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Get a BBA degree to begin your management career

Management has been a popular professional discipline in India. Having a decent career in management is as prestigious as achieving professional success in the fields of law, engineering, medicine, commerce, and other science domains.

To have a successful management career, you must set your goals early in life. Start looking for institutes offering degrees in business administration the moment you finish school. Getting yourself enrolled for a BBA degree is the best way of beginning your management career.

How completing a management degree can help you in shaping your career?

If you have a degree in management, your chances of getting and holding a management position will be much higher. That’s the reason why many working professionals are joining MBA or online BBA course despite having a fixed day job.

Completing a management programme will strengthen your resume. It will let your employer know that you are ready to take up important jobs.

Having a management degree opens up great career opportunities even for freshers. They can join companies as a finance manager, human resource manager, business consultant, marketing manager, information systems manager, etc.

Are you a self-employed individual? Completing a programme in management will be helpful for business owners or people looking to set up their own businesses.

If you are currently working for someone else, starting your own business would be a major lifestyle change for you. Getting a management degree will make that change smoother. The programme will teach you everything from business communications and business ethics to conducting interviews and managing daily operations.

If you are joining your family business, having a management degree will help you increase the company’s productivity. The programme will teach you several techniques and methods of managing emergencies, which will protect your business from incurring major losses.

Learn management concepts and practices with a BBA programme

The last decade has seen the study of Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA undergo major modifications. More and more students are showing their interest in the programme thanks to the phenomenal career opportunities the BBA graduates are getting.

If you get yourself enrolled for the online BBA programme at Manipal University Jaipur, the best university for BBA with an A+ NAAC ranking, you will acquire management skills at an early stage of your career. The online degree is not just useful for people looking to develop entrepreneurial skills. Getting the degree will also help people to excel in fields like finance, information systems, marketing, and international business.

What’s a BBA programme?

BBA is a professional programme and is meant to educate students about core business functions. This online BBA degree is a three-year programme that will make you study a wide array of topics.

Completing the programme from a top institution will help you develop major business skills like communication skills, leadership skills, decision-making skills, critical thinking skills, and more. You will be able to implement these acquired skills when donning the hat of an entrepreneur or manager.

How BBA will help you in management career?

As workplaces evolve rapidly in a post-pandemic world, BBA programmes equip graduates with the necessary training and tools to enter the corporate world with zeal.

BBA students are exposed to all the core business functions such as marketing, finance, human resources and operations, as well as the key soft skills needed to succeed in the world of business. Contemporary subjects such as e-commerce, retail management and data analytics too are in focus. BBA programmes from top colleges are delivered via app-based, byte-sized content that is interactive and engaging. One can log on anytime and learn on the go.

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Focus on entrepreneurship

While job opportunities are a central prospect, the programme also offers entrepreneurship as a study area to help graduates understand all aspects of starting a business. Those who have their eyes set on starting up or working for an emerging startup, receive an insight into the entire business cycle. This course is also relevant for those who are keen to learn the ropes of their family business.

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Why is an online BBA the best degree for learning Business Administration?

If you want to learn the nitty-gritty of business administration when starting your career, you should get a BBA degree. The section below talks about the most significant reasons behind this recommendation.

  • You will develop leadership skills: Operating as a business professional or playing the role of a manager can be challenging if you are young. Completing the BBA degree online will prepare you well for adorning the position of a leader. The online degree programme is designed for bringing out the leadership skills of students. It helps them to see situations and events from the perspective of a manager or business owner.
  • You will be more confident: The BBA online degree programme is not only about studying a few books and gaining some knowledge about project management. The online degree will also help you develop your personality. The degree will help you to become a confident, strong individual who can manage teams and run a business seamlessly. You will learn how to be a good team player as well as an efficient team leader.
  • You will develop skills important for your company: The programme addresses various core business functions like decision-making, strategy creation, finance, etc. It also teaches core subjects such as business strategy, market trends, organisation behaviour, entrepreneurship development, e-commerce, capital management, etc. If you get your BBA degree from a top institution, you will also learn to use management information systems effectively.
  • Your decision-making skills will improve: Our online BBA degree helps students in getting a panoramic view of the world of business. They get in-depth knowledge of business and economics. All these allow them to predict possible outcomes of different strategies more efficiently and accurately. When one can predict the consequences of various plans and policies, he or she automatically becomes a better decision-maker.
  • You will be a perfect candidate for getting an MBA degree: If you have pursued this online BBA degree, you will get easy access to do an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. A student is allowed to do an MBA irrespective of whether he or she has done BBA. However, no other programme can build a solid foundation for MBA the way BBA does. Unlike other degree programmes, BBA will introduce you to management topics that an MBA programme will teach you elaborately.
  • You will have great career opportunities: Once you complete your BBA degree online, you will be greeted with great job opportunities. This stands true irrespective of the fact whether you are getting an online BBA degree or joining a regular BBA degree programme. If you are hard-working, you can expect to climb the career ladder rapidly. You may reach the position of manager or team leader in just three to four years.

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Career prospects after BBA

Graduates have wide career options after BBA, based on interests and strengths. They can work literally across any sector in sales, marketing, branding, finance, HR and operations roles. They can also pursue opportunities in digital agencies and PR, as well as specialised areas such as retail management, which is a core study area in the best online BBA programmes. 

Salary expectations after BBA

Entry-level average salary for BBA graduates in India is INR 25,256 per month, and many companies tend to hire graduates who shine and show enterprise during their internships. Placement assistance such as support on how to write resumes and leverage social media for personal branding and job search are covered by the best online BBA degree.

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Eligibility criteria for BBA course

Online BBA degrees accept students from all streams – science, arts or commerce – as long as they have completed Class 12 from a recognised board or university. The minimum eligibility criteria can vary from institute to institute. Typically, institutes host their own entrance exam that is followed up by an interview and a group discussion. 

Choosing the right programme

The institution that you choose plays a key role in your career path. Make sure that the institution you choose comes with a strong management legacy, has legitimate accreditation, and the degree is offered by a recognised university. Speaking to alumni can also offer a good insight into the quality of the programme and its reputation in the corporate world.

Students are advised to review the curriculum and understand if it includes exposure to all traditional functions of management, as well as areas like data science, entrepreneurship and communication skills.

Fortunately, Manipal University Jaipur, an institute backed by a 67 year-legacy of educational excellence, is offering online BBA. If you’re in any confusion, talking to an alumnus about the influence of this institution might put those worries to rest.

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You can experience the above benefits of getting a BBA degree only if it’s offered by a renowned university. The efficacy of the programme will increase even further if you can complete it as a working professional. However, for that, you will need to look for a reliable university offering online degrees. One of the top universities to offer an online BBA programme is Manipal University Jaipur.

Top 5 MCA job choices you have after getting a UGC-approved online degree?

MCA, or Master of Computer Applications, is a professional postgraduate degree in computer science. You can apply for an online MCA degree programme after earning a BCA (online/offline) degree. It strikes the fine balance of theory and practical applications, which allows students to develop a job-oriented mentality and prepares them for the real world.

Upon successfully completing your MCA course online, you can unlock various MCA job opportunities in the field of software development, systems development, hardware technology, management information system, networking, internet, and more!

While it is heartening to have so many options, it can be equally confusing. Fortunately, we are here to make this job easier.

List of top 5 job positions after online MCA degree:

1. Software Developer/Consultant

A Software Developer designs, builds, and maintains new software systems based on client requirements. They may also be involved in upgrading and optimizing legacy applications.

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Software Developers will accelerate at an unprecedented rate of 22%. Even an entry-level position can fetch you an average base pay of Rs. 7,96,000/- per annum! Hence, it would only make sense to gravitate towards this option first.

If you have the penchant for coding and the natural flair for breaking down complexities into smaller, algorithm-based flows, then you have all the makings to be a successful Software Developer. If you already have some amount of experience in this field, you may also choose to get the role of a Software Consultant.

Job Responsibilities

• Researching, designing, developing, implementing, and managing software applications

• Testing and evaluating programme codes

• Writing, running, and documenting clean and efficient codes

• Identifying scope for improvement and incorporating appropriate modifications

• Developing standardized quality assurance procedures

• Coordinating with UI/UX designers, system analysts, and other developers

2. Database Engineer

If you found yourself fascinated by the many database management systems during your online MCA degree classes, then this job may be cut out for you. A Database Engineer (or sometimes Administrator) is responsible for creating and managing databases that will effectively store and organize data.

With an average base pay of Rs. 9,01,000/- per year, and the growth opportunities in this occupation lingering around 10%, getting a job as a database engineer can be an exciting prospect.

Job Responsibilities

• Installing and maintaining the performance of database servers

• Installing, upgrading, and managing database applications

• Developing processes to optimize database security and fidelity

• Setting, maintaining, and implementing database management standards

• Managing database access

• Troubleshooting or diagnosing database errors

3. Cloud Architect

The “cloud” is a set of remotely located servers. These are cheaper than on-premise servers and reduce the hassle of maintaining IT infrastructure. One of the greatest advantages of cloud services and cloud applications is the all-time access to data.

Considering that nearly 83% of enterprise workload is expected to be on the cloud, now is a great time to be involved in such an upcoming technology. Cloud Architecture is a sub-component of Cloud Computing, which has gained quite an amount of traction in the past few years. You need to have a solid understanding of networking, security, programming language, and at least one Operating System (OS) to carry out your tasks effectively.

Job Responsibilities

• Introducing cloud adoption and creating a cloud strategy to facilitate it

• Managing the cloud adoption process and coordinating with all stakeholders

• Evaluating cloud software, applications, and hardware regularly

• Developing and organising cloud systems and addressing any technical issues

• Working with cybersecurity to ensure data protection

• Defining design patterns and solutions to ensure high availability along with disaster recovery

4. Data Scientist

Given the importance of data in forging business success, companies want professionals who can separate the wheat from the chaff. Essentially, these enterprises are looking for data scientists.

A significant chunk of aspirants enrols in MCA top colleges as they strive to land the position of a Data Scientist. It can be a lucrative option for those students who were never really interested in the core software. However, you need to have a highly analytical mind that can crunch numbers, identify patterns, and discover any crucial information.

Job Responsibilities

• Identifying valuable data sources and automating the data collection process

• Preprocessing of structured and unstructured data

• Building machine-learning algorithms and predictive models

• Analyzing high volumes of data to identify trends and patterns

• Depicting data-based insights through visual representation

5. Cybersecurity Expert

The exponential growth of IT has also seen the parallel growth of digital threats. Everyone, from Government organizations to individuals, is turning to cybersecurity experts to keep them and their information safe. You could choose from a range of positions, such as an Ethical Hacker, Network Security Engineer, Cybersecurity Analyst or Manager, or Chief Information Security Officer.

Job Responsibilities

• Incorporating security features during the development of software systems, data centres, and networks

• Identifying security risks and vulnerabilities in hardware and software

• Patching up security loopholes

• Monitoring the systems 24×7 to ward off any threats or attacks

• Finding ways to fortify the IT infrastructure of an organization

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Key takeaway

An MCA degree (online/offline) opens up several avenues for landing an exciting and high-paying job. Apply for any of the top jobs above and you will be on the pathway to professional success. Learn more about MCA course details and take your decision wisely.

7 questions to ask when applying for degrees in a pandemic world

7 questions to ask when applying for degrees in a pandemic world

In the course of the last year, education around the world has seen a paradigm shift at every level – from kindergarten to doctorate programmes.

Online classes have become the norm, and more and more students are looking for a superior virtual experience that helps them optimise their growth and career prospects.

While literally, every marquee university is racing to offer online degrees at the undergraduate and graduate level, many are unable to match up to the expected standards for a contemporary online degree programme.

This is because leveraging technology to deliver high-quality education needs intense investment, and only some universities have come out winners in this transition.

So, how do you discern which is the right programme for you? Here are some key parameters that must be satisfied.

Q1. Is the degree recognised?

In India, only those universities with a NAAC rating of above 3.26 are allowed to offer online programmes. So, do check the rating of the universities you aim to apply to.

Secondly, the university must be recognised by the University Grants Commission. If the institution is not recognised, then you will not receive a legitimate degree at the end of your programme.

So, do your research carefully.

Q2. Is the institute backed by legacy?

It is important to attend a university with a stellar legacy and reputation as this enhances your prospects in the real world. Universities that also support research in various fields, also tend to offer a high standard of education.

The legacy of the university makes a difference during the placement and job search process as it lends credibility and brand recall to your profile.

Q3. How user-friendly is the learning interface?

The best online programmes offer flexibility and the opportunity to learn at your own pace. They offer app-based learning and byte-sized content, that is easy to access and consume. Content can be disseminated in the form of quizzes, be gamified, and be highly interactive – a departure from learning from textbooks. 

Shy students also get a chance to shine in the online space by using all the communication tools at their disposal to participate.

For example, an institute such as Manipal University Jaipur, which offers online degrees, has significantly raised the standard of education by delivering it over a superior user interface.

Programmes include online BBAonline BCAonline MCA and online MBA program, among others.

Q4. Is the curriculum up to date?

The curriculum of your programme must offer a mix of contemporary and traditional subjects. For example, a good online MBA offers all traditional business streams such as HR, finance, marketing, operations, and sales, as well as insights into important areas like data science, e-commerce and retail management. 

Q5. How tenured is the faculty?

When looking at the faculty, look at various credentials – from educational qualifications and tenure to their industry exposure and investment in research. Try and understand how online classes will be delivered, as well as how interactions will happen online. For example, will the faculty be accessible to help clear doubts?

Q6. Does the programme offer practical experiences?

In the real world of work, skills are highly valued alongside subject knowledge. A good online programme encourages internships, projects and practical experience. Some programmes, like an online MBA, even make internships mandatory, while programmes like the online BCA offer practical across a range of subjects, like web design and development, and all the core programming languages. 

Q7. How is the placement ecosystem?

As the world of work gets more and more competitive, online degree programmes are also investing in preparing students for the placement process.

This can include aspects such as resume building, training on how to leverage social media for visibility, networking opportunities with alumni and industry, and training on how to prepare for job interviews.

Universities with a legacy and stellar industry networks offer a solid framework for actual campus placements. In a pandemic context, of course, even placement interviews happen online, so, this is an additional skill that is being included.

One must remember, of course, that the best online programmes offer support but don’t guarantee jobs, as this would be unrealistic.

Prep for a post-pandemic world

The pandemic has inspired a deep shift in our approach to education, work as well as work modes. In the future, thousands of jobs will permanently be remote, and contemporary online degrees prepare students for all these new nuances.

6 indicators that an online management degree is right fit for you

6 indicators that an online management degree is right fit for you

Choosing a degree programme can be an overwhelming decision for any student. Every student tries to find a degree that aligns with his/her personality and will give them the kind of training they are looking for.

If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a degree in management such as online MBA or online BBA, then it’s pretty evident that the business world appeals to you.

But how do you know if you have a knack for a management degree beyond just a general interest in the area?

Here are some of the important factors and signs that show the suitability of an accredited online MBA programme or any other business management degree for you.

1. Learning new things excites you

A management degree is different as compared to many other degree programmes simply because it gives you multiple options to learn different subjects.

If you find it exciting to get outside of your comfort zone to learn new things, an online business management degree could be a perfect fit for you.

Studying a management programme forces you to get out of your comfort zone and allows you to explore the latest business trends, apply various management tools and techniques, and challenge yourself at each step to improve your skills, business, teams, and overall collaboration.

The larger idea of online MBA programmes is to learn new concepts and getting ready to adapt to new processes and policies in a corporate set up. So, if you’re passionate about learning new things, a management degree will make you thrilled and challenged in equal measures.

2. You like working in a team or with other people

When it comes to business, it’s all about collaborating with other people, reporting to other teams and working on cross-departmental projects.

If you enjoy working with other people, a business management degree could be just right to help you prepare for a successful career.

Business management concepts equip students with the ability to lead and communicate effectively. Further, it also gives you credibility in front of prospective employers, boosts your income potential and helps you develop a strong network of peers and professionals with great management experience. And this kind of exposure and context will help you expand your business management capabilities.

3. You possess leadership skills

If you have the qualities of a natural leader in you or wish to enhance your leadership skills, a business management degree could be for you. Some of these qualities could be the drive to take charge, the desire to create an impact on others and make systematic changes in the processes.

Pursuing a business management degree programme will allow you to gain confidence in the fundamentals of business that will help you be prepared to lead various teams in your career. In addition to this, you’ll also learn about various management strategies and techniques that will help you be a successful and efficient leader in any organization.

4. You enjoy taking the initiatives

One of the other ways to know if you have the knack for a management degree is to consider your group work preferences. If you’re someone who actively seeks responsibilities, projects, and management opportunities without needing direction from others, you’re a perfect fit for online MBA degrees and natural leadership.

A business management degree such as an online MBA from a reputed institute can help set you apart from your peers and demonstrates your knowledge about how businesses operate.

5. You’re a supporter of online learning

Online learning platforms are a perfect fit for self-motivated learners who have other commitments that might clash with traditional school environments.

A business management degree from Manipal University Jaipur is an excellent choice for students interested in an online learning environment. Whether you are completely new to online learning or have some prior experience, an online management programme can help you sharpen your skill-sets and technological acumen.

6. You have good listening skills

Are you someone who takes the time to absorb and process the information while interacting with people, instead of just looking for your turn to talk?

If your answer is in the affirmative, a business management degree is great for you. Business Management students typically need to understand multiple subjects and strong listening skills is a much-needed quality to have.

In addition to academics, the ability to effectively listen is a much more valuable skill to have once you start your career in the real-world. The best and most successful managers know the importance of listening to their team and empowering them to find solutions.

To Wrap

If you can relate to any of the above-mentioned things, it’s time to get enrolled yourself in a business management degree. University of Jaipur’s business management degree programmes including online BBA and online MBA are the perfect place to start your career. It will help you learn various important skills, enhance your experience, and get ready for a fulfilling future.

Apart from this, a business management degree from the University of Jaipur is completely accredited, giving you the advantage of working with credible and reputable companies at a later stage. It also gives you all of the elements you need to find success in your respective career and prepares you for a wide variety of exciting opportunities.

Comprehensive online programmes, affordable fee structure, and complete flexibility offered to the students are some of the key areas that make the Manipal University Jaipur stand out from other institutions.

How Covid-19 is proving to be an opportunity in disguise for students around the world

How Covid-19 is proving to be an opportunity in disguise for students around the world

The Covid-19 pandemic that began unfolding in early 2020 has disrupted the global landscape for higher education in unprecedented ways. Most governments have temporarily closed educational institutions in an attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus, impacting hundreds of millions of students. While students of all age groups have been affected, the ones who are looking to pursue higher education find themselves in an extremely challenging situation.

However, no situation–not even a global pandemic-should come between you and your future. While it is true that the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted education in many ways, it is also proving to be an opportunity in disguise for students across the world.

The popularity of online programmes, especially the ones offered by top-notch educational institutions like Manipal University Jaipur, has been on the rise for a few years. Given the current educational climate, getting an online degree is the best option available to students for many reasons:

1. Flexibility

An online degree doesn’t tie you down to a fixed schedule. The flexibility to prepare your own schedule is one of the top benefits of online education and makes it lucrative for those who are looking to study while also juggling a job and family responsibilities.

2. Better time management

Time management skills are among the most significant skills a professional needs to possess. By preparing your own schedule and juggling your job and household chores with your studies, you practically learn better time management skills. 

3. Reduced total costs

Online education can cost a lot less than traditional education due to various reasons. You don’t have to commute to college and get to save on costs related to transportation. Online students can purchase digital versions of textbooks that cost less and don’t have to pay for on-campus hostels.

4. Building self-motivation

Self-motivation and time management are among the top employability traits hiring managers look for. Successfully pursuing an online degree requires a high degree of self-disciple, a skill you will learn by setting priorities and completing multiple assignments on time.

5. Improving technical skills

Online education gives students the chance to hone their technical skills. The ability to use new software, conducting online research, and communicating effectively across online platforms are among the technical skills students develop while pursuing online degrees.

6. Geographical flexibility

One of the major advantages of online education is that a potential student’s geographical location is no barrier! Irrespective of where in the world you live, you can easily pursue an online degree in the educational institute of your choice. Not having to relocate to another city/country to attend a premier school makes an online course all the more worth it.

7. Career advancement

While students can expect to get good jobs after completing an online degree from a reputed institution, those who are already working can advance their careers by adding a degree to their resume. Getting an additional degree would make you more eligible for a promotion and open up better career opportunities.

Now that you know why an online degree would be a great option for you, it is time to choose one that aligns with your interests and ambitions. Online education is the future, and Manipal University Jaipur is offering MBA, MCA, BBA and BCA degrees online. Check out our programmes that resonate with you and build the career of your dreams.

Five essentials to expect from an online BCA degree

Five essentials to expect from an online BCA degree

In the last few years, the world of digital transformation has taken a quantum leap. No more are individuals and businesses relying on the age-old techniques of paper-based functionality. Instead, public and private spaces have now begun to be dotted with sophisticated, efficient and smart computer systems. The emergence of these computers has not just revolutionized the modern, technological era but it has also brought about a great shift in the way the potential workforce is educated, skilled and trained.

This is why it comes as no surprise that more and more students have started opting for highly professional, comprehensive and career-oriented learning programmes which can enable them to take a step up in the current digitized world.

One such graduate programme that has garnered immense traction, especially in times of a pandemic, is – online BCA.

What is BCA?

Bachelor in Computer Applications, commonly abbreviated as BCA, is an undergraduate degree course that is primarily designed to prepare students for a career in the computer industry. Be it information technology, data structures, programming languages or computer networking, BCA programmes give you intensive and cutting-edge training so that you can easily gain knowledge and build skills. These programmes with their exhaustive syllabus, hands-on experience and considerable scope, can indeed work wonders in harnessing your analytical passions while helping you excel in the tech world.

However, when it comes to registering for the best online BCA programmes, a lot of students tend to falter. Choosing a good university with strong course credentials, therefore, becomes an extremely important job.

But then, how exactly should one pick the best university for BCA? Well, here are a few major essentials that you can quickly check for and expect from, a BCA degree online –

1. Exhaustive curriculum coverage

To begin with, BCA online classes should ideally cover a wide variety of basic and advanced curriculum. This ranges from system security, internet technology and programming languages to computer architecture, data algorithms and cloud computing. A BCA course syllabus should also contain the major principles of operating systems, PC troubleshooting, multimedia design, communication skills and application development. It is only when such an exhaustive syllabus is covered, that a course would truly be able to widen your knowledge base and thus, equip you with marketable skills. 

2. Skilled & interactive faculty

A BCA online degree is only as good as the faculty that teaches it. If the faculty is appropriately skilled, highly interactive and completely dedicated, understanding the basics of computer applications would literally become a cakewalk! Consider the faculty at Manipal University Jaipur, for example. Being the top university for BCA, the institution has hired industry-renowned faculty members. Their innovative approach and creative aptitude help students explore new horizons, tinker with technology and thereby gain immense technical expertise, within no time. 

3. Flexible learning opportunities

One of the greatest advantages of an online BCA degree is that this programme has the innate ability to provide flexible learning opportunities. As a student, you can continue to learn at your own pace and yet find time to fulfil your other responsibilities. More so, the online BCA programme is usually laden with interactive videos, live lectures, customized content, and e-resources. Therefore, when you enrol for an online programme, make sure that it carries both, flexibility & convenience. 

4. Practical work experience

Any online programme for BCA students would hold its ground in the modern, competitive world only by offering a consistent stream of practical, hands-on work experience. Be it via internships, assignments, quizzes, projects, gamification, simulation or presentations – online course providers should use their content platforms to effectively replicate the intricacies of the real world. Doing so, won’t just help their students make a gradual shift away from traditional to contemporary thinking but it would also help them move much beyond the confines of conventional, theoretical knowledge. 

5. Handy placement assistance

Last but not the least, before you undertake BCA online admission, be sure to check if the university of your choice offers handy placement assistance. The gateway to a successful career, after all, passes through the hallowed halls of proper placement. Manipal University Jaipur, for instance, guides its students through the employment life-cycle by offering them assistance in CV building, interview preparation and corporate networking.

Wrapping up

As times change, the relevance of BCA – as a learning programme and as a fundamental skill – will continue to grow. Due to their excellent prospects, online BCA classes will keep proving to be the crucial stepping stones for beginners and veterans alike.

Nonetheless, as a student, it would be wise for you to opt for this advanced course only after you have carefully considered all your alternatives. Go for a BCA online degree only if you have a genuine interest in the field of computer applications and want to make your mark as a web developer, programmer, system engineer or software developer.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here and get started on your journey with one of the top online BCA programmes today!

Why Manipal University Jaipur remains the preferred choice for students

Why Manipal University Jaipur remains the preferred choice for students

With over six decades of stellar experience in the higher education sector in India, Manipal Education Group redefined learning in Rajasthan by setting up Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) in 2011. The institution imparts knowledge to over 5000 students from all around the country and overseas enrolled in a spectrum of streams ranging Engineering, Architecture, Planning, Fashion & Jewellery Design, Fine Arts, Hospitality, Humanities, Journalism and Mass Communication, Basic Sciences, Law, Commerce, Computer Applications, and Management.

Why is MUJ distinguished?

MUJ was established as a self-financed institution by the invitation of the Govt. of Rajasthan. Our faculty works fiercely towards our mission to inculcate and nurture academic excellence and equip students with the right expertise to flourish in the professional world.

MUJ aims at cultivating and cementing an immersive learning environment for students that can help them become productive members of society. 

Our students come from diverse social, economic, and cultural backgrounds, helping to cultivate mutual belongingness and shared learning experiences.

Offering ranged learning experiences and a level-playing field, MUJ remains a top-pick among students in Rajasthan and surrounding states.

In such a form of learning, teachers and students communicate asynchronously by exchanging printed or electronic media. It is more of a self-paced programme.

There are a few distance education programmes that require a student to be physically present in class during specific times, like attending workshops. Such programmes are a combination of distance learning and traditional classroom learning and are also called hybrid, blended, or correspondence courses.

Exceptional placement & entrepreneurship opportunities

MUJ has a consistent track record with placements with top organizations. Over 75% of our engineering students are placed every year. The number goes even higher to 95% in our non-engineering university wing.

MoUs with national and international academic institutions have also helped MUJ students with better exposure and job opportunities. Furthermore, the university has set up an Entrepreneurship Cell to provide support to budding startups.

Robust infrastructure

With the largest modern infrastructure in the private sector, the MUJ campus houses several state-of-art facilities in 122 acres of land –

A statuesque digital library that has a collection of over 62,000 books and journals

Pan-campus Wi-Fi availability with the light-speed internet

Digital security with 430 CCTV cameras covering every corner

Formal and informal work stations to ensure flexibility and prompt creativity in students

Disability-friendly access

Reasonable fee structure

MUJ firmly believes education should be affordable, yet impactful. The university offers a broad range of scholarship opportunities and financial assistance to deserving students. Students are welcomed to apply for their programmes in time to qualify for the revised price. To know more about scholarship eligibility and financial aid, click here.

Digitized learning

As India’s first digital campus, MUJ assists its students through an Academic Management System to ensure continuous learning support round the clock.

In the wake of COVID-19, MUJ was quick to adapt to the new way of learning. The university now offers its courses online which can be pursued by students from the comfort of their homes.

E-learning at MUJ also opens doors for aspiring students globally who can now easily complete and earn their degree online.

Skilled & Experienced Faculty

MUJ works with a selected pool of 480 of the best faculty members who aim to render the quality education the university is known for. Many of MUJ’s faculty are exceptionally qualified with doctorates.

The university has set up Teacher Empowerment Centre to provide support to professors and upskill them with regular workshops and discussion forums.

Learning at Manipal is an experience that creates a meaningful impact on students helping them thrive in the professional world. Become a part of the Manipal family today!

What makes Online Manipal degrees a great choice?

What makes Online Manipal degrees a great choice?

The rapidly changing demands of job markets, especially after COVID-19, have made it essential for learners to look for non-traditional methods to learn, upskill and reskill.

Online degrees such as online MBAonline MCAonline BCA and online BBA are specifically designed to address this ever-widening gap.

Earlier, the degrees like online MBA courses or online executive BCA were sought mainly because of the difficulty in managing studies with a full-time job or a family obligation that leaves you with no time to attend physical classes. But today, online degrees have become a mainstream practice and are considered as good as campus degrees.

If you are reading this post, chances are that you are also exploring the idea of signing up for an accredited online MBA program or a similar online course from a reputed university.

Manipal online degree programs offer a great choice to start your journey of studying online and begin a successful career in your chosen field.

How do Online Manipal degrees stand out?

Here are the main advantages of enrolling for Online Manipal degree programmes –

  • Affordable pricing

The key highlight of Manipal online MBA or online BCA programs is their affordable pricing. The fees of degree programmes are capped at INR 120,000 and INR 150,000 inclusive of all charges respectively for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The best part is that the entire fee need not be paid together and can be paid across semesters. Further, students can avail an EMI payment plan, which is a great option.

  • Recognition by UGC

Online Manipal degree programmes are fully recognized by the UGC (University Grants Commission) and the university is considered as one of the most trusted institutions for education in India, with an A+ NAAC ranking.

An online degree from Manipal University Jaipur is also known for its authenticity and is accepted by all organisations across India. The accredited online MBA programme makes the students eligible to apply for jobs anywhere in India and abroad.

  • The credibility of brand Manipal

Securing an online degree from Manipal University Jaipur gives you the benefit of being associated with a credible and branded name in the educational space – Manipal.

It offers you an edge when it comes to varied employment opportunities. Manipal partners with industry leaders to provide quality online courses and add to your individual skillset to make you industry-ready.

  • Flexibility to learn

The flexibility of Online Manipal programmes is yet another appealing factor, contributing to an increasing number of students choosing this route of learning over a traditional educational approach. This kind of flexible learning offers students complete control and accountability for their own learning.

Taking an online course from MUJ also means that there is no hassle of commuting to classes, which means more studying time at your own pace and place.

  • App-based learning with bite-sized content

One of the other highlights of Online Manipal degree programmes is bite-sized learning apps which are specifically designed to provide information in small, focused and chunk-sized modules for the maximum absorption and retention of knowledge.

Such type of app-based learning is not only mobile-friendly but is primarily designed for smartphones. With today’s learners always striving for more flexibility in learning, this approach gives them the flexibility to access their course content anytime and anywhere on their smartphones.

  • Unlimited networking opportunities & promise of a successful career

The beauty of the Online Manipal degree programme is that it gives an opportunity to network with like-minded learners who are on a similar trajectory as yours.

Online degrees of Manipal University Jaipur promote high levels of student-to-student interaction for seeking feedback on your weekly assignment, projects, CV building and more, which allows you to get the maximum out of the course.

  • Expert placement assistance

Another highlight of Online Manipal degree programmes is the expert placement assistance offered to candidates after completing the degree.

The university opens up a whole world of job opportunities for students looking to make careers in their respective fields.

Apart from the visible career benefits, most online degree programmes from MUJ also allow learners to continue working while they study.

To Conclude

An online degree programme from Manipal University Jaipur offers you access to specialized degree courses at the most affordable fees.

Apart from leveraging the expertise of the best faculty, you also get to control your learning environment, which helps you develop a deeper understanding of your respective degree programme.

Overall, the best part about degree programmes at Online Manipal is the kind of reassurance they bring to you. They allow you to be in complete control of your learning along with bringing a fresh perspective to education.

7 career prospects for a management graduate

7 career prospects for a management graduate

Getting a degree in management widens your career opportunities and unlocks great potential in landing a secure, high-paying job. This benefit holds irrespective of whether you have acquired an on-campus degree or opted for online BBA degree or accelerated online MBA.

In any case, an aspirant (or a degree holder, for that matter) may wonder about the future career prospect of management degree. Hence, the following are seven most sought after positions for management graduates:

1. Human Resource Manager

A career in human resource management continues to remain an evergreen choice amongst management graduates. HR managers tap into their soft skills to build rapport with the employees while also keeping the executives happy. From resolving workplace conflict to developing worker-friendly policies – you may be actively involved in all the tasks that promote the welfare of the workforce. If you are a “people person”, then this position is ideal for you. From hiring to relieving, the HR department is responsible for managing each employee’s career cycle in any organisation.

2. Business Management Consultant

A Business Management Consultant makes use of their experience and foresight to implement changes within a business to help them achieve their goals. These goals could be in the form of increased sales or improved productivity, and so on. You will require strong research skills paired with an acute understanding of the market trends. Further, you must follow a data-driven approach to drive the results.

3. Business Development Manager

A career in Business Development is an off-beat choice for management graduates. However, it only goes to display the versatility of the degree. If you have acquired specialisation in business, finance, accounting, sales, or marketing, then this profile is perfect for you. As a Business Development Manager, you will have to formulate strategic plans to increase business profitability and brand position in the market.

4. Project Manager

Project Managers are responsible for juggling people, tasks, and resources to deliver projects in a timely fashion. You will have to participate in every stage of project development, right from the moment where the client outlines their goal until delivery and support. To work at the position of a Project Manager, you may have to acquire industry certification such as Agile or PRINCE2.

5. Social Media Manager

Given the status social media platforms have gained in the past few years, there has been an increased demand for Social Media Managers. If you are a tech-savvy individual, who knows the value of multimedia and content, then this emerging field could nurture your interests. Do bear in mind that the world of social media is ever-changing, so you would be required to stay abreast of all these changes and apply your theoretical knowledge against this backdrop. This can be made a little more elaborate by adding tech sub domains /roles in social media marketing.

6. Risk Manager

As businesses have started to focus on reputation building and management, it has given rise to the profile of a Risk Manager. Risk Managers offer a holistic approach to assess the risks that may impact the safety and security, profitability, and reputation of a business. In addition to identifying threats, they plan out risk mitigation and disaster recovery plans to prevent and recover from these risks. Given its sensitive nature, this job requires an extremely experienced professional with robust analytical skills. You need to have a complete understanding of business requirements, legal conditions, corporate governance, tax compliance, as well as environmental factors. Mention what specialization are eligible for this job.

7. Entrepreneur

Do you have a unique business proposition and a defined plan to realise this dream? Then you may consider starting up your own business venture.

As a management graduate, you will possess the requisite business acumen that will help you create, manage, grow, and sustain a business. And while there is no sure-shot formula for becoming a successful entrepreneur, your degree in management will surely improve your chances. Can touch upon some subjects that will be learned and how that will help while starting up.

Final Thoughts

A degree in management presents unique opportunities to grow and diversify your career. The seven career prospects cited above illustrate the many ways through which you can build a promising career. Now it is all about getting the required degree!

What to expect after completing an online BCA degree

What to expect after completing an online BCA Degree

The past few years have seen the mode of education evolve significantly. While there have been considerable changes in the course content of various programs, that is not the biggest transformation the world of education has undergone. The event that has altered the idea of teaching and learning altogether is the introduction of online education.

Certain programmes enjoy more popularity when taught online. Many of these programmes are professional courses and most students joining them are working professionals.

With IT industry booming, courses related to IT or Computer Science is being chosen by many students. BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is one among the courses that are chosen by aspirants who have the desire to make a career in the field. The section below would educate you about various aspects of the BCA programmes and BCA online classes.

An introduction to online BCA programmes

Any student can join an online BCA programme after completing his or her 10+2/A level/IB examination with 50% or more marks in aggregate. It is an undergraduate degree programme designed for individuals aiming to have a career in computing or information technology.

As an online BCA student, you will be allowed to choose from a series of specialisations. Examples include computer graphics, accounting applications, animation, personal information management, video and music processing, system analysis, programming languages, etc.

Like any other undergraduate degree programme, this degree has a duration of three years and is usually divided into six semesters. If done from a prestigious educational institute, you can expect your online BCA degree to have equal value as a 4-year B.Tech degree in computer engineering.

Advantages of joining an online BCA degree

An online BCA degree programme is completely different from a BCA distance education course and has a series of benefits. The section below talks about the most prominent ones.

It is a convenient and accessible format: There are many small towns and villages in India, where people still don’t have access to proper education. For many students living in those parts of the country, it is not financially viable to relocate for completing their education. This makes doing a BCA degree online the most convenient way of getting the degree for these students.

It is a cost-effective mode of education: Doing an online BCA degree in India will cost you much less than what you would have spent for on-campus education.

There will be flexibility in terms of environment and schedule: Students pursuing distance education are allowed to choose their learning environment according to their personal preferences. Besides, they can also decide on the time of studying. This allows working professionals to study in the evening after coming back from work.

You can enjoy better networking opportunities: Traditional on-campus courses limit student engagements only to classroom interactions. The online mode of learning, on the other hand, allows students to get connected with peers living in different parts of the country or even the world. When doing a course online, you can exchange ideas on discussion forums and enhance your knowledge of the subject you are studying.

Education and career opportunities after completing online BCA degree

Higher Education

After completing BCA degree online, you can do higher studies for improving your job prospects even further. Some of the programmes you can complete are as follows:

MCA or Master of Computer Applications: This postgraduate degree programme is designed to help students in dwelling deeper into the field of computer application. They will be introduced to new tools and will get more advanced knowledge about the subject. If you have plans of pursuing a career in computer science and engineering, you can consider doing MCA.

MBA or Master of Business Administration: A large number of students get enrolled for an MBA after completing BCA for earning a degree in management. You can take this path if you wish to hold a managerial post in your company or have plans of setting up a business.

Certifications: After completing your BCA, you can become a Cisco Certified Network Professional or CCNP. CCNPs are IT professionals who have obtained Cisco career certifications for showcasing professional excellence. As its name suggests, it is a certification offered by the American multinational technology conglomerate Cisco Systems.

You should get this certification if you have plans of becoming a network operations specialist or a network engineer and administrator. CCNP certifications can be obtained in six areas; they are:

     1. CCNP Collaboration

     2. CCNP Cloud

     3. CCNP Wireless

     4. CCNP Security

     5. CCNP Routing & Switching

     6. CCNP Service Provider

Career opportunities

The most common job profile for a BCA graduate is that of a programmer. Programmers are required to write codes for software. They usually work using computer languages like Python, Java, C#, C++, C, COBOL, Assembly, etc.

The next most common post held by these individuals is that of a software developer. Software developers create software for making various complex tasks easier for users. These professionals are also required to test, install, and maintain software.

BCA degree holders are on high demand currently thanks to the constant growth experienced by the IT industry. Individuals with a BCA degree have great job prospects in private companies, especially in the IT and ITES companies.

Private companies: As a BCA graduate, you can find good job opportunities in top IT firms such as Wipro, Infosys, IBM, Oracle, etc. A BCA degree holder may get appointed as a software tester, system engineer, web developer, junior programmer, software development professional, system administrator, etc.

Government organisations: BCA graduates may have favourable employment opportunities in different government organisations.


If you want to make a career in the field of computers and its application, get yourself enrolled in a BCA online degree. Manipal University Jaipur is one of the best institutions for BCA degree program. Contact us now to enrol into the online BCA degree and start with the new learning method to grow in your desired career.