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Top 10 highest paid jobs in India for commerce graduates

Master of Commerce (M.Com) graduates have opportunities in various fields. They can be employed in law firms, economic departments of government institutions, as lecturers, business consultants, and financial managers to name a few. Of all M.Com online degree courses in India, Manipal M.Com tops the list because of its job ready curriculum. 

Top 10 jobs that offer highest salaries for commerce students

Product Manager

  • Roles and Responsibilities

A product manager generates product requirements based on market study. The product will bring revenue to the organization. The product manager oversees the creation, testing, implementation, maintenance, sales, and customer engagement of the product. 

  • Skills required

Product managers must have a strong understanding of the business, financial accounting skills, managerial ability, and communication skills. It also helps if the product manager understands economics, business laws, and financial management. 

Marketing Manager

  • Roles and Responsibilities

A marketing manager creates marketing strategies, success criteria, revenue generation roadmaps, product positioning guidelines. The different phases of a marketing lifecycle are defined by this person.

  • Skills required

Strong understanding of marketing theory and methodologies. Helps to have data science and data mining skills. Presentation skills, customer interaction skills, business sense, and finance market knowledge. 

Investment Banker

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Manage IPOs and private equity. Conduct research and investigations. Plan mergers and acquisitions. Offer financial planning and risk analysis advice. Participate in corporate restructuring. Discover potential investment opportunities. 

  • Skills required

Entrepreneurial ability. Global perspective. Relationship building skills. Financial market knowledge. Strong knowledge of accounting, taxation, and corporate law. Financial and business analysis. 

Company secretary

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Provide strategic, financial, and legal advice. Ensure statutory, regulatory, and policy changes are up to date. Maintain registers and statutory books. Implement corporate management processes. Manage shareholder relationships. 

  • Skills required

Influencing and organizational skills. Formal degree and post-graduate degree in accounting, commerce, taxation, business, business law. Attention to detail. Financial and business acumen. Awareness of legal rules and regulations. 

Cost Accountant

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Build standards for costing labor and materials. Analyze, build, and improve cost accounting processes and systems. Oversee inventory optimization, inventory management costs. Hire and train accounting units. 

  • Skills required

Strong knowledge of accounting and accounting systems of many countries. Skills for budgeting, managing costs, and analyzing expenditure. Tech-savvy and proficiency in using cost accountancy software tools. 

Professional Accountant

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Preparing tax returns and accounts. Monitoring budgets and expenses. Analyzing and auditing financial performance. Forecasting and analyzing risk. Advising the business on cost-reduction. Corroborating and compiling budget and financial reports. 

  • Skills required

Familiarity with budgeting and financial management systems and software. Practical experience of quantitative analysis, managerial accounting, micro and macro-economics, and financial accounting. 

Retail Manager

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Maintaining financial and statistical records. Controlling stock purchases and overseeing pricing. Resolving customer queries and complaints. Managing and preparing budgets. Recruiting and training staff. 

  • Skills required

Strong understanding of the business. Customer centric attitude. Business planning and delegation skills. Conceptualization and implementation ability. Leadership skills and self-motivated personality. 

Online MCom degree at MUJ (Online Manipal)

The online Master of Commerce post-graduate degree from Manipal University Jaipur is a 24 month course. It equips students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.

Benefits of online MCom Program from Manipal

  • This is amongst the best online courses online  with broad with a broad and deep curriculum. Extensively researched. Advanced topics. Job-ready course.
  • Flexible schedules. Proctored examinations. Experienced and knowledgeable faculty makes this amongst the top online degree programs in India. 
  • Accredited and reputed university. Knowledgeable career guides, mentors, and placement assistance members. 

Pursue Online MCom Degree from MUJ (Online Manipal)

After graduating with an online Mcom degree from Manipal University Jaipur, graduates can explore many roles. They can become business managers, financial analysts, market analysts, accountants, investment managers, asset managers, financial risk managers etc. 

Get more details from MUJ (Online Manipal)

Contact Manipal University Jaipur student counselors to get more information on the online M.Com program and several other online degree courses. Download the brochure, read through the course details, and apply online. The course is well-suited for working professionals to upgrade their careers with world-class education. 

Few Considerations to Make Before Enrolling in an Online Degree Program

Online Degree Program – What is it and how does it work?

An online program, also called an eLearning program is offered through an online virtual medium. It is a formal program that is as good as studying at a regular university. Therefore, it is not to be taken casually. 

Many students and their parents do not understand the gravity and importance of online programs. They still consider regular education offered at physical locations such as college and university campuses as real education. 

But the fact of the matter is – there are several online programs that provide education that surpasses the quality levels of regular educational institutions. The online degree courses offered by Manipal University Jaipur are a prime example of this. 

They are so reputed that the industry prefers students from online Manipal University over regular universities. 

Considerations to make before choosing an online program

  • Online Courses are taught by qualified professors

Check the credentials of the professors. Ensure that their education is legitimate. Ask them to put their credentials online. Check with the university if they can provide demo classes. In the demo classes, check if the professors know what they are talking about. To avoid all of these hassles, better enroll for online degree courses in India from Manipal University Jaipur.

  • Well-established university

Whether a university is well-established or not is not easy to find. That’s why many people prefer doing online master’s degree in India programs from known universities such as Manipal. Doing it from elsewhere is risky. Even if a known university is offering an online program, there is no guarantee of its quality. Manipal University Jaipur is doing it to help students become professionals and help the industry with a pool of highly-capable talented professionals. 

  • Student-friendly

The university should have flexible policies. They should allow flexible schedules. This is because many students could be working professionals. And having rigid educational policies could create inconveniences. Student friendliness of online degree courses from Manipal extends beyond policies. It exists at student-teacher interaction levels, placement assistance, project assistance, and even alumni networking guidance. 

  • Accreditation

The online degree courses in India, postgraduate courses, and vocational courses offered by Manipal University Jaipur are accredited by national and international regulatory authorities. This level of accreditation demonstrates not just the validity of the course, but also its value. 

  • Opportunities for collaboration

Online degree courses and post-graduate degree courses from Manipal University Jaipur provide opportunities for collaboration. Students can network with each other, alumni, faculty, industry experts, subject matter experts, etc. Such facilities are rarely provided by other online universities, let alone regular universities. 

  • Proctored Exams

These types of online exams are fool-proof and tamper-proof. They are technologically advanced. Students attempt the exams sitting at their desired locations, which could be at home or even a coffee shop. The exams are structured in a manner that passing these exams will require knowledge and practical experience. Online degree courses in India and post-graduate courses from Manipal University Jaipur have this type of exam delivery. 

  • Placement Assistance

Only reputed online masters degree India and post-graduate India course educators such as Manipal have successful placement assistance. Most other online universities only have promised. There are no guarantees. But with Manipal, students are actually job-ready in a matter of a few months. This makes it easier to provide them with placement assistance. 


Online education will soon replace regular college and university education. Online education is being facilitated by fool-proof, tamper-proof, and secure technologies. E-Learning platforms are becoming sophisticated. Students, teachers, parents, faculty, industry experts, outside faculty, alumni are all able to communicate and collaborate effectively via an online medium. 

7 Interesting Aspects of an online MBA course

An online MBA is currently the most favored way to get a management degree online. But there are not many online MBA courses in India that provide quality education. But that is changing, thanks to our online MBA course from Manipal. Widely regarded as the foremost of all the best online MBA programs in India, the online MBA from Manipal equips students for bright and rewarding careers. 

What to expect in an online MBA course?

  • Quality education

An online MBA from Manipal is a great opportunity for students to gain a quality education. They can get educated at the most prestigious of universities without traveling thousands of miles. They have access to the most current, trending, and job-oriented course material. 

They are educated by experienced and renowned faculty, industry experts, and researchers. Students also gain experiential learning by doing projects that simulate real-life projects. 

  • Affordable education

Compared to other online MBA courses in India, an online MBA from Manipal is affordable. It is a fabulous opportunity for those wishing to gain international standard MBA education at a reasonable price. 

The cost is only a fraction of what it costs at other so-called top-tier B schools. Also, the fact that this online MBA is one of the best online MBA programs in India for MBA curriculum gives it that added advantage. 

  • Flexible schedules

The most distinguishing aspect of the online MBA from Manipal is that it is very flexible and student-friendly. That’s the reason why so many working professionals prefer this MBA. 

Unlike other online MBA courses in India, where students may not have that level of flexibility, the online Manipal MBA is very flexible. Schedules, proctored exams, assignments, classroom session recordings – all of this and more make learning from this university enjoyable. 

  • Faculty support and guidance

One of the distinguishing features of the best online MBA programs in India is the faculty support. A supportive teacher-student ecosystem facilitates learning. 

Structured feedback mechanisms, assessment methodologies, improvement checklists, and open dialogue create a harmonious environment. Students are able to progress and measurably so. Teachers are able to modify their teaching methodologies to suit students’ adaptive learning needs. 

  • Classroom interaction

An online MBA from Manipal University Jaipur is highly respected on account of the level of engagement that students and teachers have. Live online classroom sessions, either group-based or individual-based, build competence. 

Quality classroom interactions, between students, and between students and teachers bridge the gap between an online world and the real world. Online MBA courses in India such as these have the technology to achieve this. 

  • Study materials – internal and external

Manipal is largely considered as one of the best online MBA programs in India to have well-researched study materials. The curriculum has been designed thoughtfully. 

Many hands are behind the creation of the course materials. It includes industry researchers, academicians, subject matter experts, experienced faculty, and past students. 

  • Specialization studies

An online MBA program provides several electives. Students can specialize in a particular area. Examples of electives are finance, marketing, analytics, data science, HRM, operations management, retail management, BFSI, IT, and fintech. 

Manipal University Jaipur is one of the best online MBA courses in India to offer cutting-edge curriculum one specializations. 

Why MUJ (Online Manipal) for an online MBA program?

Online MBA from Manipal University Jaipur leads the best online MBA programs in India. This online MBA program has been ranked #1 in all aspects. They are namely, curriculum, job prospects, affordability, online infrastructure, quality of faculty, student experience, alumni network quality, placement assistance effectiveness, career counseling effectiveness, etc. 

Doing an online MBA degree from Manipal is surely a bright decision for any management aspirant or someone looking to upgrade their career to the next stage.

MBA electives offered at Manipal University Jaipur, which is best for you?

MBA or Masters in Business Administration is a professional course that increases job opportunities and opens up vast scope for your career. Not only does an MBA degree increase your annual income scale, but also helps you to shine in your chosen career path. 

What is an MBA specialisation?

An MBA concentration course or commonly termed as MBA specialization is a core business administration course that prepares candidates in their chosen field. For instance, a candidate pursuing MBA in Finance has specialized in finance-related fields and can join any financial organization in management posts. 

Some of the best MBA courses for specializations are:

  • MBA in Finance and Marketing.
  • MBA in Human Resource Management.
  • MBA in Analytics and Data Science.
  • MBA in Operations.
  • MBA in Retail management.
  • MBA in BFSI.
  • MBA in IT and FinTech.

How to choose an MBA specialisation?

Choosing the right MBA specialization is a vital task. One must understand each of the specialization options available and how they can shape one’s career. Above all, one must always take their interest factor into account. A student who is interested in the marketing field must choose an MBA in Marketing to be able to shine and find suitable job roles.

One’s career goals and interest are the two most essential factors while deciding on the MBA specialization. The student needs to focus on a career path. The direction must be clear and properly planned. Because wrong specialization in most cases yields no success. 

Another essential factor to look for is the ranking of the MBA institute. There is a reason why top-ranked MBA institutes are the most sought after. The reputation of your B-school or university will shape your entire career journey. The best ranking MBA institutes have a global standard syllabus, highly qualified and experienced faculty and they provide excellent placement opportunities.

MBA electives offered at Manipal University Jaipur 

Manipal University in Jaipur is one of the best universities for MBA that offers both offline and online MBA programs. Here’s the list of all the MBA specializations offered in MUJ.

1. MBA in Finance

Who is this degree suited for? 

MBA in Finance is known as one of the best MBA courses and is the most popular specialization. This degree is suitable for anyone with an interest and skills in finance. This course previous background in finance or professionals working in any sector can enroll in this course to upgrade their career. 

What will you learn?

Students of this course will learn the various aspects of the finance department. This course gives deeper knowledge on public, corporate and personal finance. The curriculum includes core areas such as budgeting, tax, financial markets, portfolio management, etc.

Career scope

Students completing MBA in Finance can work as a financial managers, investment bankers, portfolio management, finance analyst, credit managers, finance officers, and more.

2. MBA in Marketing

Who is this degree suited for?

If anyone aspires to build their career in the marketing field, an MBA degree in Marketing is a suitable choice for them. Whether one wants to start afresh career or upgrade their current job position, MBA in Marketing will inculcate core knowledge on business ethics, leadership and analytical skills and marketing strategies.

What will you learn?

Students completing MBA in Marketing will learn various aspects of business and marketing such as market research, consumer behavior, business strategies, digital marketing and lots more.

Career scope

Students after successful completion of this course will be able to find job roles such as sales manager, marketing specialist, business analyst, social media manager, retail manager, etc.

3. MBA in Human Resource Management

Who is this degree suited for?

Anyone who wishes to work in the human resource department of an organization may apply for an MBA in HRM. It is a perfect course for aspiring HR managers.

What will you learn?

Students enrolling for MBA in HRM will learn all the core areas of human resource subject such as recruitment, selection, training and other aspects of the human resource department.

Career scope

Students after completing MBA in HRM can start their career as a human resource manager, staffing manager, employee relations officer, employee training and recruitment manager, etc.

4. MBA In Operations Management

Who is this degree suited for?

Any MBA degree will provide you with a return on investment if you put your effort, time and expense into it. This degree is suited for applicants who want to pursue a master’s in business administration in operation management. To take up this course, one has to have a bachelor’s degree with more than two years of work experience and a GRE or GMAT score.

What will you learn?

You will learn about designing a system, data processing skills, people management skills, project management skills and various other skills. Apart from that, you would be inculcated with production-oriented operations management skills while understanding the importance of innovation in business.

Career scope

After completing the course, one may find job roles such as warehouse operations manager, purchasing manager, operation consultant, supply chain manager, marketing, or sales operations manager.

5. MBA in Analytics And Data Science

Who is this degree suited for?

Candidates who want to have a holistic understanding of data science can take this course. Students who want to understand the modern business environment while deploying cutting-edge analytical methods should choose this degree.

What will you learn?

Students who take up MBA in analytics and data science are blessed to have many skills. They can be efficient enough to understand coding and diverse computer languages, including python and SQL. The course also helps the students to get significant insights into some of the unique and valuable skills. It is one of the most chosen topics in the Masters of Business Administration studies.

Career scope

Data scientists have a high demand in various fields, including banking and finance, transport, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce. One can take up the role of Risk Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Trainer, or Data Analyst.

6. MBA In Retail Management

Who is this degree suited for?

Students who want to prepare for consumer goods services or industries should take an MBA in retail management. The students would understand industry-specific challenges that can help them climb the career ladder faster.

What will you learn?

Once the student takes up an MBA in retail management, they would get familiar with organized retail. The course would also incorporate operational and strategic decision-making in any retail business. Moreover, the students would get an overview of the retail industry while understanding the various areas of accountability.

Career scope

Retail happens to be one of the progressive industries. Candidates can find jobs such as brand manager, store manager, marketing manager, etc.

7. MBA In BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance)

Who is this degree suited for?

Students with a keen interest in Financial Technology can take up this course. It helps the students to understand the integration between finance and technology. The students would also have a new outlook on how the business is done in insurance firms, banking institutions, stock trading, payment banks and non-banking financial companies.

What will you learn?

The course would help you understand various innovative technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Python, and many more. Students would also develop an in-depth understanding of Robo advisory, peer-to-peer lending, algorithm trading, and insured tech that can help make them more efficient in the related financial services sector.

Career scope

Students with a degree after MBA in BFSI (Banking, Financial Service, and Insurance) would get placements in various fintech ventures. Some placement companies that can provide job opportunities to these degree-holders include MobiKwik, Paytm, PayPal, and many more.

8. MBA In Information Technology (IT) And Financial Technology (FinTech)

Who is this degree suited for?

This degree is suited for students interested in financial technology and Information Technology. Moreover, students with eligibility criteria of B. Tech in Computer Science and Information Technology, B.Sc. or BCA in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and IT would be applicable for this course.

What will you learn?

One would develop skills in operations sales and marketing, manufacturing or human resource management, and technological skills. This course also helps the candidate develop skills in various technologies used for Digital Business Transformation, Information Security, Data Analytics and many more. The students would also be able to acquire managerial skills. It can help them to run the modern digital business in an efficient manner.

Career scope

After completing the course, students can find their careers in Consulting Technology, Insurance, Financial Services Management, or Digital Business. This course helps the students to seek a lot of options on the avenues of finance, Information Technology, and Management.

With MUJ you will be a part of an extensive alumni community and gain more insight of world business issues and the global economy. MUJ helps its students to stay connected 24*7 with the faculty and alumni to understand core subjects and expand the professional network.

MUJ also offers the best placement scope for successful candidates after the completion of the MBA course. So every potential MBA graduate can expect a high-paying job as per their chosen specialisation at renowned companies and organizations. 

Things you need to know about online MBA in Finance

Being a postgraduate programme, an online MBA in finance is amongst the sought-after online MBA courses in India. This MBA equips students to become effective managers of finances and accounts of multi-national organisations. Students gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of business areas such as asset management, pricing, financial management, and risk management.

The course has many areas related to financial planning, financial management, costing, management accounting, capital markets, capital structure, advance marketing, etc. Just like other MBA online programs in India that provide job opportunities, the Finance MBA in online mode provides a variety of job prospects as well. Online MBA finance students have varied and versatile career options. 

Key highlights of an online MBA in Finance

  • Online MBA courses in India are offered over a virtual medium. Online MBA in Finance is offered over a virtual eLearning platform.
  • Classroom trainings are held virtually. Classroom sessions are recorded. Students have access to these recordings anytime.
  • Student and teacher engagement is high. Unlike a real classroom environment, in a virtualised setting, it is possible to have one to one discussions with students. 
  • Students have access to digital libraries and several other online resources. They are also able to manage their educational materials better. It is much better than carrying heavy books around. 
  • After the course, students are guided by placement assistance and career mentorship to find suitable jobs. 

MBA Finance online 

  • Course Duration

In a matter of 24 months, students learn a whole gamut of subjects. Manipal University Jaipur is amongst those unique MBA online programs in India that provide a comprehensive course curriculum. The curriculum spans topic areas such as macroeconomics, capital and money markets, investment banking, capital budgeting, optimal cash flow analysis, and business statistics to name a few. 

  • Eligibility

Online MBA courses in India have a general set of eligibility requirements. Manipal University Jaipur’s online MBA eligibility requirements are a 10 + 2 + 3 bachelor’s degree. Candidates must have a good score from a management aptitude test such as CAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT. 

Online MBA in Finance at Online Manipal

Manipal University Jaipur’s online MBA is considered the foremost of all MBA online programs in India. It offers finance as an elective with their online MBA. The uniqueness of this course is its industry-leading curriculum. Added to it are the projects, faculty, experiential learning, digital learning resources, scholarships, and affordable fee structure. 

The course is favored by working professionals. The flexible schedule of the course enables them to work and learn simultaneously. Compared to other online MBA courses in India, Manipal students are able to bag coveted posts in prestigious organisations. This is because the study materials prepare students to become management cadres that are better than the rest. 

Accreditation for online MBA

There are many MBA online programs in India that do not have the necessary accreditation. They are also not well-recognised in the industry by industry leaders. The lack of quality in study materials, infrastructure, student engagement, student support services, and industry contacts leads to a decline in the educational experience. 

That’s why Manipal’s online MBA courses in India are highly preferred by one and all. Not only are these MBA programs recognised and accredited by national and international accrediting authorities, but they also have industry recognition as well. Industry acceptance of these courses makes doing them worthwhile. Manipal students have reached great heights in their careers because of these MBA programs with national and international accreditation from leading educational bodies. 

MBA Finance online admission

For applying to MBA online programs in India offered by Manipal, the process is to initially fill out an online application form. After the details are provided, an admission counselor reaches out to the student. The admission counselor may require further information. 

The student is required to furnish details of past education, and also professional work experience if it exists. The student will furnish the residential and identification proofs. An application fee needs to be paid. The details of the application fee are available on the Online Manipal website. Once the admission process is approved, the student is notified and is on-boarded. 

Benefits of MBA in Finance course

  • Online MBA courses in India such as MBA finance are structured in a way to provide business and financial acumen to students. 
  • Students can not only become management consultants, but financial consultants, business consultants, and domain experts as well. 
  • Students learn about corporate risks, financial risks, investment strategies, global economics, banking economics, leadership, strategy, marketing, and statistics. 
  • Students are exposed to a wide variety of subject areas. This awareness of various aspects of a business enterprise allows them to explore various careers and progress through various career levels. 
  • Finance MBA online programs in India create versatile business leaders who can specialize in private banking, merchant banking, venture capital management, consulting etc. 

Career opportunities

Online MBA courses in India specialising in Finance provide a wide variety of career options. Some of the new age job opportunities lay in trading firms, cash flow analysis, client probability analysis, risk analysis, financial analysis, and virtual financing. 

Some of the traditional job roles after an MBA in Finance are Chief Financial Officer, Accounts Manager, Corporate Controller, Financial Services Engineer, Financial Analyst, Financial Counselor, Investment Banker, Cash Flow Manager, Budget Analyst, Management Consultant, Equity Research Analyst, and Business Analyst. 

However, after finishing MBA online programs in India with a specialisation in Finance, students are not restricted to any of the aforementioned roles. They can find jobs in any sector, in any role, and in any business vertical. 

Salary packages

Not all online MBA courses in India generate the same level of promise and excitement with employers as Manipal does. Hence, the salary packages for Manipal students are generally on the higher side. Manipal students have on average better knowledge, skills, and experiential learning than other MBA students from other MBA online programs in India. 

Why should you get an online MBA in Finance?

An MBA in Finance from a prestigious online MBA course in India provider such as Manipal can uplift anybody’s career in a matter of a few months. This MBA in Finance course is a comprehensive one with an industry-leading curriculum. Prepared by experienced faculty, industry leaders, subject matter experts, and researchers, the cutting-edge job-ready curriculum is well-recognised and respected by the business world. 

MBA Finance Online FAQs:

What can I do after MBA in finance?

After MBA in Finance, one can start applying for jobs. There are a plethora of opportunities available. It is better to specialise in one core area. MBA in Finance graduates can also think of entrepreneurship. 

Is an MBA in finance a good option?

Online MBA courses in India such as MBA in Finance are a good option for those looking towards careers such as financial management, financial engineering, financial product management, financial budget analysis.

Who should pursue an online MBA in Finance?

Anybody after graduation can pursue an MBA in Finance. The course provides invaluable knowledge to become effective business leaders. 

Does online MBA Finance have any value?

MBA in Finance is one of the most valuable MBA online programs in India.

What is the minimum qualification required to enroll for an online Finance MBA course?

A 10 + 2 + 3 degree from a recognised university. 


Those who are keen on pursuing an internationally accredited management course with a specialisation in finance and accounting can choose the Finance elective with your online MBA at Manipal University Jaipur. Amongst all MBA online programs in India, this online MBA program is the most respected, reputed, and accepted. 

The rise of the online MBA courses in 2021: Why should you consider it?


Management education is always seen in high regard. Organizations value people who can bring in good business acumen, marketing skills, sales ability, general administration abilities, and several other business critical skills. 

There are several theories and principles of management. The successful ones are implemented in organizations on a large scale. But organizations want more than just copy-cat implementation of management frameworks. They want professionals who can adopt a scientific and data-based approach towards management.

The online MBA course from Manipal University Jaipur is therefore considered a course that nurtures modern-day managers. The course has cutting-edge curriculum tailored to create a breed of management professionals who have a definitive and results-oriented management style. 

What is an online MBA?

An online MBA is an MBA program that is delivered remotely using an online virtual medium. The delivery of the MBA program uses virtual classrooms, labs, digital libraries, online feedback sessions, and online exams. As everything is conducted online, students may not be physically present at a college or university premises. 

The syllabus of the online MBA course is no different than a regular MBA program. Online MBA courses normally mirror regular MBA courses. In fact, the syllabus of an online MBA course from Manipal University Jaipur is considered to be far superior to regular MBAs from the so-called top B-schools. This is known to many people in the industry too, and that’s why Manipal MBA students have an edge over others. 

What is triggering the growth of online MBA?

One of the main reasons why an online MBA is preferred over a regular MBA is the flexibility that it provides. A regular MBA does have its advantages. But an online MBA course such as the one provided by Manipal University Jaipur has outshone those advantages. Interestingly, those who completed the online MBA distance education from Manipal have landed plum management jobs.

All of this is proof enough that an online MBA is valuable and very useful. So that is why many working professionals, engineering graduates, non-engineering graduates, commerce graduates, science graduates prefer to do online MBA courses. The flexible hours, and the elimination of unnecessary travel makes online MBA the most preferred way to study management. 

2021 trend for management studies

Because of the pandemic, the importance of online courses such as MBA online courses has risen. But there are hardly any good online courses. Except for the ones offered by Manipal University Jaipur. As per many graduates and post-graduates, online courses from this university are on par and even exceed quality of education standards than that offered by regular top-tier universities.

Therefore, the trend in 2021 has heavily tilted towards studying management courses such as MBA using an online medium. Industry leaders and fortune 500 companies have approved the use of online study. Hence, they view online MBA programs like the ones offered at Manipal University Jaipur as valuable and worthy. 

What are some of the challenges for online courses?

There are absolutely no challenges for online courses that are worth noting. In fact, an online MBA course in India is fast becoming the preferred way to study. The challenges lie more in spreading awareness of the efficacy of online courses. IT infrastructure requirements. Qualified faculty. Project guidance. Lab and virtual classroom IT infrastructure. Physical inspection of systems for better understanding.

For online MBA programs, there are no major challenges related to labs or equipment testing. Even in MBA programs that are focused on technology management, virtualized labs are sufficient. So, it is highly convenient to take online MBA programs than the regular ones. Not only do students save on travel-related expenses, but they can also get educated at quality institutions sitting at their homes. 

Online MBA program at MUJ

Manipal University Jaipur online MBA course opens the doors to a world of possibilities. In a matter of 24 months, students are equipped with industry-leading knowledge and skills. They become astute practitioners of management principles. They can apply best practices and proven management frameworks with minimal guidance. 

The online MBA course from MUJ prepares students to become business custodians as well. They become expert business planners, organization modelers, market researchers, and industry thought leaders. They are able to study the vast and dynamic business world and spot trends, opportunities, threats, weaknesses, and strengths. Many of them become entrepreneurs with confidence and demonstrate a whole new paradigm of management that is effective and sustainable. 

Program Details 

The online MBA course offered through a world-class eLearning virtual platform is highly revered and respected by the industry. The course is recognized and accredited by all leading regulatory authorities in India and overseas. 

Manipal University Jaipur is NAAC A+ certified. It has all the necessary IT and technological infrastructure to ensure a smooth learning experience for students. The course is created by a mix of leading faculty, industry experts, and subject matter experts. 

The course prepares students for jobs such as program management, project management, chief executive office, chief technology officer, chief business officer, chief marketing officer, marketing manager, technical manager, director, product manager, etc. 

Grow your career with support from an incredible university

Manipal University Jaipur has received positive and favorable reviews from students – present and past. The university is also held in high esteem by industry leaders, HR managers, hiring managers, and research establishments. This is because those who successfully completed the online MBA course from Manipal University Jaipur were able to perform on the job with minimal guidance and training.

Those who wish to take up a cutting-edge online MBA course that provides them with the most up-to-date curriculum can take up the online MBA course from Manipal University Jaipur. This university has by far the best curriculum to learn and apply management theory and practicals.

Why enroll in an MBA program?

  • Career flexibility

There is no need to leave a job to do an MBA course. An online MBA course can be completed whilst having one’s regular job. The flexibility provided by the online MBA program allows this. The ability to not miss a class because of recorded sessions is a huge improvement compared to regular MBA programs.

  • Knowledge breadth

An online MBA program is also open to faculty, some of whom may offer online education from an overseas location. This may not be possible in a regular MBA course. The virtue of being able to impart education from any location makes online courses powerful. An MBA program, it presents innumerable possibilities to invite faculty from around the world to provide lectures. 

Why are online MBAs the future?

Online education is the future. But very few get it right. Some, who do, such as Manipal University Jaipur, are in demand. And there are limited seats. So, anyone wishing to get admission into Manipal online university has to do so fast. 

Online MBAs will no longer be a choice, but the norm. The benefits of online MBA programs outweigh their so-called disadvantages. In fact, disadvantages do not exist. Even if they do, they are not related to the online MBA program itself.


Getting quality education is a way to change one’s direction into the right path. An online MBA from Manipal University Jaipur is the right path that many have taken, and are successfully building their careers in their respective fields. 

Why BBA? Top reasons to choose BBA

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, it is a professional undergraduate program that helps you learn about the nitty-gritty of business and management. It is a three-year course that also acts as a stepping stone for those interested in pursuing MBA in the future. BBA is becoming increasingly popular among the students. Choosing a career can be a life-changing decision for students. So, it is important to make well-informed and well-calculated decisions that are also in the best interest of the students as well. Knowing what subjects interest you make the process easier. It teaches students about economics, statistics, mathematics, management, etc. BBA shapes you as an individual and prepares you with entrepreneurial skills. 

Considering BBA as a career

BBA teaches business, promotes entrepreneurship and management. So, if you are someone who sees yourself as a business owner or an entrepreneur, you should check out the online BBA courses available. If you graduate from a reputable college, such as Manipal University, you will have a plethora of opportunities.

Key reasons for choosing BBA 

Highly In-demand course: Skilled managers and individuals having a business mindset are highly in demand. From small business groups to MNCs, management roles are always available. 

High salary potential: Everyone desires a good salary, as compared to other employees, BBA graduates are highly compensated for their skills and management decisions. The salary we would receive after completing a course might influence our decision while selecting a course. Fortunately, BBA does well on this test.

Knowledge of FAME: The fame group subjects include Finance, Accounting, Management, and Economics. These subjects are highly in demand worldwide. BBA prepares you for the same and there are ample opportunities worldwide. 

Acknowledge accreditation: When an employer looks at your CV or resume, they would like to know your background and the college where you completed the online BBA course from. 

Specializations to choose from: Once you are clear about what you want to choose as a career, you would eventually understand which subject to specialize in. There are a lot of specializations to choose from, such as Financial Services, Marketing, and so on.

Building transferable skills: This course helps you in building transferable skills. From legal background to any other sector. 

Building a good business and academic network: Apart from the curriculum you will also get to meet fellow students, alumni, and guest speakers which strengthens your professional and academic network. This network might also help in future ventures. 

High earning potential: The amount that you invest in online BBA courses is worth it. Money can be a crucial factor that affects our decision. After doing BBA you’ll have a lot of exposure and employable skills that’ll help you land your dream job. By the time you graduate, there will be a lot of opportunities waiting for you. Hence this course is value for money. 

Become an effective team player: In this program, you will learn the concept of management so that you understand the value of a team and have collaborative skills. Working as a team will be a crucial part of your job. 

It also helps in other skills like: 

 Communication: BBA as a course molds your personality and grooms you to face the world with confidence and communication skills. Communication is one of the most critical abilities for success in practically every industry. Good communication skills make you more approachable, making it simpler to make a lasting impact on anyone.

Leadership: Leadership quality is required in every step of life. Leadership and decision-making abilities move hand in hand, and BBA prepares them for that. Once you complete your BBA, you’ll be required to manage people under you. 

Entrepreneurial skills: BBA promotes entrepreneurial drive in students. It prepares them to start their own business venture by imparting the required acumen. 

Discovering inner capabilities: This training will not only assist you in breaking into the corporate world, but it will also assist you in uncovering inner qualities that you were previously unaware of.

Is BBA a good course for the future? 

After BBA, there are a lot of options available for the students to choose from. There are a variety of courses that the students can pursue like an MBA. It is like an extension to Masters of Business Administration (MBA). It has great potential in terms of salary and job opportunities. This course prepares you to become managers at entry-level positions, by imparting students with required skills that give them an edge in employability.

Let’s discuss the future career possibilities after pursuing BBA: 

It prepares you for roles like an assistant manager in marketing, finance, HR, Corporate Sales Manager, Relationship manager, and more. You could also pursue a management-related MBA or PGDBM. As a result, once you complete your BBA, you will have a wide range of options.

Why choose Manipal University for a BBA course?

At Manipal University, we have a comprehensive BBA program that is made in line with the latest pedagogies and prepares the students for any circumstance that their professional life might take. We provide the facility of online learning, you can learn at your own time whenever you want. We have a reputed faculty to help you with your doubts and queries. We have the best interactive online learning platform. We have dedicated student support or a help desk to help them out whenever they feel stuck. 

Still not convinced? Let’s talk stats now. We have more than 68 years of expertise in educational excellence, with more than 485 experienced teachers, students from more than 35 countries, and more than 100 recruiters from Fortune 500 companies. All students are taught employability skills and given placement assistance. We are recognized by UGC and accredited by NAAC, AICTE, etc. We have a robust alumni network of more than 7000 students and professionals.  


So, all in all, BBA is a life-changing course if done from a reputed college like Manipal University. It grooms the students to enter the corporate sector and makes them fit for business ventures. After the successful completion, of course, the students will have a lot of opportunities to choose from. 

Manipal University Jaipur is a NAAC A+ accredited institution, which offers various professional degree courses. The courses are available at no cost EMI. We help you develop the right skills and prepare you for the corporate world. If you want to know more about BBA online degree in India

6 Biggest Surprises of Online MBA Programs


Employers are now more amenable to recruiting e-degree holders, thanks to the government of India’s announcement in 2020 that over 100 prominent institutions in the country are now qualified to provide online degree courses. MBA is one of the most rewarding degrees for recent graduates and working professionals who wish to stay updated in the job market and increase their earning potential. The degree offers several advantages to offer the career-oriented individual, whether they take classes on campus or online. MBA students from all over the world can register in an e-degree program and receive a high-quality education. 

Some of the specializations provided by India’s best educational institutions offering an e-degree in MBA include supply chain management, business analytics, international business, marketing, and finance.

Apart from this, distance learners can take future-oriented electives like Managerial Economics, Managerial Finance, Managerial Marketing, Applied Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management Business Policy, and more as part of their online MBA education.

Why an online MBA

In many aspects, the 2019 pandemic has disrupted the educational services sector, but students can still access quality education because of technology-enabled e-learning. People who wish to prolong their studies from home and working professionals who want to stay relevant by upskilling with an MBA degree will find online MBA programs to be a blessing. There are many well-reputed educational institutions in India offering the best MBA courses. With the help of their experienced faculty, who are accustomed to delivering classes online, these institutions make each learning session productive, interactive, and informative for their students.

The fee in some of the best universities for an MBA e-degree is considerably lesser than an on-campus MBA degree which might cost students up to 40 lakhs. 

Students must pay a fee before being granted access to the institution’s learning management system, e-library, and student portal, which is a rather straightforward process. Lessons and lectures are delivered to students using pre-recorded videos, course reading materials, audio-visual interactive materials, podcasts, and other means. Students can clear their doubts, connect with their teachers and peers, and complete group tasks during live webinars. Students can also use email or instant messaging to communicate with their mentors and peers. The exams will be digitally administered and proctored online.

6 surprise factors of online MBA 

  1. Inclusive learning: The online classes are modeled to mimic the on-campus atmosphere with thought going into making each session inclusive so that no student feels left behind. The degree that online MBA students will receive will be equivalent and as valuable as the regular on-campus MBA classes.
  2. Experiential learning: Online MBA faculties adopt a pedagogy that includes the four stages of experiential learning. The stages include doing or having an experience, reviewing or reflecting on the experience, learning from the experience and implementing the knowledge acquired in practical scenarios. The classes are made interesting through experiential learning methods such as simulation, gamification etc., that make online classes as effective as they should be.
  3. Simulates real-world business practices: The sessions mimic real-world business scenarios while imparting knowledge on topics such as organisational behavior, statistics for management, managerial economics, and HR management, Production and financial management, MIS, CRM, duality analysis, game theory and simulation, strategic management and business policy, international business management etc.
  4. Promotes connectivity between peers: The students come together to attend the sessions, they work together on assignments and conduct virtual presentations etc. Such group activities remove the feeling of isolation, and promote interaction and comradeship.  
  5. Faculty support: The teachers are well trained not only to conduct online classes but also support students as they transition from on campus to online classes. Special course mentors and coordinators take extra care in making their students comfortable in their learning journey by understanding the needs of students who have to adapt to an online mode of learning. 
  6. Convenience: Unlike on-campus classes, the online classes are time saving and cost effective. Students and teachers do not have to spend time on money or commute. They can learn from the comfort of their home or from any location. Most of these classes are recorded for future reference which significantly improves lesson recollection. 

Advantages of online MBA

  • Quality: The institutions offering online MBA ensure that the quality of education is not compromised irrespective of the learning mode chosen by the students. The course syllabus is curated by industry leaders in the field of business administration. Students are given access to extensive e-libraries and online quizzes, games etc., are conducted to ensure that the students stay engaged and become active participants in the learning process. 
  • Flexibility: The classes are mostly pre-recorded giving the students the option to learn from any place and at any time. Online Manipal offers its MBA students the option to attend live/recorded lectures and talks which gives them the feasibility to learn on their own schedule. This makes it a great option for working professionals who cannot attend a full-time course and are looking for MBA programs that can be attended along with their day job.
  • Reputation: Online MBA course certificates are highly valued in the industry and are a must for people exploring job roles such as financial analyst, operations manager, marketing manager, HR manager, researcher, etc. Certifications offered by premier institutions like online Manipal are widely accepted by corporates, government sectors, and more.

Questions to consider while choosing an online MBA program

  • What are the key factors to consider when choosing the best MBA course? 

Affordable tuition fee, course duration, certifications, internet bandwidth required for attending online classes, faculty, and campus interviews.

  • Are the classes taught by experienced faculty?

The courses are conducted by teachers who have adapted to the online mode of teaching. Their teaching methodologies are fine-tuned to make the sessions interesting and effective for the students. 

  • Are the classes pre-recorded or delivered in real-time?

Many online institutions pre-record the MBA classes for the benefit of the students, however many assignments, webinars, and workshops are delivered in real-time to help students get to know each other and clarify their doubts with the faculty.

  • Do student get access to financial aid or career support?

Many of the online MBA programs offer full support to their students including financial aid such as no-cost EMIs, scholarships, internships, and job interview opportunities as well as career support. 

  • Are there opportunities provided to network with alumni or peers?

Students can stay connected with their peers through group assignments, discussion forums, and more. Many premier institutions invite their alumni during the online classes and this gives students an opportunity to interact with them face to face. 


Manipal University’s Online Manipal offers one of the most stellar online MBA programs in the country. Rated by Careers360 as the number 1 in India’s Best Online MBA Institutions, the program offers electives including Finance, Marketing, HRM, Analytics & Data Science, Retail Management, BFSIIT & FinTech, and Operations Management. The 24-month course is conducted on an advanced digital platform by faculty who are Ph.D. holders. Manipal’s online learning management system offers a wealth of knowledge through 650+ hours of digital content, 880 hours of e-tutorials, and 300+ hours of additional learning videos.  The online classes can be accessed even on low bandwidth internet and can be used on your phone, laptop, or desktop. Be it the fabled success of the institution’s unique educational programs or the well-respected academic departments, Manipal offers an excellent educational experience for both its online and on-campus students. To know more about the MBA programs offered at one of the best MBA colleges.

Why do business administration aspirants learn BBA?


BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration provides fundamental to advanced knowledge on business administration. Theory and practical education imparted in BBA online courses focus on creating the right set of business skills and knowledge. Students understand business, economics, international business, administration, business accounting, business laws, and several other related subjects. BBA is a comprehensive course to become an effective business administrator.

Why is BBA highly preferred to become a business administration professional?

  • Learn leadership skills

An online BBA course such as the one offered at Manipal University Jaipur has several modules on leadership theory. In business, leadership and decision-making are important skills. They require a measured and schematic approach. Leaders use data and scientific methods to derive decisions. An online BBA degree helps students get these skills the right way. 

  • Develop decision-making skills

A decision has an impact on a large number of people in the world of business. That’s why it is important to make the right decisions. But decision-making itself is an art and science. While some have formal education in it, many others don’t. BBA online courses are the best way to get a formal education in decision making.

  • Specialization in a business field

An online BBA degree from Manipal University Jaipur provides a crease to develop into specialists in a particular business domain. Students can take further education such as an online MBA program from Manipal to specialize in management. They can prepare for UPSC exams. They can become data scientists, financial accountants, business analysts, and even entrepreneurs. 

  • Confidence to handle business matters

BBA online courses, especially the good ones offered at prestigious universities such as Manipal, give hands-on education. Students gain the necessary confidence in handling projects. They enter the corporate world and are able to handle large projects for their companies. They understand the principles, practices, and methodologies to apply, and can easily transition into any role.

  • Be able to spot business trends

A good business management and administration professional is one that adds value to an organization. In this regard, an online BBA degree teaches students ways to add value. One of the ways is to spot trends. Businesses rely on this information and its accuracy for performing various activities. 

  • Excellent career opportunities

BBA online courses provide graduating students with lots of career opportunities that they can use to seek employment in the public or private sector. They can choose to be management professionals, digital marketers, product managers, program managers, business administrators, entrepreneurs, business technologists, business lawyers, market research analysts, banking professionals, loan officers, and HR officers. 

  • Provides a good foundation for pursuing MBA

BBA is often a stepping stone to doing an MBA. After an online BBA degree, students tend to do the online MBA course from Manipal. BBA provides the base knowledge to do the MBA. Doing the combination of BBA and MBA makes a person fully equipped as a management and business professional. 

Online BBA degree at MUJ (Online Manipal)

Of all BBA online courses, the online BBA course at Manipal University Jaipur is widely regarded as the best. The course has been recognized by the industry and academia as a comprehensive one. The 36-month course is reasonably priced and is an opportunity for working professionals to work and learn at the same time. 

Get more details from MUJ (Online Manipal)

Contact Manipal University Jaipur to get details on the online BBA degree. Download the brochure and talk to the counselors. The university provides excellent assistance at all stages of a student lifecycle – from pre-administration to post-administration, during the study tenure, placement season, and as alumni. Students can use the flexible and convenient schedules along with world-class study materials to get an online BBA certification of the highest quality. 

Role of MBA in Today’s World

The significance of doing an MBA is increasing with the changing decades. People are flipping the calendar sheets along with their future careers. The importance of having an education is changing rapidly. Youth in today’s generation are becoming more focused on their career. Among all these, MBA is grabbing the Limelight.

The online MBA course in India plays a pivotal role in almost all sectors. But students nowadays are keen on receiving degrees and not the essence of thorough knowledge. Few of them are unaware of where they will be in the near future. Due to this reason, one should choose the MBA.

The relevance of MBA in today’s world

MBA would help the students study with the perks of having an education while exploring the various learning factors. Apart from that, it turns reality into the goals one needs to set up their career. With various hands-on project experiences, internships, and assignments, one can receive everything in a capsule to help them feel the difference within themselves.

Significance of MBA

The MBA is the abbreviation of Master of Business Administration. In every business school, one can take up MBA admission. With the increase in communication and business because of privatization, globalization and liberalization, companies are looking for knowledgeable managers with all the experiences. It is only possible when a person undergoes the degree of an MBA program.

How is a regular MBA different from an online MBA and distance MBA?

In the case of a regular MBA course, one needs to attend the regular classes physically. Students taking up regular MBA need to visit the institution daily to complete the course.

But in the case of an online MBA course in India, you can take up the learning virtually. You need to be familiar with technology, such as skills and computers, so that you can get the benefit of such classes. One can even get the experience of a traditional classroom model while discussing the topic with a classmate or asking questions to the instructor.

Whereas speaking about the distance MBA, one needs to do a lot of self-study. The distance MBA helps a candidate to learn independently at their convenience.

MBA in the current scenario 

With the pandemic situation, the life of the people changed drastically. Students are continually looking for degree courses on an online mode. Several business schools are offering online MBA courses every year. It is making the situation more convenient for the students.

  • Covid situation and MBA

Even during the covid situation, the curriculum of the online degree course consists of interactive and live lectures with self-study materials and online assessments. Along with that, you can have the convenience of online communication via message boards or email. Students can also indulge in discussion forums through online channels.

  • Online MBA and its benefits

The online MBA program comes with various unique benefits. Not only does it allow the students to work at their convenience and pace, but they also learn a lot about time management skills.

MBA for a successful career

The students looking forward to a successful career should choose MBA as their career option. Once you pursue a master’s degree from any business management institution, you can make your dream come true. MBA can provide you with a new dimension to career growth. Whether you are interested in the economy or banking, financial sector or any other corporate sector, you can take the help of an MBA online admission for a successful career.

Especially if you want to choose a career that can contribute effectively to the modern world, you should choose Manipal University. The university offers 8 electives that you can take up as your option. Also, you can boost your career with the help of reputed faculty. Along with that, take your examination at the convenience and safety of your home.