online platform in higher education, Online Manipal added more online programs from premier institutions like the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), and Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT). 

Here are top blog posts on the benefits of online learning: 

  1. Major differences between distance education and online learning  

While there is a misconception that online learning and distance learning are same, they are quite different from each other. This article will help you differentiate between the two modes of learning.  Read to know about difference between online and distance learning

  1. Online learning: Pros and cons of online education 

Online learning comes with its own pros and cons. Online learning offers several benefits like flexible learning and affordable education. Read this article to find out whether online education is the perfect pick for you. Know more about pros and cons of online education.

  1. Online BBA vs. Distance BBA course: Which is better? 

Nowadays, students have various options to pursue a BBA degree program. This article provides a list of differences between online BBA and distance BBA degree programs to help you choose the best mode for your future success.  Read to know more about online vs distance BBA.

  1. Online MCA course details: All you need to know 

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) makes students well versed with the core concepts of computer programming and how they are applied in practice. This blog post talks everything about MCA program, including syllabus, skills, career prospects, and online learning mode. Get online MCA course details.

  1. Ten best job options after M.Com 

M.Com is one of the most preferred postgraduate programs in India. A job after an M.Com degree program is always a concern for students. This article has listed the ten best jobs one can enter after their M.Com degree. Find out the top best job options after M.Com.

  1. Is an online MBA valid in India?  

Online MBA courses provided by top universities are entitled and recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The UGC regulates the quality of online degree programs and certifications offered by universities in India. Nowadays, employers value an online MBA and traditional on-campus MBA equally. Get clarified your doubt on the validity of online MBA in India

  1. Best online master’s degree programs 

An online master’s degree not only provides greater flexibility and affordability, but also helps you expand your professional network. Today, enrollments for online master’s degree programs like MBA, MCA and MSc have gone up, considering the benefits of online learning. Best online master’s degree programs are here.

  1. India sees a jump in online degree enrollments 

A November 2022 report by University Grants Commission (UGC) stated that the enrollments for online programs has jumped by 179% in India. Most learners prefer online degree programs like MBA, MCA, BBA and BCA. Learn more about the online degree enrollments in India.

  1. How online degrees help you manage your studies while working 

An online degree provides utmost flexibility and accessibility to working professionals, as they don’t have to quit their jobs to study. They can study at their own pace and continue working while upskilling themselves. Read to know about benefits of online degrees for working professionals.

  1. Are online degrees acceptable in the USA? 

If you are pursuing an online degree and are worried whether it is valid in the USA, we got you covered. Online degrees from duly recognized universities are valid in the USA. Read this article to find out more about the online degrees validity in the USA.  

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