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The role of social media in education

Online Manipal Editorial Team | December 13, 2021

A cluster of applications and websites connected on a platform integrated with computer intervened network, where people can share, create and post content socially is called social media. Social media’s primary motive is to enable social networking virtually. 

Over the years, social media was widely accepted as a credible source of information owing to the rise of people and organizations using them as a vital source of communication. 

Benefits of social media in education

With the growing benefits of social media, students and teachers leverage the platforms for sharing, learning and exploring different topics. Social media enables:

  1. Easy sharing of information among the students’ and the teachers’ fraternity and it helps the students providing a wider exposure.
  2. Social media is cost efficient and enables easy transfer of large information at your fingertip. It also provides data encryption and secured sharing of personalised information
  3. In the school or college, the data sharing is bound to time. However, any news or information can be shared and checked for credibility as it is accessible from anywhere
  4. Industry experts have created content fragments that help the students to access and have an in-depth knowledge of the desired topics by reaching out to the particular expert.
  5. A dynamic platform that enables the students to do social learning and contact their peers across the globe.  Social media has been instrumental in assisting people from across the globe to come closer and share relevant knowledge and information.
  6.  It gives access to different and forms of content that help broaden the field of study. 

Social Media, Moreover, provides credible online degrees classes in India and abroad. A student from India can receive a desired degree from prestigious colleges like Harvard and Stanford in the comfort of their home and at their pace. The future of education ahs taken a major shift with the advent of social media and credible colleges joining the bandwagon of providing online degree courses and certified courses that help upskilling of employees. 

Social media manager – as a profession

Owing to the rise in social media popularity and online study in India, several career opportunities have grown along with the field. For instance, social media manager- A dedicated person taking care of brand image online, i.e. how the company/start-up has its online reputation. Brand management includes the kind of content the company puts forth on the social network, their logo, their mission and vision representation etc.  The social media manager takes care of the online sales leads and is responsible to increase the footprint of the company among the consumers. 

There is analytics, and campaigns created and executed to get the desired sales drive for the companies. During the pandemic, social media was one of the major factors for driving the marketing and sales rate of a company. It helps the companies to reach out to their customers in different cities, states or countries.


Social Media has great impact on the education sector especially due to pandemic. The current pandemic situation has pushed all the schools and colleges to take their tutoring system online. Thus resulting in various online degree classes in India. Manipal University Jaipur, is one of the leaders in providing online graduate and post graduate online degree courses in business administration and computer applications. Our social media handles



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