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An MBA helps scale up hospital brand: Dr. Younus Ali 

Many entrepreneurs are finding new ways to improve the delivery of healthcare services. With an aging population, there is an increased demand for new solutions to address healthcare needs. Healthcare entrepreneurs are also exploring innovative ways to use technology to reduce costs and improve the overall quality of patient care. By leveraging technology and creating new solutions, entrepreneurs in healthcare are helping drive change in the industry and making a positive impact on the lives of patients. 

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system in India. It relies on the natural approach to the mental and physical well-being of humans. The popularity of this traditional healthcare system is growing in India and abroad. People find Ayurveda for wellness and a healthy lifestyle.  Entrepreneurship in Ayurveda in India is also seeing an upswing, especially in Kerala and other metropolitan cities. 

We interviewed Dr. Younus Ali P, an Ayurveda doctor who owns a hospital in the temple town of Kadampuzha in North Kerala. In this interview, he explains how an MBA helps an entrepreneur in the Ayurveda industry. Read more below –  

Tells us about yourself – your background and education  

I’m from a middle-class family near Ayurveda city Kottakkal in Malappuram district of Kerala. I secured a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine Surgery (BAMS) degree from ALN Rao Ayurvedic Medical College in 2011. Since then, I started practicing in various Ayurveda hospitals and clinics.  

What was your specialization? 

I specialized in Panchakarma, it is a distinctive therapy composed of preventive, curative, and restorative measures for a variety of illnesses. Besides treating patients, I’m also interested in medicine preparations and finding new combinations. 

Why did you start an entrepreneurial venture instead of just continuing practice in different hospitals/clinics?  

When I realized the demand for Ayurveda while working in different hospitals and clinics and saw the regular patient inflow, I felt it is better if I have my own venture. I chose to start my entrepreneurial journey because it gives me more freedom to do my work.  

Do you think you could do better if you have an MBA degree? Why?  

Yes, I definitely believe I could do better if I had an MBA degree. I’ve been considering getting one and when I can clear my current commitments, I’ll enroll in an MBA program. Because an MBA will be helpful for me to understand the business possibilities, trends, and market in depth. It will be useful for me to learn various techniques to strategically market my brand and contribute to its growth.  

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How do you plan to pursue an MBA amid your busy schedule? 

I’ve been looking into different types of education and it’s tough for me to do on-campus classes. I stumbled upon online MBA programs, and it sounds like a much better fit for someone in my situation, since I can learn from my phone or tablet whenever I have time or on lean days. I can study from my clinic or on the go, and even travel for consultation during the period of the program. Plus, a lot of top universities are offering them, so it’s worth considering. I’m currently looking around and comparing different programs to find the best one for me. I will choose a program from a well-recognized university which suits my needs and fits my spending capacity. 

How will an MBA in Healthcare Management help you scale up your business enterprise?  

An MBA in healthcare management covers various aspects of healthcare and hospital management. Since I own a hospital, an MBA will be very helpful for me to scale up my business by implementing techniques taught in this program. For example, acquiring knowledge about operations management in hospitals will help us streamline the entire process in our hospitals. Every doctor who runs a clinic or hospital must be aware of the nuances of operations management, quality management, and newly emerging health informatics.  

What do you think about the future of Ayurveda treatment in Kerala and outside?  

The future of Ayurveda in Kerala and outside is bright. Since the government itself promote indigenous treatments under AYUSH Ministry, Ayurveda has a broad scope. Currently, we’re receiving people from foreign countries for treatment. In my acquaintances alone, several people are opening Ayurvedic treatment centers all around the world.  

Given the increasing lifestyle and contagious diseases, Ayurveda will be a better option for people’s wellness and improve their immunity. After all, a healthy society is the backbone of a nation’s growth.


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